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  1. What does it show in Pod Farm? That is the database AFAIK.
  2. I pretty much keep mine within a foot or two for no other reason than that is the best place for it physically in my case, and no breaks at all.
  3. charlyg

    Aux In

    I have plugged an Eleven Rack, a Pod HD, and I suppose I could plug in my Android phone in the morning.
  4. That was superb! A very nice detailed how to without the obligatory metal shredding! I am curious about the delay setting for (Ithink) the 2nd delay. I have never found much of a use for delay, but that setting sounds like fun!
  5. ok cool, I didn't mean anything, but maybe went a tad too far. I was hoping to save you a trip.
  6. When I go to settings without it connected, it is grayed out, and I have to highlight it and click. Then it starts to connect. It's the same thing as the OS.
  7. I think the iPad mini is a great buy. It is not the newest/fastest processor but I have the 64gb and have no issues with the music I make/record. I use a big screen Android phone, and leave the mini at home just for music. One caveat, I don't use it yet.
  8. Do you see it in Settings|Device Selection?
  9. I do not have money, and on a fixed income. My Macbook Pro is old, my android phone was cheap, My win8 lap is 2 years old and cheap when I got it. I did the Win 8 upgrade when it was cheap. I got the iPad min 64gb after the reitna display came out and it was the same price as the 32 gb. There are ways, and then there are ways....
  10. When I startup the app after turning on the Amplifi. It says synching below Amplifi, when connected it says connected. If you don't see synching the app does not see the Amplifi. Whether it is on the iPad or not will be found out soon enough.... In other words, turn on the Amplifi, wait til the blue light flashes, then start the app, and see if it is trying to synch. if not check bluetooth settings on iPad to see if it sees the Amplifi.
  11. I can't help you since mine works fine. Seem like it's worth a call to Line 6, or return it for another.
  12. Funny you should mention the box, I picked mine up from Guitarget and it was in a more stable cardboard shipping box. 2 boxes for the price of one! I am neither a gigger or a traveler, just pointing out they did ship it from Line 6 in 2 boxes..
  13. I guess I'm just a stick in the mud. I would rather figure out how it was MEANT to be used before coming up with 100 other ways. In the mornings, I start up the app, but then go startup Music(iPad mini), and stream from there not the app, if I just want to stream music. The bluetooth seems to have about a 10-15 foot maximum range, line of sight. When inside the app with a song selected, do you select one of the tones you see? Do you then go to the edit screen to make adjustments? Is the guitar/music volume knob's white guitar setting turned up at all?
  14. I can't speak to mid range and tweeters, but a guitar can blow out a stereo speaker as the surround is not as stiff. There has to be some trade off to allow decent reproduction of both, at least as I understand it.
  15. I doubt that my test would help much as I have pups, but I could try my Sheraton with the acoustic amp and see what it sounds like.. So far, I like the JC120 for cleans with "Sherry", baby! I need to learn how to bypass my song filter. Everything in life seems to remind me of one song or another.
  16. Sounds like it. I have had mine cranked with no unwanted anything...
  17. So they come up with a cool new way to match tones, and "everyone" wants to go back to the old way....... That's really all it is. You want to use the product efficiently, use it for what it is, not what you wish it to be. That's really all I am saying. They even gave us a new forum for letting them know our ideas for future releases. what they didn't do is continue along the same path as their other products. This is quite a product, and within a year our tones are gonna be awesome. Wait and see....and then buy...
  18. Line 6 told me that the tones are from the Pod Farm library in CustomTones. You can browse all of the library there. I looked but I don;t see any advantage to knowing the library. The app already knows it.
  19. So THEY HAVE to commit to Android? That's a new one on me. I have said before, I have a Win8 laptop, a Macbook Pro, an Android phone, and an iPad mini. Bring it on Line 6, I am ready. None of these are top of the line, or less than a year old.
  20. They made it easy to match tones to a song, they did NOT make it easy to use manually. Why folks expect it to work to their set of expectations vs what the thing is designed to do is beyond me. You wanna sound like the guitar on Whole Lotta Love? cake. You wanna make a tone and then use it for multiple songs easily? not cake. You wanna search ALL available tones? Not cake either. You can however, go to the web, look at the Pod Farm tones, and check them out that way. There is no easy way I know of for browsing, searching etc the actual full tone library in the app.
  21. We do. there is a bug in the about screen.
  22. Can't say for sure, but it does have a Hot warning on it. I was kinda surprised there were no fins on the 150. I have left mine on overnight idling(I forget sometimes..), and it was pretty warm, but not what I'd call hot.
  23. My guitar playing and nail are pretty much mutually exclusive.
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