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  1. Hi randychesbro, >Using them with l6link with my Berhinger X32rack. I also own a X32rack. Could you please tell me how you connect the Line6 spekers with the X32? Thanks, Tom
  2. I experienced the 'locked display but sound is ok' while i was recording on SD card. It turned out that the SD card was broken. I replaced the SD card and the 'locked display ...' was gone.
  3. Hi wersonnst, the 'VolumeDropFeature' nearly killed my 250pax gig on Saturday evening this weekend. During perfomance the acoustic guitar on input 1 and the female lead singer on input 4 'disappeared'. At the sound check i already noticed the 'VolumeDropFeature' on the digeridoo, but i just exchanged the mic SM57 because i thought the SM57 was broken. I searched this forum and now i believe that the root cause is the lousy hardware design and failing quality control of the M20d. Circuit boards scratching at the metal casing? Internal cable connectors loosing contact? Grounding lost causing trouble? I really like the M20d, but those hardware design flaws drive me crazy...
  4. OK, one of the accus was broken. It was fully charged at the beginning of the rehearsal. I think i need to check the accus (i use Fischer Amps accus) more 'seriously' ... Kind regards, Tom
  5. Hi, yesterday evening i did a rehearsal with my band. I use six XD V75, beltpacks and handhelds, together with an antenna splitter AD-8 The singer used a XD-V75 beltpack with a 't-bone HeadmiKe'. I recorded the session with the M20d and everything went fine for the first 90 min. Then suddenly the V75 receiver LED bar (the right one) turned red and the display on the beltpack turned off. The green LED on the beltpack started blinking slowly (i have never seen that blinking before ...). The beltpack is fully dead now, no connection to the receiver. Can the headset kill the beltpack?? Anything i can do? Kind regards, Tom
  6. Nearly 10 Commandments for SD Cards Thou shall ... - avoid fake cards and buy known brands from a reputable dealer in original sealed package - use class 10 labeled cards only - not trust in class 10 but measure the write perfomance on your own - verify the writability with multiple write test on the full capacity of the card - do not use micro SD with adapter - format often in the M20d or with SDFormatter4
  7. Try to open the 'no sound' files in program VLC. There is a good chance that the recorded audio is in the files, but some header data is missing and Windows Media Player and m20d won't play it. But VLC will. I also had 'stopped' recordings. Issue was the SD card. MicroSD with adapter from Transcend, class 10. It was at maximum class 5 and had reproducible write errors. I replaced it with a reliable card an everything is fine now.
  8. Hi all, i have the same Apple setup with USBtoEthernet and Airport Express.and i like it. There are two points to mention: - the two wifi bands 2.4 and 5 GHz of the Airport Express are always ON, not possible to switch the 2.4 off and use the 5 only. I use Line6 wireless XD mics and they operate on the 2.4 GHz and i need to avoid any interference with other wifi devices like the Airport Express. - Airplay is nice, but i would use it for rehearsal only. On stage with 'wifi active audience smartphones' i would always use a cable from iPad to m20d. The risk of a dropping wifi connection between iPad and Airport Express is just too high, imho.
  9. >it is to do with the inherent audio latency issues within Android that make it unusable The iPad M20d app is 'just' a remote control. No audio data will be created and/or processed, so Android-Audio-Latency does not matter at all. I think the Line6 software development department is out of date. With a modern development environment like Xamarin it is no problem to publish software to both iOS and Android with minimal effort. Just look at the apps for Behringer X32. iOS, Android (by a third party), PC, Mac. Monthly Bugfixes and Updates.
  10. >But don't try using a class10 MicroSD card in an adapter. Wow wow wow! First time i hear this. I am using MicroSD in an adapter and had severe issues like 'recording stopped and touchpad freeze while performing on stage'. I discussed this issue here on the forum and the only answer from Line6 was 'use another class 10 card', so i lost faith in M20d reliability. That's a good tipp, i will replace MicroSD with standard SD (although i do not understand why the adapter causes an issue)
  11. Hi, i think the adapter you need is a Shure WA 310 With this adapter you can attach a standard dynamic XLR micro (e.g. SM58) to the Line6 XD-V Beltpack with TA4F TQG. (I assume in your application the AKG B29L male XLR-out acts electronically as a standard XLR Mic) Unfortunately this adapter is 29 Euro at shop, but if do-it-your-own soldering is an option for you look for - Switchcraft TA4F TQG - Neutrik female XLR - decent XLR cable like - Shure WA310 wiring pinout As i understand the AKG B29L is a 'mini mixer' for two AKG specific clip-on mics, so i think the XD-V75 TR is the better option for you. The Relay G90 is for guitar players and offers guitar-specific options like 'guitar cable simulation' ...
  12. Goto: -> PA -> Wireless Equipment -> Single Components for Wireless systems -> Components for Line6 wireless systems You should find Line6 Lavalier M4-T and the Headset HS70T. As an alternative some guys here recommend headsets: 'Shure 4-pin TQG (e.g WCM16)' or 'Countryman E6 with Shure 4-pin TQG'
  13. Sorry, but my question was: >Has anyone tried to record multitrack to an iPad (via Camera Connection Kit)? Anyone?
  14. Hi all, on the M20d you can record multitrack to a USB-connected DAW. I did that and it works nice. Has anyone tried to record multitrack to an iPad (via Camera Connection Kit)? Thanks, case67
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