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  1. That sounds like a great setup do you have pics of it? Also, do you use expression pedals? If you do, do you live them on the drawers and plug it in the when you get to the venue?
  2. I am planing on swapping my Helix for a Helix Rack + Controller but, I have a few questions: 1. Can the Controller fit in a rack drawer? I am guessing a 2U? 2. How do you transport the Volume pedal? I am guessing you have another drawer just for pedals and you have to connect them at the venue you're playing at? 3. What rack did you get and what do you have on? Drawer for cables? Patchbay? Power conditioner? 4. Do you use a tuner plugged in the Controller in case you can't see the rack? 5. What about the g10? If you use one what do you do? another drawer? (this rack is becoming really big!) I am sure I am not the only one with those questions, so I believe pics would also be great! Thanks :)
  3. Setup time is also way shorter with the interface. I used to have a Variax connection there (before switching to G10) and it had plugin in everything I need a snap. I could get everything done in less than 5 minutes.
  4. Yeah, my though was that the Helix is a VERY EXPENSIVE unit for me and way more than I need for my playing skills. So If I spent that money on it I can't just go cheap on something to protect it. I spend a couple of months doing sketches and measuring and outsourcing material and parts, but I really liked the final product. I have been using it for around 5-6 months and I still don't have a single complain
  5. See the top that flips open? That is all Vecro (actually the whole INSIDE of the case is velcro) so you can have at least 5 pedals on the top (and notice the wholes so you can connect them) Also if you're good about managing the cables you can have 2 other ones inside the case under the flip top. I use a Boss CS3 when I play Bass and all I do is velcro it to the top. Super easy and I don't have to reach on the back of the Helix never.
  6. It really depends on what you're trying to get. This is like custom made furniture I can build it to your needs. The one I built for myself costed me around $350 because I really purchased all the best materials I could. Even the plywood that is covered under the telex is cabinet grade plywood because I wanted to make sure it was strong and smooth. But shoot me an PM and tell what you're looking for, I can try to help you out.
  7. That looks nice, but it's a completely different approach. I wanted something that I take the top off and be ready. I also didn't want to have to connect and disconnect cables on the back of the Helix. It's not only time consuming but also causes a lot of stress on the jacks reducing the life of your Helix.
  8. You might be able to find them online. I got it from a friend that order supplies for amps. Those only work with CLIFF Jacks tho (as I sadly ordered the wrong ones when I was building the interface) Those are the same jacks that Marshall uses on their amps, so maybe an UK Amps dealer might have them?
  9. I couldn't find a case that I liked, so I build one. It's build with high quality plywood and wrapped with Marshall Tolex. I build an interface with color coding connectors for easy setup on a 4CM or whatever you need. I also have Variax and USB plugins for the interface so you never have to reach the back of the Helix again. I have a lot of extra materials, so if you're interested I can build one for you. Just PM me. (this is not a cheap case, BTW)
  10. Can I use a Missing Engineering SP1 with my Helix now? Did anyone tried already?
  11. Can I use the Mission Engeneering SP1 with the Helix Floorfloor Board (not the Rack)?
  12. you need a new band :)
  13. Have anyone tried to match a Ukulele on the Variax? If yes, wanna share your settings?
  14. Do you happen to have any pics of that? Had you tried to tune the guitar and play to check if that's a problem? What about changing the Variax Tuning knob? Do it work properly with that 1/4" difference?
  15. I was about to ask that question, my Variax Standard arrives today and I really want to use a Fender neck
  16. Thanks for all the replies guys. It would be nice to not have think of two DSP (as an user) until you run out of CPU or something like that. If the Helix would just manage the blocks on the best optimal way automatically it would take that part of management from the user and the interface would be more intuitive. IMHO. It's really not a big deal ... thanks so much for the replies.
  17. Why can't I move this Delay block to the Path2? The only way I found out how to make that happen was to copy and past it ... but ... why can't can I just move it?
  18. They sound really good.. Thanks :)
  19. I was going to say that. Automator will do that for you on your Mac for free. Great idea.
  20. Best part of the this release is the unreleased part! You're welcome to send me the beta version of this new Helix Editor :)
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