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  1. I swapped my 75 for a 150 after a week. The 75 sounds ok, but it has a bit of subwoofer vibe to it. The 150 doesn't sound as good at lower volumes, but once you start pushing the 12 it starts to really outshine the 75. You can hear the stereo separation better as well. I built a really nice sounding JC120 clean, probably as good as anything else I've heard. I dl'd and tweaked a BillyG, a Gary Moore, and Robin Ford and saved them. I also wanna nail Alvin Lee's Big Red tone with my Sheraton and the AmpliFi. And BB of course, oh and some woman tone.....ok ok i'll stop now
  2. Why not? Do they sound bad? Do they get close to the original so you can play along, yes, very close with a bit of tweaking. We all have different signals going into these things. If the model was set with high gain active humbuckers, and you have vintage single coils, something is gong to have to be almost seems some forget that.
  3. charlyg


    It seems to me, it doesn't matter where or how we get the tone ideas, what matters is we get them....and when we play along with the tune, we are close to the original. If it were done the way that some want, it would be a profiler, not a "matcher".
  4. Again, if you have iOS, it's great, if not, move on and quite whining. Is it perfect, no. Is it what some of us have been waiting for? Yes, no product is for everyone, but that doesn't mean you need to put it down. Or do you put down every product you don't own?
  5. If you're serious about mobile music making, you need iOS, think of all the music apps that are iOS only. I sold my Nexus 7 and got an iPad mini just for that reason. Now, as long as I have it, I'm going to take advantage of ALL the cool music apps on iOS. You Android guys enjoy the wait, cuz it'll be a while before Android catches up music-wise.
  6. Thanks for the links...... I always like to look at a bunch reviews after I buy, to see if I am missing any tricks......... and the NAMM reviews are too noisy, too much backgrouind noise to concentrate on what's being said and done on the reivew.
  7. A lot of us have iOS devices. We didn't have to factor in anything.
  8. Anyone who needs to compete with a drummer for volume has the wrong drummer. The drummer has just as much responsibility as anyone to stay in the context of band dynamics. You don't let him bang away and then crank everything else to match.
  9. Yup, yer missing something, mine is loud as heck(or at least enough for my needs).
  10. all watts are not the same....thanks mktg depts.
  11. Well, I'm having a blast, but can't wait for the plethora of new tones once this thing gets in real hands.
  12. C'mon guys, where's the manual?
  13. Remember, it is a database search, not a profiler. A lot of my searches using my library keep coming back with the same 4 Line 6 amps. It is their default return for rock and blues i think....
  14. charlyg

    75 Or 150?

    Not me, GC Sherman Oaks had 4 75 watters. Two are now left as I snagged the 2nd one sold. The 75 is perfect for me at home. If i were to jam with it, I would probably want the 150.
  15. I have the 75 and I love it. It sounded like crap at first but then I realized I had the bass boost on for smaller speakers. Turned it off, and the BT sounds a tad better than the aux in from my Win 8 laptop.. I THINK!
  16. I have a feeling it will eventually incorporate the extra switches on the shortboard. You can set no amp on the app to bypass app control of the gear, so I should be able to aux in my Pod HD and play thru it an not the modelling features of the Amplifi if I'm so inclined. Or reclined.....
  17. I have an Android phone, an iPad mini, a Win 8 laptop, and a Macbook Pro. I don't have an issue with any of them....
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