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  1. Two things may help: Shorten the names so they don't exceed the namespace limit on the Helix. Copy the IR to your desktop and then drag and drop it to the Helix App (this tip contributed by Arislaf).
  2. I think keyboard amps, with their generally wider frequency range and more uncolored sound than a guitar amp, were often used by the modeling community prior to the advent of the FRFR. I would not be surprised if there are still a bunch of folks using them.
  3. Btw, no disrespect intended, this has been an enlightening conversation on FRFR and IR technology and the current state of the art.
  4. I am not sure whether editing the loop will ever happen but I have used loopers that essentially have a "ready" state that starts the loop the moment a note is struck. There have also been some ideas floating around for adding the capability to have longer and more loops available through some kind of memory card add on. This might give you the ability to edit your loops in a DAW on a PC.
  5. Chuckle, yes, my new band just quantum generates Hendrix and Jerry Garcia doing a duet from our control room :P
  6. If the configuration and resource files from an older unit was available I suppose someone could write a translation "engine" that would translate old settings into new Helix ones. That would be a huge and time consuming project though and would be best left to an Open Source community that had the will and the manpower. i definitely would not want Line6 diverting their development resources to this. I think at least theoretically it could be done however, especially if the products were designed with this in mind from the ground up.
  7. Actually the easiest way to do it is the Helix App. Just highlight the four presets you want to copy by using the Shift button. Press the "Export" link, select the target folder, press "Select Folder". All of the presets should export to that folder. Select the target location in the Helix app (make sure there are four new contiguous locations to copy to, you will be overwriting their contents) Now do an "Import". When you browse to the location you exported to, highlight all four presets from the bank you exported. Complete the import. You are done!
  8. To truly recreate a totally authentic guitar and cab experience we need a quantum modeler and quantum FRFR that actually recreates the the positions of all particles in the room at the moment of the creation of the sound, right down to the quark or beyond. Anyone working on one of those? :D
  9. The link to this documentation (if it is kept up to date) should be pinned by Line6. It is extremely easy to navigate and very helpful.
  10. I can think of one more enhancement to this that would be great (depending on how much time you want to spend on this thing (you need time to practice and program your Helix :P ). Add a "Parameter" column with a link that explains what each parameter in an amp/FX does. At least for the less obvious ones.
  11. +1 Well done! The description of the parameters for each category when you scroll all the way down is awesome! For folks who have been looking for a description of the sag, hum, ripple, bias, and bias X settings under the amp settings make sure you scroll all the way down in the amp section. One enhancement you may want to consider is adding links in the "Based On" column to the original documentation (where available) for each amp and effect.
  12. I know it is not for everyone and for many players not having some kind of guitar amp or FRFR behind them is a non-starter but I still think the most cost effective and lightest solution is going direct to the PA and outputting my guitar through the monitors. There are less possible points of failure and with a decent PA and the mixer channel(s) for the Helix EQ'd properly or even flat I find the sound to be excellent. When I gig on someone else's PA I bring an amp or an L2m unless I truly trust the soundman to handle the Helix direct and know that there will be adequate monitoring for the entire band and me to hear my guitar.
  13. This comment, "blending math and art is hard" from DI truly resonates with me and is something I have thought quite a bit about. Although I am a tireless and probably sometimes tiresome advocate for steady improvement and enhancement of the Helix I do want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible talent at Line6. You guys have achieved something extraordinary! Mediocre programmers are a dime a dozen but putting together a team of gifted programmers and musicians, and if you are really lucky some who are both, is an incredible challenge. Some of the best visionary musical/technical talent in the world is currently gathered at Line6 and I can't wait to see what you guys do next. Thank you for all your hard work!
  14. +1 Could not agree more, none of the digital modeling units I have used since sound as good as the AG Stomp to my ears. Not referring to the Helix, time will tell, I think with the right preamp, tweaks, and IRs, the potential is there for the Helix to far surpass it.
