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  1. Dude, nice playing. I digged it. I did not buy the Alto and got the QSC K10 for my Helix. I don't regret it but the purchase price was steep. I forwarded your info to my bandmates since one is considering a wedge monitor for his guitar rig. I think this may save him lots of money. Very helpful, Thanks. P.S. I'm watching some of your other clips, and I have to repeat myself... really nice playing!
  2. MegaVox

    Helix Demo Videos

    Well, for those who want to hear the amp modeling, it is not dry enough. For those who want to hear its FX capability, there are not enough FX on the video. So far, I like what I am hearing. It is fairly balanced and it gives me a good idea of what it can do. And even if it is not the best modeler, the UI is the winning feature for me. I wish they would show more of those functions. I don't know of any other modelers or amplifiers that allow you to edit the parameters of the amp (with the foot controller) while playing live on stage. My goodness, there have been so many times on stage where I have wanted to alter the EQ or gain on the amp because it just wasn't sounding right for the room acoustics. As far as I can tell, these videos are strictly teasers to keep us hooked. Since the manual is not out, it is likely that they are not ready to give a full demo of its tonal capabilities, both on the amps and FXs. But the marketing is going well... we still want more.
  3. 1U, 2U, 3U, etc... refers to the amount of verticle space a rack mounted device will occupy on the rack. "U" meaning unit. 1U occupies about 1.75 veriticle inches. 2U occupies twice that amount, 3.5 inches... and so on. Wikipedia has a "Rack unit" page with an illustration: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rack_unit
  4. Yes, I will. This will be my first Line6 purchase which will upgrade my rig from a Vox Valvetronix AD60VTX (plus other gear and cab). I was about to purchase an Axe-FX II when I came across Helix. I'm usually very frugal when it comes to investing time and money on these things. So I prefer to read the manual before purchasing. I have read through the competitor's manuals and would like to do the same here. As it stands, the overall user interface for Helix is by far the winning features for me. Tone quality seems to be there, but that's a personal gut feeling. I won't know until I have it in my studio and can produce the sonic tones I'm searching. This would have been true for any other unit as well. And if it doesn't work out for me, I'll sell it to one of you lucky folks at a discounted price. :) At the moment, I'm sold. Unless there is something glaringly wrong on the manual, I'll place an order once it becomes available. I prefer to keep my money in an interest bearing savings account of 0.000000000001% in the mean time. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a negative sign in front of that figure now... :unsure:?
  5. Thank you for the DSP limit information. It's nice to know that Helix will provide sufficient DSP headroom to exploring new tonal landscapes.
  6. And the extra $500 controller does not get you an expression pedal, so you may want to factor that into the equation. As for me, unless I really need to rack mount it or integrate it with other rack mounted units, I would consider the floor model, especially since I need a controller for live gigs. I love the fact that the floor unit, really doesn't need anything else unless I want more. And if I happen to need additional pedals, I will probably place everything on a pedal board making sure to keep it small and light. This way my rig will be compact, light and cheaper than a rack mounted rig. :D
  7. Congratulations Line 6 Helix Team! It looks like you have a winner. The tones sound great from here despite my computer speakers and what not. From what I can discern, you have developed a product that will compete well with other modelers and will most likely outperform my current rig. I have tweaked my Vox Valvetronix AD60vtx to give me every bit of tone that it can deliver, and it has served me well, but it is now time to upgrade Last month, when I was about to commit to purchasing a Axe-FX II, I came across Mitch Gallagher’s review from sweetwater. I was very impressed with the product features and decided to place my purchasing decision on hold. After reading several forums and viewing these last few videos and listening to the 6 sound clips released today, I am now certain I have made the right decision. Though I still want an Axe-FX II, (mainly for its sound quality and tone matching capabilities), the excellent layout and ease of use of the Helix will ultimately be the features that will earn my purchase. Also, I have a gut feeling that it will sound great against the Axe-FX II and I’m eager to be proven right. What I don’t know is, will I run into DSP limits? I hope not because I plan to use much of its processing power as a creative means to producing new sonic tones and music. Time will tell... The next thing to do will be to determine which FRFR amp and speakers to use. Or, I may just forgo that idea and run it straight to the house and use in-ear-monitors for myself. Since I own, haul and setup the FOH equipment, my band really doesn’t have a say on how I use it. And for that matter, I believe Helix has made my future gigs much more enjoyable by saving my back, my hands and allowing time for a beer or two before rocking out! Again, Congratulations and thank you for such a great product!
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