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  1. From my vantage point, I see one fellow with an attitude, and the rest are calm, but starting to lose patience. Who's the one with the problem? I report, you decide.
  2. A few chords and a lead line will violate copyright? Did they change the rules? If so, then noodle "in the style of" somebody besides a metal guy...
  3. Can this forum make a stickie? Wow, awesome post Andy!
  4. I like the guys, and I liked the video, but why did they have to play that crap? When demoing, they should play a little of a few kinds of music, not just bang the shred metal all day. And play something we know, not original stuff. I need familiarity to compare not a race down the fretboard at max distortion... end of rant...
  5. I have 5 iStomps and the Soul Food. I also have an 11R that I just got yesterday, so I will be putting the Soul Food in the front end, and the iStomps in the FX loop of the 11R. I would try the selections in the Amplifi to use what you can from what's there, and program the iStomp for whatever you want. Just note that the iStomp pedals have a huge algorithm so chances are it may sound better than what's in the Amplifi. I am setting mine for everything but dirt, and will give it all a shot later when my PROM2 arrives today in the mail.
  6. I noticed some Johnny Winter coming back with a Soldano? Today, I'm gonna get closer and reupload to a few of his tunes. Soldano? Johnny Winter?
  7. Yeah that's it! Now I remember!!!! All it took was.........someone else remembering....
  8. That should be the Pod Farm portion of Custom Tones. I haven't checked to see how many there are.
  9. I haven't had any issues. Sounds like you want another product. You misjudged the product. How could anyone assume, at that price point it was gonna profile?
  10. I did it with the HD bean into the aux in, it was fine. But I went with the 11R for the flexibility. I may have stayed with the bean if not for midi.
  11. It wouldn't let me publish without metadata. oh but wait, i have an idea... How about I am the artist The name of the tone is the name of the song. Name as album etc etc Our own tones would be separate, and we could find others we like, (you could search for charlyg as artist).... the idea would be to save the ones you like to mytones and edit them to fit your style. It's kinda defeating the purpose until the library gets bigger, and it's a touch selfish, but I might be on to something.. What does anyone else think?
  12. It would be my guess you could look at the Pod Farm product guide or the Pod Farm portion of CustomTones. Or do you mean see all the amps and effects. Yes as you choose each icon, you can click on the upper left portion of the bottom half where it lists the effect or amp and it will take you to the list/icons of available patches in that category. Clear as mud?
  13. Well, the edit kinda ends your argument, no? And it wasn't released to compete with the HD500x. It was to START a competition.
  14. HA! I did it for the clean tone, and now I can't remember.... I was gonna change the rest this morning and find some songs to match so I can start uploading! The metadata doesn't get better til we start uploading! I'll try and find it again.
  15. I quote: "the tonal quality of the HD500 is so far beyond the X3 amp models and FX that it's difficult to compare them. For reference, the amp models and FX used in the Amplifi are the X3/XT era models, all the pre-HD stuff." This is not borne out by experience. There are multiple instances of guys going back to the X3 after trying the HD models. Frankly, at volume, it gets pretty nuanced. IMHO of course. I would say they are equal to/from the Pod Farm. That is also what the line 6 guys say. Now whether or not that is equivalent to X3 or XT is another discussion. The idea was to choose the largest library for the metadata so as to at least kick start the process.
  16. ATM it only changes presets. There are hints that more will come. I believe the pedal works for the wah, but I am not sure how much "control" you have. I would like to see the FBV just be a midi jack, but I may be in the minority.
  17. We need to CHANGE and rename those metadata returns. Tweaked Southern Rock will get you a LOT of songs, but then rename it and upload. It is up to us to get this thing rolling. Start with getting them in the ballpark, then the next guy may d/l your tone, tweak it, and re-upload, or even use it on a song with similar tones and upload that one. I have also noticed there are a ton of Soldano 100 amps used with lead type tones. Change the amp to Marshall or Fender, tweak it to taste, and re-upload...... The more we use what's there and don't tweak and re-upload, the longer it will take for us to have a great library.
  18. Amplifi is easy to use, The 500x and other pods, not so much( I have owned most of them, other than Pros, and the new 500X). I will say I use it more as a bluetooth speaker than an amp, but I am having a blast when I do plug in the axe. With the Amplifi, you need an iOS device to take full advantage of its features.
  19. It really wasn't developed for anything but iOS devices IMHO. The streaming music thing is it's boom box feature. It also has tone matching, but not in the sense a lot think of. It is tone matching in the sense of,"this is what someone else thought sounded close". After a year, we might be where they are actually close, and not matched to Southern Fried Rock...........
  20. Well, there is an issue with making tones from scratch. You HAVE to include the Song name artist etc to favorite clean tone upload without a song mentioned.. so Im looking for a song that is close......
  21. That's what I was going to do with the HD bean. but ended up selling it do to a great deal on an Eleven Rack. I want to figure out how to adapt the FBV jack to straight midi. It seems that Line 6 is using some parts of a midi impelmentatin with their floorboards.I just need verification, or a pinout. Then I will have AmpliFi, Eleven Rack, JamUp/Bias(iPad), 5 iStomps, with an FCB1010 controlling it all. The 5 iStomps would be in the FX loop of the 11R. May not be possible, but I've got the hardware to give it a try.
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