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    AMPLIFi 75

    I don't quite get the question - the Amplifi has a chromatic tuner, it will auto-adjust to whatever semitone is played. If the tuner has trouble registering the right tone, use your tone-knob and pickup selector switch, maybe other settings work better. Or play the 12fret harmonic instead (esp. on 7string low b amplifi that might help a lot to get a clear reading).
  2. via bluetooth: no. via USB: should be possible, but not with the amplifi app. You'd need a separate app for that. lists the firehawk as supported device, so chances are good it will also work with the amplifi - but no idea about what latency you can achieve.
  3. I don't quite get your problem. If the 75 works fine for your purposes, just except not being loud enough, why would it matter whether there are further updates to the software? (besides just recently there was a new firmware, unfortunately with a non-telling changelog "Minor Bug Fixes and improvements"). I mean if you were to buy a non-modeling amp you also had no new features or "updates" after you buy it. Yes, there are connectivity issues with some phones/devices, so might not work out of the box for everyone, but as you managed to do an on-the-spot demo you'll be fine. You're happy with the 75, and if all you miss is more volume, you'll be happy with its big brother :-)
  4. For editing tones I also wish to have a A-B comparison, i.e. either compare your current tone with a stored preset without the need to store each iteration manually. i.e. while editing hit a button and it will undo all your unsaved edits (but doesn't throw them away), hit that button again and you're back at the same point you were before pressing the button. (hope I made myself clear with that :-))
  5. that is what the ideas site is for though... improvements on hardware side: since the unit is used in combination with a tablet or smartphone, omitting a usb-port for charging seems strange to me: → future products in the spirit of Amplifi should have USB charging port effects loop would be nice to have (but to be honest low on my priority list :-)) firmware improvements: ability to record both dry and recorded signal using USB allow to control via midi or similar (wet dream would be tempomap that could switch presets - but that won't happen Line6 wants to sell floorboards...) bluetooth reliability other software improvements bluetooth compatibility/stability make the navigation in the Android app not s*ck (esp. backbutton behaviour) support to swap whole bank to the active one (copy preset A, B, C, D of selected bank to Bank1, so they'll all be available for switching no front of amplifi without app, don't care whether this is done by storing to mytones make the navigation not s*ck (mention a second time, but this really is a big annoyance in the android app), navigation from now playing to other views and back is inconsistent and a huge pain in the arse equalizer view with frequency selection and the horizontal adjustment is not user-friendly, would prefer more suitable presentation of the filtering/where in the frequency spectrum you set the control points to better tone search filtering options (when you don't have tagged songs on your device, but still would like to use a tone similar to artist xy/song xy. Right now almost never gets the intended matches ability to set mytones as favorites / why doesn't it show mytones that were tagged wtih "apply songinfo" as suggestions in my playing view? support linux for updating firmware
  6. If you include auto-translation, please include the original language, and not twice the auto-translation :-) I have some trouble understanding what your problem is. But the TT only gives access to the processed sound, you don't get the DI from the guitar for reamping along with it. If you play back from Cubase to the Amplifi using USB, and the sound then is noisy, I assume your levels are too high/you need to reduce the volume to prevent the signal from clipping. But likely didn't get your question - as I also don't understand what you mean with virtual instrument in this context.
  7. the footcontroller will not give you any looping ability - that just is a couple buttons and a "knob you can step on" (the wah/volume pedal), it has no brains on its own. You can only switch presets / tones but you won't get a looper with that. So if you already got a looper pedal, then just use that. Although the TT doesn't have an effects loop, so you'd have to put it in front of it, and that might defeat the purpose.. (unless you use it in front of an amp and then you can put it after the amp-out on the TT and feed it in the fx-return on the other amp) So I'd personally go for recording to PC/Mac via USB and use a DAW to loop - but that's because I have laptop closeby, so not much extra effort)
  8. re bluetooth: at least for Android I think it is the App that is doing stupid things/not dealing with Android app lifecycle properly when it comes to bluetooth (and this unfortunately is exaggerated by the broken back-button behaviour that more often than not just kicks you out of the app instead of going back where you came from within the app). I can only use it on a tablet, on my phone it either brings the bluetooth stack into a non-working state (can then not enable bluetooth at all anymore, have to reboot the phone to connect to other devices), and even when I get it to connect to the amplifi, I can not access the amplifi itself (hardware banks or tuner), however I can edit the currently active tone. Since I had the "app confuses the bt stack" problem in one of the apps I work on, I'm pretty sure it is a bug/fixable on the android side. Re music cutting out: If you mean sometimes it looses timing (i.e. stops for a fraction of a second, but then continues playing back): I also get this occasionally, but more often than not there's a notification popping up as well, again hinting about not properly dealing with android system messages/events. don't have the "mute at playback low volume" issue with the TT, so I guess not really applicable. So same problem when using headphones? And can you workaround by streaming with lower volume to begin with and reduce guitar volume instead of bringing down master volume on the Amplifi? (better suited for a separate forum thread though) So I don't really need firmaware update (if it would bring the possibility to record DI along with the modeled tone, then this would be great, apart from that it works OK here), but the android app definitely could need an update to fix not only the bluetooth issues, but also just as important the usability problems.
