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  1. I own the HD500X and got the Firehawk FX because I really wanted the app access. Unfortunately, editing is pretty darn slow on Android OS phone and tablet and the editing on the unit itself is old-school clunky (like an old Digitech). I enjoy having the POD Farm models mixed in with the HD models, but I don't know if I enjoy it enough to keep the Firehawk. Definite buyer's remorse at this point. FWIW I owned the Helix for about 6 months and it's insanely versatile and great sounding - but I found myself missing lots of the HD editing. After selling it I thought the Firehawk would be a nice blend of features.
  2. Chiming in with a bit of a question - My Dunlop Jr Volume pedal works for the most part, but I've been noticing that the sweep will initially be perfect with a full 100% to 0% but will periodically only go up to 91% or so. If I unplug and replug the pedal (with a normal TS cable) it behaves again for a while, but not consistently. This is fine for Wahs and Univibe Mod Speed, but for the Whammy Pedal it can be a jarring half-step short on the way up. So, if I rock the pedal all the way forward with the Max set to 12 steps, it'll only make it up 11. Is this my cable, pedal or patch? Or, should I just use the built in pedal for pitch things? Thanks in advance.
  3. I get best results from U Vibe AND an Analog Chorus at the same time. You can have the Exp pedal increase the rate of both or just the U Vibe. Sounds pretty cool to me.
  4. Hi all, I bought a used X3 Live a few weeks ago online and it shipped with the DC3g (HD-style) power supply. I thought it was a little odd, but it seems to work without issue (so far). After poking around online I've decided to get the old PX-2 from Amazon. I've been trying to compare the specs between the two adapters and I'm not having much success... I've seen posts stating that one is AC and the other DC, which makes me wonder how this power supply worked at all on the X3 Live. How does the DC3g power the X3 Live without screwing everything up? Or, have I screwed everything up? Thanks!
  5. VERY clever. Thanks for the tip and sample patch.
  6. Just got a Line 6 branded one via Amazon and it's pretty incredible. SUCH better quality than before. Took everything for a spin this weekend and I'm only scratching the surface. Thanks again for the tips.
  7. UPDATE: I reloaded the firmware, going back to 1.9(?) and then up to current with no results. I took my guitar back to Guitar Center and they were very cool about it since my intention was to hand them the used model and buy the new one (even though the serial numbers are very close sequentially). I tested out the new one and it behaved as hoped, so I paid the difference and also received a couple extra goodies that were not included in my used one. Now I have the digital cable and the USB interface plus all the manuals. I suspect that this "new" one was a restock since most of the items had been cracked open at least once and the price was down to $890-ish. Seems fine to me. I also have that all important warranty if anything goes wrong with that switch. Thanks for everyone's help!
  8. Excellent suggestions from all. I think I'm going to try them in order of: 1. ColonelForbin - reload the firmware, if that fails: 2. cruisinon2 - check with GC to see what my options are, if that fails: 3. stevekc - get with Line 6 RMA process and lastly, trying buying that replacement part. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I had a "plain-jane" Variax way back when (2004-5?) which I sold when I was saving for a house with my wife. I have been dying to try the new breed and decided to take the plunge on a beautiful, yet used, JTV-59. I didn't have time to mess around with it past making sure it made sounds before I brought it home from Guitar Center, but I may have found an issue that many on these boards may already be aware of. Serial no is W12030341 so I'm thinking it's March 2012 production, but I believe it has the pickup selector switch problem I've found archived here in the forums. The switch works flawlessly with the magnetic pickups, but when the models are on the switch does nothing. If I press the Alt Tuning Knob it seems to switch between models 1 and 2 of whichever bank I'm on. I was trying to get creative with my HD500x and simply control all the model changing with my feet but that is starting to eat up preset real estate an reduces spontaneity. At $699 plus tax this was a deal, but if I need to send it in for repairs I have to ask myself when the savings is no longer savings. I haven't decided yet so I thought I'd check out here for some feedback. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Joe. I do enjoy the expression pedals and I assign various parameters there. Not a bad workaround, and I appreciate the reply. I put the Toggle/Momentary option on the Line6 Ideas site anyway.
  11. Hi Metalchef, that would certainly turn the effect on & off. I'm only questioning the possibility because of the "Accel" pedal concept on the GT-100 - it's just fun.
  12. I feel like this used to be an option... maybe on the X3L, M13, or I'm confusing it with the Boss GT-10, etc. Is there an option to select where you can just hit a FS and however long you hold it the effect is active? This is great for delays, over the top modulation, fast fuzz outs, that kind of thing. I search the forum and don't see much talk about it. Thanks in advance for reading.
  13. I work at a company that develops its own software and we use this kind of tool It helps us immensely. Not every suggestion turns into a project, but I'm certain they take things into consideration after review those ideas with lots of votes.
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