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  1. Thanks and best of luck with the fight!
  2. You can either hold the left click a little longer on the snapshot name, or choose rename in the dropdown on the camera.
  3. By the way, thank you for your participation on the forum. Getting answers, for good or ill, is very refreshing. I hope the slew of threads that are potentially critical of the hard work you guys put in don't deter you from providing input. It's really cool to get the "real" answer.
  4. Ah, so if I save it the snapshot last saved will be the active snapshot when I load the preset? If so, that is an interesting conundrum. Because it is very difficult to tell if I've actually changed a preset outside of switching snapshots. Hmmm
  5. Is that the case? Can we turn that off. It's confusing the fact that the patch really hasn't changed from an "edit" standpoint. I keep thinking I accidently touched a button or something.
  6. DOH, I should have figured that out .. nice hack!
  7. By the way, I played with it that way for quite awhile last night and I think have 4 snapshots, 4 stomps and switching the up/dwn to preset is my workable compromise.
  8. I asked about this, and stomp mode is for stomps. You would have to set the preset page to be just Snapshots. It would then toggle between snapshots and stomps when you hit mode.
  9. On windows, when you install the editor it also installs an updater. Start the Helix and connect the USB to the computer. Start the updater. It will give you the option to upgrade the Helix. It will download the image for you as well. Since your unit will be brand new, you don't need to back up presets or anything like that. The presets will rebuild after the update.
  10. jmcecil

    Helix Firmware 2.00

    By the way, my 2nd favorite feature after snapshots is input trim! I guess I'm not the only one tried to use their tablet to stream backing tracks. WOohoooO
  11. jmcecil

    Helix Firmware 2.00

    Thanks for the info, I had it set up as Preset Up/Dwn with snapshots on the bottom and stomps on the top. I guess my preference is 10 stomp mode. I was anling to do 5 stomps and 5 snapshots in stomp mode. And Bank up/dwn with presets in preset mode. Not a complaint though. Snapshots are really a different thing.
  12. jmcecil

    Helix Firmware 2.00

    Is it possible to get the snapshots assigned to a footswitch in stomp mode? Or can they only be on the preset/Bank window?
  13. jmcecil

    Helix Firmware 2.00

    Snapshots are freakin incredible. I never knew I needed them. I don't know what I'll do when I go use a regular board now.
  14. doh, I wasn't holding long enough in the editor. Works like a charm. Thank you!
  15. I don't seem to be able to name the setlist now. Did that change? Anyone else have that problem?
  16. Hey thank you .. I was starting to do this and you saved me several hours !!! Much appreciated.
  17. I'm having great luck running distortions in .... I have a Tumnus (another Klon Klone) and a Tesla (treble boost), and using an eventide H9 going stereo using FX Loop 3/4. Just make sure if you are going stereo that you put the stereo loop after the last mono processing block or it will sum to mono. I don't notice any problems other than the Helix makes everything very very bright and clangy unless you really real in the top end. However, I would add that I've only had mine for a week, so still figuring things out. I just used it to record via ASIO over USB. Basically what I heard in the headphone out on the Helix is what I'm hearing on my monitors after recording. Can't ask for more than that.
  18. I have an H9 and I have some patches where I've implemented previous/next patch commands via CC on Footswitchs 2 and 3. I haven't figured out how to have those footswitches display as if they are active. The functions work, I just want the rings to be lighted and the background to not be degraded labels.
  19. I'm having flash backs to the PBJ in my brand new top of the line Sony VCR ... ah joys of parenthood.
  20. After a night of messing about, I think there are only a tiny number of scenarios where having a global FX loop would be useful. So, I'm not as disappointed as I first was.
  21. Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure yet, but it seems I would like to have a way to set a "end of chain" fx loop in global. But, copy/paste gets the job done if a bit tedious.
  22. Hi guys, Just got my Helix. Loving it. Just wondering if there's a way to add the FX send/return configuration globally instead of preset by preset?
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