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  1. Maybe but there was no noise when I was creating the loop.
  2. At my gig Saturday night there was excessive electronic noise only when the loops played back? I thought it might be bad power at the venue? Ideas?
  3. Any thoughts on how to replicate a B3 sound on the 500x???
  4. In trying to use my HD500x as an audio interface, the audio level is EXTREMELY low... barely audible. Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix for it?
  5. The entire bottom row of my HD500 is non-functioning rendering four of my effects and looping completely unusable. Does anyone have access to a wiring schematic for the board? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys. Wondering if I can input a microphone in addition to my guitar so I can use it for some beatboxing while looping?
  7. Hey all, Looking for a hard shell or flight case for my HD500. Any suggestions? Best, JM
  8. Hey all, I just got my POD HD 500 so I might have missed an answer along the way but... I am having trouble being able to switch certain effects on and off while a loop is running. Am I doing something wrong or do I have something assigned incorrectly? Thanks, JM
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