  15. I have to say my old Yamaha AG Stomp got some of the best acoustic sounds I have ever heard, direct into the PA. Now that Yamaha owns Line6 it seems like a no-brainer to work that technology into the Helix. I would love to see an AG Stomp model on the Helix. On a side note, the AG Stomp provided optional 9v power out through a TRS (stereo 1/4) cable. This meant that with any acoustic-electric guitar that allowed power through a TRS cable, you could ditch your 9v batteries forever. This is technology I would like to see in every MFX unit and electric-acoustic produced. Those 9v batteries get expensive and if you forget to pull your guitar cable out they are drained by the time you pick up your guitar again. The same technology could also be used for electric guitars that use active pickups requiring 9v power. No more expensive batteries polluting the landfills and no more worrying about having to swap batteries or not having an extra during gigs. This is such a simple solution to powering active pickups and requires so little and inexpensive a hardware change that it amazes me it has not become an industry standard by now. Let's all stop subsidizing Duracell.
  16. I agree 100%, many more nimble folk than me are perfectly happy with the way the knob works and they should be able to maintain the current operation. Just looking for an option to help out the rest of us who would like to see it operate differently. I have also had an Idea in Ideascale to offer an alternative to the joystick's behavior for months. I have never advocated changing the joystick's behavior for those who like it, I would just like an additional method or settable parameter that make it more user friendly for more users. I think I may actually prefer your idea to my own and a similar idea already has already been out there for a while. Below is my old Idea from Ideascale and it also makes the point that the present behavior should be preserved. If you search Ideascale you can see there are other ideas on this topic as well and they have all gathered relatively substantial support. I think we will see some kind of remedy eventually, at the very least the editor will help alleviate this. However, the physical interface is so intuitive and so well designed that I hope they offer us an alternative there as well. Especially because the physical interface is what you will most likely use in a live performance.
  17. Freakin' loving the addition of the "Teemah!" overdrive to the Helix. I am sitting in with a friend's band while their guitarist recuperates and I had to set up a preset for a really vintage (old) Jefferson Airplane tune in the set list for their upcoming gig. I probably could have found an amp setting that would have gotten close but the subtle edge that the "Teemah!" is capable of just nailed their sound perfectly. This is a great FX to have when you want a more gentle overdrive that really retains the character of the amp/cab. This was a fantastic choice of effects to add to the Helix!
  18. Heck, in the interest of semantic "accuracy" I went back and changed the title to "granularity" for the Ideascale title as well and edited my posts to point to the newly titled Idea :huh:
  19. I changed the verbiage to granularity in both my post above and the Idea in Ideascale although it still says "accuracy" in the title because if I change this it will change the link. I think the use of accuracy although incorrect has become incorrect common usage and a source of confusion because it is the verbiage in the specification that many of the tuner vendors provide. See the examples below from the Peterson and Boss page. But I agree, this is not just a semantic difference, "accuracy" and "granularity" mean different things although how close you can get to a reference tone involves the interaction of both factors. Clearly tuner vendors need to employ both specs to both educate the public and provide a more complete and truthful specification on their tuners.
  20. Yep, that model Korg's +0.1/-0.1 cents would be ten times more granular than the current implementation of the Helix tuner (+1/-1 cents). Please vote up this Idea on Ideascale if you want to see similar granularity on the Helix.
  21. This is a great idea! For months now great ideas have been submitted be they, more clicks before the knob starts changing blocks, a delay before scrolling, a specific mode for blocks to scroll, a press before blocks scroll, etc.. I don't care which one you implement Line6, please just pick one and address this issue. There were people who said "you get used to it after a bit of practice and it is not an issue" and they are the lucky ones with greater manual dexterity and precision than I will ever possess. I have had my Helix for months now and I have not and do not believe I will ever get used to the rotary control's sensitivity. I feel like I have to "tiptoe" every time I navigate through the blocks. I am always one unintentional turn away from ruining a preset I have spent lots of time to develop. A sense of subtle dread and imminent potential disaster like being a crewman on the Nostromo in an "Alien" film looms over every editing session (enormous exaggeration here). Editing could be a stress free walk through a field of amps and effects, editing Nirvana is just ahead, I feel I can reach out and touch it, but NO, disturbing a single blade of grass may change your future (too much?). This is such an unnecessary drawback to a mostly great user interface. Can we please get this done already!
  22. Mixing & matching preamps and power amps, very cool idea! And bonus, it might well make the ability to insert an FX loop in between a foregone conclusion.
  23. Glad to hear it, cheers! Btw, Jimmy Herring is one of my favorite guitarists.
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