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  1. I've been using Helix Native live several times a week since November 2018 and ive never had. single problem. As I said above, sometimes it crashes MainStage and it seems to be when I try to open the Helix GUI when I have changed audio interface settings but if Im just loading up my MainStage concert and changing patches it has been rock solid.
  2. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and ... and fight them in their forums! Seriously though those new iPad pro's out bench MacBook Pro i7's, they are incredible, and there are ways to get AU support on IOS..... of sorts.... so bloody hell guys, come on, find a way!!! It would absolutely slay. Im away to parachute drop myself behind enemy lines in the Apple forums to see if I can set up a beachhead for a future landing party
  3. Just do it. Dont argue with me. I dont care if its not possible either. Dont want to hear it. Do it Do it Do it DO IT its out September 30th Thanks Line 6, luv ya
  4. I don't even have time to read what you wrote. Where do you people get the time to write essays on a bunch of crap? Go play guitar!
  5. Hey, there's a fairytale missing their white knight. And I pick Gear on whether it does what I need it to or not. Not whether the members manufacturers forum want to hold my hand or not. Snowflake
  6. How to get get good headphone sound out of Helix 1. Turn on Helix 2. Turn Helix back off 3. Turn on computer and download S-Gear free trial Done Seriously though the only time I've had headphone results that made me want to keep on playing was using S-Gear. Oh and ONCE in a studio with my amp mic'd up but I don't know what voodoo that dude was running in his signal chain because I usually hate the sound in cans.
  7. I like the cut of your jib young man. You should come guitar shopping with me
  8. All I need is someone to say "if I were in your position I'd put my wallet back in my pocket John"
  9. Before I go waste money on a Digitech Drop. Not even asking for a time frame just if it's coming soon
  10. After all the IR's I've bought this free download is the one I use for pretty much everything
  11. Basically Yamaha lollipoped up by not including a hi cut filter
  12. I don't usually do this but I'm calling troll on that guy. There's lollipop all wrong with Helix in 4cm and it's so easy to setup I doubt he could have made a mess of it. Also his English seems to have gotten "worse" Hi Cliff!
  13. I'm sorry but you're talking utter nonsense. Have you even used any other multi fx with your amp? I have and Helix is about as transparent as it gets. You should try the utter headlollipop that is the TC Electronic G System for starters If you are so overawed by Fractal then why don't you own one of their units? And if you have owned or do still own then why aren't you using them as you seem to be a fan. Be honest, have you ever even tried a Fractal unit? And got everyone moaning about the update not containing "quality" improvement or more guitar goodies where exactly have you been for the last nearly two months? We were told EXACTLY what was going to be in this update at NAMM.
  14. 9 little bugs on the wall, 9 little bugs... Code one out, re-compile.... 478 bugs on the wall. All together now.... 478 little bugs on the wall....
  15. Lol yeah that was my thread. I use the headphone out of Helix into the mini jack of the iLoud and holy smokes batman we get stereo! If you are looking for a small, portable practice soliution that is still pretty "FRFR" then this is literally the only soloution on the market
  16. I really hope I remember to pack a spare 57 for the next gig, have gotten so used to having a direct feed!
  17. Mines is going in Saturday for a headphone output repair... so obviously I bought myself a TC SCF to make up for its absence A few of gigs with an amp and a couple of pedals will be a little breath of fresh analog air
  18. Ps. On the IR block have your hi cut between 4.4 and 6.4 and your low cut at 80-90
  19. Sorry for the short reply to such a colourful post but I think you'd like this: Channel 1: Soldano clean Chsnnel 2: plexi brt Channel 3: plexi brt biased cold with little sag and hum with an OCD in front Use the free sample IR on celestions website It will kinda sound like your JMP-1
  20. I have redwirez and ownhammer IR's as well as a few others and I am by no means a "tweaker" but I was and am really impressed by the Celestion IR's. Go try their free sample on their site
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