  9. FYI: you posted in the non-speaker variant section (the TT (table top) or FX floorboard subforum) - but to clarify things a lot more: Why do you want the Amplifi 30 if you already got a helix that has superior functionality in terms of modeling? Just to have a speaker? Why not hook up to a home stereo? Why not a powerstage and a PA/frfr-speaker (or active speaker for that matter) or a classic guitar cab? I mean owning a helix and then going through the smallest amplifi sounds a little pointless to me, only satisfying the play-in-your-livingroom szenario (where you likely could just hook it up to your home stereo) - so I kind of expected combination with a gigable version, something that can compete with a drummer/other bandmembers. So it is not really a question whether you can hook up the helix to the Amplifi (yes you can, you could either hook it up via the Aux In as mentioned for using it as a mere speaker, or use the guitar input in combination with the fx-loop out on the helix if you want to add some additional processing in the amplifi). The question is: does that make sense for whatever is your end-goal?
  10. It really is a shame that it is not supported. I bet it would be possible to add support for it in Amplifi firmware without problem, but of course Line 6 wants to sell the more expensive (and admittedly more feature-rich) boards, so no interest in doing so. As to reverse-engineering it: I don't know of anyone who already did it, but here's a blogpost of someone who tried (but didn't follow-up) kind of a chicken-and-egg problem. To see what commands you would have to send, you'd need a supported pedalboard, but if you have a supported pedal-board, no incentive to modify/hack your own footswitch. Another interesting mod is this: where Patrick Maillot added LED indicators to show which bank the FBV2 is set to (so one could maybe use the LED circuits to use as trigger for an arduino based solution like in the first link)
  11. you can use it as interface, but it will send the processed signal only - i.e. you don't get direct input along with it.So if you want to record to other software amp-simulation, you need to turn amp and cabinet simulation off in the Amplifi TT Regarding minimal delay: It's definitely capable of it, but you might need to tell your system to use the correct parameters/buffers. Make sure you have the latest firmware though (old firmware didn't appear as standard audio interface)
  12. you're missing that you can drag the modulation or delay effect from behind the amp in front and configure it as compressor stompbox. So if you one modulation effect after the amp is enough for you that'll work...
  13. not having the same dilemma, but I can tell why I'd pick Amplifi over THR10 - although in your case (you mentioned PC speaker): why not go software only and use Overload's TH3 (and some regular pc speakers/monitors)? Back to question: Pros of THR10: when using as usb interface allows to record both DI as well as the emulated sound, this is definitely a plus and allows for reamping easily. simpler controls on the device itself for the basic effects but that's it - pros for Amplifi: allows use of pedalboard bluetooth streaming/the app & the jamtracks (having to use the app (or for that matter one of the higher-end floorboards) to dial in more than the four presets in bank 1 can also be considered a con, if you don't already own a compatible tablet/smartphone) tone search (don't have to fiddle dialing in a suitable tone yourself, others likely have done that already, so just download an existing preset) and unlimited/stored-in-the-cloud presets in addition to the 100 you can store to the hardware more versatile (more effects/amps/cabs/virtual mic-placement options) I got the TT though, as I either use headphones or my big home stereo... If I were to get one with speaker, I'd likely pick the Amplifi 75 - with that I'd be comfortable standing on the floor, while with the 30 you likely want it sitting on your desk.
  14. cloph

    Playback Anomaly

    no problem with that on Android (note that you can also switch the playback mode to repeat one song, that saves you from pressing rewind). Problem I have with the "now playing" window is that there's no way to easily go back to the track listing, either you can step with forward/backward to the desired song, but if it is in a different playlist/album, you have to click your way from the very beginning, which is a tad frustrating.
  15. To confuse you even more: here's an additional option: Get the Amplifi TT and the pedals. That still won't give you a speaker, but a nice looking device you can put onto your desk/hook up to your computer for recording or your home stereo. Thomann was reselling for quite cheap here (got mine for 99€, likely clearing out their stock on that one) - and at that price it is a real bargain. If they didn't have the TT for that price, I'd likely not have purchased the Apmlifi at all (but rather a Joyo Zombie) - but happy that I did purchase it, despite the app still being sub-par. But back to your question: If you're planning on using headphones more or less exclusively anyway, and you cannot get any of the devices in a special sale, then go with the Firehawk. I kinda miss being able to switch from clean to distorted/not being able to enable/disable effects.
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