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  1. You can tell if 1.00.5 by going to Settings Flash Update and it should tell you. Also it will be in the version history...
  2. Ok, I uploaded Johnny Winter Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo and Grand Funk Feelin Alright. There has been some action on the database as Johnny Winter came back with 58 Tweed or whatever it is instead of Soldano, like the other day... My first attempt may be up there for Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, but I evidently can't fix a boo boo. I was messing with compression and somehow saved a phaser I think. There seems to be no way to pull down, edit, or erase once published. My username as always is CharlyG Best clean I have found is George Benson - Breezin... lotsa ways to take it from here.
  3. Not to be a stick in the mud, but I assume when you say stomp, you mean various dirt type pedals? Stomp is pretty generic.
  4. I loaded up JC120 clean and found a nice sweet spot. I'll try and get off my butt and upload it to a clean tone song and report back..... I also plan on plugging the 11R into the input today for a test run of the no amp setting.
  5. No, I think the about is a mistake/bug. I actually did the d/l and this is what it says are fine.... I think
  6. Please look at Settings --about AMPLIFi..should show a version Tx
  7. Maybe later today.. I'm gonna start with what I know. For instance, Johnny Winter songs come back with a Soldano, Im gonna change it and Publish. There's a good post somewhere here on how to approach the whole tone matching thing.... I'll do a few of those and report this evening..... that post I'm talking about should be a sticky..
  8. So if I do about AMPLIFi, I get v1.00.1 if I check for flash update, it says I am current at 1.00.5. Can someone check theirs and see if it's the same? Tx, CharlyG
  9. The update improved bluetooth re-connectivity for me. I use to have to fool around manually to get it to re-connect sometimes. Now it's better and faster.
  10. I have had mine for ~10 days, and I checked it once before with no update available. Yes it is the v1.00.5 so I now wonder why it wasn't there before?
  11. I have spent my whole life riding the wave of technology at the pro-sumer level. It's not for everyone, but it's where I sit, and the quality is fine. Neither audiophile nor earbud-ist.
  12. Well, 4-track was higher quality audio than 8-track or cassette, but it had other issues that affected(consistent tape speed being one) the sonic quality. In the realm of tape machines, wider tape and more speed make for higher quality audio, everything else being equal. I seem to like 192, but higher than that I need to have an awesome stereo to appreciate the diff.
  13. Hey, I've put up with 4 track stereo cartridges, the ones with the hole. Sound quality is always relative.
  14. Yup. I fired it up and checked for updates(I don't remember if it told me there was an update before I checked).....sorry I neglected to shutdown the app after cycling power on the amp. It needs to shutdown and restart as well....D'oh!
  15. I am in the middle of d/ling the update now. I will let you know what I see after....
  16. I don't think it's a joke. Features take processor power. Let the community decide on which features get implemented.....
  17. I was tryin to be non technical in my post :) (retired desktop tech)
  18. charlyg

    75 Or 150?

    I took my 75 back ang got a 150.. I don't regret it. I like the bass better with the 12. Not that the 8 is bad, but I am more of a bassist than guitarist so I am picky about my low end.
  19. I don't see how it could be done. But I am no expert......yet.
  20. 1. Ok, the Win 8 laptop sees the USB, it does the little ding thingy.... However, when you go into control panel, you see an orange triangle. Basically, it must have power but no "connection" programmed. 2. It is from the Pod Farm database, per Line 6.
  21. Ok, the Win 8 laptop sees the USB, it does the little ding thingy.... However, when you go into control panel, you see an orange triangle. Basically, it must have power but no "connection" programmed.
  22. I'll go bring the amp out in a bit and see but I very much doubt it. I did hook an Eleven Rack up today thru the aux in. It works and sounds great, but a little limited on volume. I did use the output to amp vs the main output. I don't know if that will make a difference. I don;t recall the vol being limited whenI hooked the HD bean to it. But alas, I no longer have the bean.
  23. I doubt that this is your problem, but I noticed that there is a very short range for the bluetooth on the Amplifi to stay firmly connected.
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