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  1. Yeoman's work there eddy! And there are 30 amps in the HD 500x. So there are more effects in the Pod HD, but more amps in Amplifi.
  2. Maybe not, but Rowbi's tip is pretty cool!
  3. Yes you are right, they are being totally irresponsible for not designing it to an individual's need. Companies need to do everything people on forums say or they should go out of business. How's that? All I'm trying to do is stop the incessant bashing of a product that some of us love for exactly the situation they designed it for. How do you suppose that makes "us" feel? Sometimes it's how it's done. Is it, hey I have an idea that might be cool? Or is it, this product doesn't work the way I want it to, please make MY changes. I have disagreed with some of the ideas, and voted accordingly.
  4. So, let's use a product in a situation that it wasn't really designed for, and then call it unusable? New ideas and improvements are wonderful, but why do folks insist it was designed wrong?
  5. charlyg


    The iStomp was $150 and the effects were a buck or two per. MF blew em out for $40-50 bucks, and Digi made the effects free. No one knows why........Oh, and I ended up with a THR 10 for my battery powered needs. Those PCM tones sound pretty good to me. BTW, the THR5 was a toy......Couldn't even get a decent clean at a decent volume, and the 5 presets on the 10 are pretty cool. So the THR for desktop and mobile, the Amplifi for bluetooth and play along, and the 11R for recording and tieing it all together. And then there are all the iPad modeling apps...... The only tube amp that interests me now would be a Tweaker head instead of the 5e3.
  6. At TGP, a nice Line6 employee told us it is enhanced Pod Farm stuff, but non HD. I quote:
  7. Well, it was designed to play along with the iTunes library. You are asking for something that it isn't. Maybe the Fx 100 would be better?
  8. I have noticed changes in the returns...which is good news!! Still not sure why some expect no tweaking. You HAVE to tweak an amp to get ANY sound, how is this any different?
  9. How could you possibly expect tones to be "tailored" to every different guitar and guitarist that uses the app? Every amp you plug into, even Spiders, needs adjusting.
  10. Yup, makes sense. I have 50 gb of music on my iPad, but now that I'm making music on it, I need to delete the library and just bring over playlists. I can use that memory elsewhere! But, my heel is hurting and I took a pain pill. Not the best time to organize music files!
  11. I can't answer your question specifically, but if it were me, I would log in on the Mac, change your password, and then try it with the new password.
  12. Well, that's cool too!
  13. Now that idea makes sense, I'd vote for it over on idea scale.
  14. That is not how they designed the unit. It was to break away from the incessant tone searches. Appreciate the beauty of getting close by choosing a song, refining what returns, and sending it on for someone else to do the same until we all have "perfectly" tweaked patches.Kinda like wanting your iPhone to work like a Blackberry.
  15. I don't think so, but I like my Soul Food into the front end......and go from there. I wonder what would happen with the Amplifi in the send loop of the 11R? Hmmmm, another experiment? I think I would rather have an effects loop on the Amplifi where external effects could be applied, either movable in the chain or at the input to the power amp section. PS - I stand corrected!
  16. Just to drop in another thought, I wouldn't hang an adapter right at the input jack. Invest in the correct cable to go to whichever connector you need or put the adapter on the other end.
  17. I have no idea, I assume it was at the default setting.
  18. Ok, I screwed around some more with the JC120 patch cranked all the way up just now. Played single notes all over the fretboard and no vibration. The same with chords. So there you have it, no buzzes on mine...there is some hum, but not as much as a cranked tube amp!
  19. Yup, I had it cranked for a while, but I never get it over halfway either listening, or playing as a general rule. No buzz heard by me when I was all the way up. We played both clean(the JC120 patch) or the Joe Walsh tone. It didn't buzz with the other modelers going thru the aux either.
  20. I'll wait for the youtube video from a 15 year old.....they seem to usually get it right.
  21. Yesterday I ran my 11R thru the Amplifi aux in, and it was great! I also ran Bias on my iPad mini thru it. and then I played the Amplifi by itself. For me, any one of these would be cool, and I like the I/O felxibility of the 11R, but if not for that, I would be happy with just Bias and the Amplifi. I also have Ampkit+ and Amplitube on the iPad but haven't run them thru the Amplifi as yet. PS - I had ran the Pod HD thru it as well with good results before I sold it to help fund the 11R and FCB. So, cool beans!
  22. Don't be so picky. HA! I'll give it a shot in about 30 mins or so and listen closer/pay attention...
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