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  1. I really agree about the absolute requirement to have physical knobs and swtiches in addition to touchscreen. One of the things that Line6 really got right with the Stagescape M20d in the new world of compact mixers controlled by iPads, is they also included physical knobs and buttons where most other manufacturers didn't. I am just saying having both a physical and touchscreen option is a knockout punch. The iPad/touchscreen has its place as a secondary ajunct interface, not as a replacement for a physical interface (knobs, switches). The unit ideally should also always have its own screen so you are not dependent on the iPad.
  2. Agreed, the IPB-10 had its shortcomings and I am not in any way advocating that the Helix emulate the IPB-10 or repeat the same mistakes, I would take the Helix over the IPB-10 any day (under-statement of the year). I simply trotted it out as the only example of iPad programming on a MFX that I am aware of. The iPad part of its interface was really cool and super easy to use.
  3. Although I am sure there are those who would and are exploring the recording possibilities with the iPad; I believe the primary interest in Helix/iPad connectivity is not about studio recording, it is more about programming and making minor adjustments in live performances, living room, and for some, even in a home studio (although most home studios would probably opt for a PC or Mac). I am a working paid to play "semi-pro" musician (I still have a day job) and I would love to see iPad connectivity.
  4. That unit may never have quite caught on with the public in term of huge sales but it does not begin to have the same feature set or sound quality as the Helix. The concept itself was somewhat visionary and just because it was not the complete package everyone was looking for does not mean it did not have some features that could be adopted and adapted. Many a failed product has included an innovation or two that were later executed better and adopted successfully elsewhere.
  5. I believe this is occurring because of an unsigned file in the L6 Updater download, I also encountered this. Here are instructions on IE to allow the file to download if you cannot simply click through and have it download.
  6. Another way to approach it if the current Bluetooth protocol is too slow would be the approach the Digitech IPB-10 took which is to provide an actual hard-wired iOS connection for an iPad.
  7. +1 Absolutely agree! Even if the Helix required a limited implementation of an editor or control app it would still be awesome! I have been advocating for bluetooth/iOS connectivity since I first received my Helix. Certain operations would be so much easier with drag & drop. Being able to program the editor while standing up or sitting at practice when you don't have access to a PC editor would also be nice. Having an iPad at eye level on my mic stand at the gig for on the fly adjustments would be hella great for the floor unit Helix version. Bluetooth/iPad may not be for everybody and I in no way want to detract from the efforts to develop the Helix's physical interface but I think remote iPad/Android connectivity would be a huge enhancement.
  8. Indeed! Noting the alternative method was the intent of my post, by all means first try the automatic download and skip Step 3, if that fails, Step 3 may aid you in a successful firmware update.
  9. True, the Updater will download the firmware automatically although some people who have had problems with their internet or USB connectivity interrupting the update have had success by downloading the firmware first and then letting the Updater apply it.
  10. Glad to hear you were successful. Going forward with future firmware updates, the method Klangmaler provided is actually the preferred way to do the install as the Helix App installer should install all of the latest components. The procedure I provided broke it down to a manual method because your post indicated that you might have already installed the Helix App and it sounded like your driver still had not installed. In the future (at least until L6 changes the procedure), you want to use the method Klangmaler describes and let the latest version of the Helix App installer take care of all the required components (Helix App, driver, Updater).
  11. Do not bother trying to install the firmware without the updater. If you are attempting this update on Windows you can try the following : Go to the Line6 support/downloads web page and download the Line6 Driver 2 ver. 1.77 under the Helix downloads. You will have to scroll down a bit to find it. Install the Line6 Driver 2 Run the 1.07 version of the Line6 Updater (download and install this version of the Updater if you have not already). The Updater should now be able to see your Helix. Click on the picture of your Helix and this will take you to a page showing the available firmware versions. Install the latest firmware 1.06.5.
  12. No doubt, let's get the editor out. Just hoping they did not subscribe to some design aesthetic where they try to make the editor look just like the Helix screen.In my opinion this would be squandering the opportunity to improve the visuals to provide an increased amount of information, and to provide the ability to tweak all relevant parameters on a given block or logical piece of work at once without paging, capabilities that a screen editor can easily deliver. An enhanced version of the Helix screen would be much better than simply mimicking the interface on the Helix!
  13. Where are you running the Mix & Level parameter settings?
  14. A large number of free guitar IRs including quite a few for bass. I have not tried them yet and it is hard to tell what format they were saved in. Might be worth a try though.
  15. Thanks for the response Phil! Yep, -18db has become my sort of go to Level setting although I have been more inclined to run my Mix at around 50%, at least on acoustic IRs. With your explanation regarding Helix's internal signal level it makes more sense as to why the -18db setting sounds better. I will have to experiment more with the Mix setting. Anyone else wanna weigh in on what works best for them or what should theoretically work best with the Helix, please have at it.
  16. I have a general question for users more expert on using IRs. Where do you generally set the "Mix" and "Level" parameters? In particular I am interested in where you set the Level. I would have thought that generally the Level should be set at "unity" at 0db, but I have found that particularly on the acoustic IRs, this can result in a fizzy kind of unpleasant sound. Setting the Level lower usually sounds better to my ears. So where do you set the Mix and Level parameters for both electric and acoustic IRs? Please specify whether you are using electric or acoustic. Thanks!
  17. HonestOpinion

    Path A/B

    This is a great example of users adding value to the documentation and perhaps this could eventually be the perfect place to host a full blown user moderated WIKI to consolidate all user provided Helix documentation and tips (depending on this site's creator's willingness to devote the time and effort required). In any case, I hope we will see a user WIKI for the Helix at some point like the one that was created for the AxeFX.
  18. I neglected to mention, the editor is the perfect opportunity, at least before it is implemented on the physical interface on the Helix, for L6 to introduce scene functionality!
  19. +1 Now if we can only get scenes implemented the Helix will be unstoppable.
  20. This thread should be marked as answered with a green box. Although this was a legitimate issue when the topic was first posted this issue has now been addressed.
  21. The Firehawk 1500 seems a bit like overkill for an apartment with no intentions to use it live. Although the Amplifi has "four" presets it has unlimited tones that can be downloaded with the app. The HD500X or the Helix if you want to spring for it through a couple of small powered speakers, your favorite amp, or even headphones seems like a better choice.
  22. I would love to see an optional synth pack with a whole array of instruments released at some point in the future of Helix's development cycle. Strings, brass, woodwinds, keys, synths, the works. I would be more than happy to pay for a software pack that would release me from my Roland GR-55! A Variax or hexaphonic pickup converted into the Midi inputs and you are off to the races!
  23. Both Redwirez and Ownhammer have some free trial IRs. If you like them, you can purchase more. Free Redwirez: Free Ownhammer:
  24. I doubt this will happen but it is a great idea! I love software that is designed like this! Short of this, I would like to see as much information on the various screens as possible stopping before it becomes unusable visual clutter. At the very least I want a main screen that displays the detailed name of every amp, effect, IR, routing, etc. block in the preset (e.g. specific amp name, specific effect name). Drilling down on a block should bring up all of the parameters for that block on a single screen or at the bottom of the main screen if there is enough real estate. Another way to implement this would be to have a tab with each amp and effect name that would bring up all the parameters for that block on one screen; although all those potential tabs might be difficult to fit on a single screen. As ranted on earlier, retaining the paradigm of vague general icons, and multiple parameter pages used currently on the Helix would be a terrible implementation of the editor IMHO.
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