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  1. It is my opinion that it isn't the Helix, but the Pod Go taking over for the Firehawk.fwiw
  2. Because there is no Windows editing app. The USB to PC allows you to update and record but not edit patches etc. Unless I'm wrong but I don't think so.
  3. charlyg

    Complaint Dept

    When I first got my Amplifi, I came back to the Line 6 forums to learn and pass on anything about the Amplifi. This whole forum seems nothing more than a complaint dept. Way more dissing of the product than actually trying to work within the framework of it's design, It has done everything I have asked from it, in spades. So there..... CharlyG PS - I am willing to bet this will be another thread full of complaints and worse.
  4. All I am saying is, you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
  5. People who don't understand programming keep wishing for the sky.
  6. Sounds like YOU made a mistake, not Line 6.
  7. They have their act together. Ther are many of us who are completely happy with it.
  8. charlyg


    I need 3 amps. The Tweaker for bigger jams, etc., the Amplifi for streaming,playing along for practice and small jams, and the THR10 by the PC in the office for practicing and a grabngo with batteries.
  9. They also have the most diverse chipsets.
  10. Life is not perfect, things happen. That is all, I am done.
  11. I never agree with folks who know what SHOULD have happened. My world doesn't work that way. There is a way, and there is a way. So you think their testing procedure is lacking because a problem cropped up after shipping. The only fact you have is that some make this noise. You have no facts related to their QC, other than this problem "squeaked" through.
  12. Maybe, but i doubt it's a case of woulda coulda shoulda. Mine is fine.
  13. How old is your Amplifi? Have you upgraded the firmware, or is it up to date?
  14. Mine is grayed out til I select a tone....not much help i know.
  15. for which version of Android, which processor? Aye, there's the rub.
  16. I don't do the Twitter thing. Too dang old....but I'll be here most days at least once.
  17. As I understand it, it's below 100 ohms.
  18. I dunno either, I guess I'm lucky I don't use em.
  19. Hey Joe Butterfield good to see you here on the forum threads..... Not that I know you or anything but you are L6,!
  20. Can anyone point me to a shootout between the HD models and the Pod Farm models? I will take it with the usual youtube grain of salt, or even a written review would be cool...
  21. That is why I keep using the term plugin. Could it be the case they are different than what goes into specific hardware? Avid made a box, the Eleven Rack to use their plugin models so.........I dunno
  22. According to Digitech, they were able to use complete algorithms(full lexicon reverb as one example) on the iStomp because it only held one model at a time(more room than on mfx). I would assume(I know) that Pod Farm plugin algos might be more robust than what are in the Pods?
  23. ^^^^^^^^There are 77 amp models in the Amplifi. The toneport list is lacking. Line6 says Pod Farm, not toneport.
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