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  1. There is something going on between the FBV jack and midi. I sure would like to know what it is and if we can make an adapter to use a midi board with the Amplifi. I didn;t have the hum with a 150 and Express, don't have access to a shortboard.
  2. Yes, it seems us owners like it a lot better than the whiners. I mean that term in the best possible way......
  3. I will get it by Monday. I am mainly interested in it for amp models and midi. I have 5 iStomps and a Soul Food for various other things. I just picked up the FCB1010 with the Eureka PROM2 so I may be selling off some of the iStomps. It just depends on which things i like working with. I should be able to get by without the iStomps but their algos are full on. The main idea for me is the AMPLIFi for most things, the 11R to give me the versatility to do almost anything else, the iPad Mini as the basic mixing platform, and WIN8 as the mastering console. I do have a Macbook Pro but it needs servicing, the fan is in BAD shape! Speaking of how well it works with PT, it started out life as a PT plugin, and then went hardware. At least that is the story as I understand it.
  4. Not yet. I have about a dozen I want to go through and upload. Maybe after my nap! Since I play a semi hollow, I don't figure finding a nice acoustic tone will be too hard. I'll report back, and wouldn't mind trying yours. Then we may be the fist tone swappers for the AMPLIFi. Woot, FWIW.
  5. I could maybe agree about loudness, but frankly, I don't want to play with a drummer that cant control his dynamics.
  6. I am resetting the defaults on the Amplifi, and found JC120 for my clean tone. It really sounds great with my Sheraton. I have SD Jazz in the neck ans Seth Lover in the bridge, and the thing just chimes, in a smooth mellow sort of way, but the shimmer is def there. So, what I have decided to do for the 4 presets is to start basic. Clean, crunch(for rhythm and low end riffs), lead, and I haven't decided on the 4th yet(probably some dirty blues tone). If I keep the defaults just to basic amp/cab. then I can add whatever effects to whatever it is I happen to be doing. I figure I gotta just try different things/ways of using the tech out, and see what works for me, cuz I think I have landed on the gear that I like, for the long term.
  7. Or maybe SPAMPLIFi....due to the necessity of sharing "tones"....
  8. Until the library gets huge, you will get fairly generic tones from the metadata. They would need tweaking. A ton of songs come back with Southern Fried Rock. So you need to adjust it toward the tone you are really after. Frankly, for me a good Fender clean and crunch, a good Marshall crunch, and close to a Dumble clean, and that's most of what I would use amp wise.
  9. I bought a used Eleven Rack for $335, and I'm trading the Pod HD bean for a FCB1010 with the correct prom for 11R. Beans are losing value quick with GC's $199 blow out. Last I saw, Smash had em for $299 still.
  10. Very few marketing folks look up words in the oxford. I think they may use the anti-Oxford.
  11. Nice long post, but still nothing more than one man's opnion... Sometimed we need to proof read our opnions that are stated as fact. "Marketing failure on an epic level". Mktg sells product. Product is selling fast. Where is the EPIC fail? So, because reinventing means something different to YOU than ME, it is wrong? Ever see a beer commercial?
  12. We need you to get a real manual on line. I had issues with bluetooth this morning and I had rto figure out on my own to hold it down for a bit. I went through forgetting,and all the other rigamarole,but nothing in the "Pilot Handbook". It only lists iOS for pairing so even that info is incomplete. I have been very patient, but it's starting to get ridiculous. I'm going to call again this morning to register my annoyance with the lack of information on how to use the dang thing...
  13. I can guarantee you if I put it out on the patio, and cranked some good ole R&R, I would be getting a call or two..........or a knock on the door. LOUDLY.
  14. Sometimes I just have the music app open, and if I want to see any tone matches, I open the remote app. If I want to see Line 6's version of my library, I can get there from inside the app. If I want to use a Music app feature, more of them appear (still don't see a search feature) if I switch apps between Music and Amplifi remote app. Here's my uneducated opinion.. I think they want us to think of library in terms of playlist size. I doubt they expected me to have 50+gb of music sitting on my iPad mini! So as an example, let's use 100 songs you separate out to use for the Amplifi library. I'm willing (well almost willing) to bet if you had playlists by genre as individual libraries(not sure how you'd switch back and forth), it may work smoother Whatcha think?
  15. I have had a long career as a troubleshooter of electronic devices. Part of the process is collecting data. All I was doing was providing additional data. Data is neither right or wrong, good or bad, it just is.
  16. I would agree on the 75. However, when I took it back and got a 150, I now hear separation between channels. If a guy was anal enough, he could probably mic it pretty good for stereo. One between the left mid and tweeter, and one between the right. One on the 12", if needed. I have no idea how well they would pick up the 12 from about an inch or two outside the spkr, or if you would mic it separate. Not that I would ever do, or even need to do this, I believe it is possible.
  17. We are the ones to make it better. Take what you find, tweak it, make it closer, and upload it. 6 mos from now we should be rolling in good tones. Or we are to blame.
  18. Well, it's not how I use it......
  19. If by saying, "completely resync", you are implying that it is too much effort to push a button, you are correct in deciding it's not the product for you.
  20. The manual is now online! It is the same as the printed manual. For some reason, I was expecting one with more detail.
  21. There's either an echo in this place, or a parallel univ- I mean forum........
  22. charlyg


    I'd probably faint it I heard a demo with NO HIGH GAIN bombing......
  23. Yup, but I R primarily a bassist so I like lotsa thump. I had no probs with the sound of the 75, just that it got low thru some sort of subwoofer dealio not heard on the 150, methinks...........
  24. I have 50+gb of music in iTunes on my 64gb mini. They all play fine. Well the ones I played. I obviously did not check them all.
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