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  1. If you follow the original thread, you'll see all the input I have on the issue. My initial thought would be yes, a ground conflict. Start there and eliminate that before checking other alternatives.
  2. Hell, I took soundog's comment as a joke. To be honest, I could see the statement being said by a Republican or a Democrat and I didn't think it revealed much about his political persuasion. Why? Because of the "guitar modeler" comment. In the grand scheme of things, in a world of murder, asylums, gun arguments, free speech debates, mental illness, war, budget deficits, and civil rights, guitar modelers rank at about a zero on political importance. So I read it as an agnostic statement with a humorous sarcasm tone, but what do I know?
  3. Have you tried recording it direct so that all you hear is the output signal? Many, many, many times . . . too many to count, I've been dissatisfied only to find out later it was because I could hear the sound of the actual guitar more than the modeled output. The audience, on the other hand, didn't hear any of the actual guitar. Once I did that, I realized it sounded pretty good.
  4. Well, I should have been clearer about what I meant too. You should start with pre-amp models, not the full blown amp models. They're specifically designed for when you're feeding the HX Stomp directly into a power amp, which is what you're doing by going into the effects loop in. If you use the full amp model (but no cab) you're basically doubling up power amps.
  5. I own the CS12. The nice thing about buying it is you don't have to buy ANYTHING else. It comes with every connector you need. Essentially it will be: 1. The green Line 6 plug. 2. The reverse polarity plug (this is because the Line 6 plug reverses the polarity, and you need to reverse it back again). 3. One of the standard plugs. You connect all three in one of the 500 power ports and you're good to go.
  6. Yes, this is probably your first problem right there. You are essentially doubling up cabs (your real amp's cab and the Stomp's simulated cab). This is bound to make things pretty muddy. Start by experimenting with pre-amp only models in the Stomp. See if that is more to your liking. If you still have problems, we can further fine tune from there.
  7. I've seen various reports on Facebook that the most recent IOS edition rendered the app unusable for IOS users. I'm Android so I can't speak to it. Granted you can still control the device with the device itself, but I'd still classify that as a showstopper. I don't know how long the problem has been going on though. Maybe it's only been a week, and it'll be fixed in five days.
  8. As Phil said above, you have it backwards. In regards to the headphone out, you can use it as an output for something like a monitor, but it isn't as hot as the actual main outputs. If it were me, I would stick to the main outs for the FOH.
  9. Agreed. It's always helpful to know what your Stomp's actual signal chain is if you want people to evaluate why it sounds crummy.
  10. I definitely agree with you that bug fixes should be squashed quickly. If they're still selling it, then they need to continue to support patches so that the software continues to function. If they ever stop selling it, then I would understand dropping support (not immediately, but after a little while).
  11. Businesses operate out of fear. They tend to raise the prices a lot more than they have to so that they are sitting at comfortable margins for quite some time. In terms of a $1500 product, $100 is just enough that it hurts but not enough that it out right turns people away. At least, that would be the hope. At the same time though, competitors have not raised their prices once since the tariffs were brought about, and most of their products are also made in China. There is definitely a certain power in Line 6 being the product leader. It allows them to raise prices and keep happy margins where their competitors can't afford to. I'm sure there are other complex variables going on too.
  12. Throaty as in deep throat? Or just surface throat? (Kidding - slow day at work)
  13. Just to weigh in, I believe ALL of the legacy reverbs are stereo reverbs. The newer ones can be mono or stereo, but they are also a lot higher DSP usage and, as you've no doubt noticed, pretty ambient sounding. Though sometimes they can be tweaked to reduce a lot of that.
  14. Just to elaborate on what Silverhead said, I wouldn't mess around with monitoring the recording itself. Monitor from the hardware and assume the recording is capturing it perfectly. Once you've laid down the track, then play it back in Reaper to make sure it recorded okay. If you really want to amp up the recording process, purchase Helix Native. It's $100 with a new LT, and in my opinion, totally worth it as you can skip the whole process of re-amping. Even better, wait until Black Friday and there's a very good chance Line 6 will have a Native sale all the way down to about $70.
  15. The crazier the setup, the harder you'll be taxing the Stomp's 6 block limit. Still, I do think what you're trying to do can be done with some creative hard panning. Here's the key ingredients: Blocks Needed: Amp Block; Separate IR Block; FX Send/Return block. I have to stress, without knowing what's on your pedal board it's hard for me to know the best place to stick the FX send and return. So it might take tweaking from the below. Signal Chain: Amp Block >>>> FX Send/Return Block >>>>>> Split Paths to A and B >>>> Hard pan left channel to path A and right channel to path B >>>>> IR Block on Path A >>>>>> Dummy block (like an EQ block or something) on Path B >>>> Re-merge paths but keep them hard panned left and right. Doing this your left channel output should then be connected to the mixer. Your right channel output should go to your amp.
  16. Kilrahi


    I just wanted to say, I read your earlier tip on the tilt EQ and finally tried it a few days ago and I REALLY like it. I have always liked the stock cabs, but my methods for darkening them up when needed was not half as simple and elegant as this. Thanks for the tip!
  17. Look at what you bought, though. They're like, what, $350? The Helix devices are $600 minimum, and at the time of purchase they mentioned updates. The Firehawk NEVER promised anything other than bug fixes. As far as you and I know, it doesn't even have the ability to be updated significantly. Not all devices out there do. If you compare the Firehawk to some other $350 effects unit it doesn't lack in anyway. I just don't get the endless update griping. I have lots of devices that don't update. When was the last time your expensive tube amp had a firmware update?
  18. This just seems stupid. You even admit you have loved it, so wtf?
  19. It can be done in either unit. I'm not sure how to do it from the HX Effects because I've never owned one. If you can't easily find it, try hooking up to a PC and using HX Edit. It's much easier to find everything there.
  20. No one can hear that type of latency. It's not something to worry about.
  21. Kilrahi


    Altruism clearly exists to varying degrees. Cynicism reduces everything to a skewed view about motive, pay, etc. While even a purely altruistic action has some degree of gain motivation (even if it's just the feel good result of being altruistic), that doesn't mean you can just round that action down to be pure selfishness. Now, to go from the general philosophy to the very specific - John Mayer's comments - I personally would guess John truly believes what he's saying. It probably has very little to do with a conscious desire to keep contracts or promote his own wealth. HOWEVER, I would be a fool not to think that those factors influence him, even when he's aware of it, and so his bias will likely always to be to listen for things that he thinks modelling doesn't do right yet . . . even if he only imagines it.
  22. Kilrahi


    Last night as I was doing the laundry, I heard from the machine what sounded like the perfect and most true "wapoosh" sound I've ever heard. I think that's probably the secret right there. Line 6 needs to implement a whirlpool model, with controls for both hot or cold water. Extra rinse would be nice too! Obviously they should focus on the older 80's models. None of that current digital lollipop.
  23. Kilrahi


    Dude has said some pretty weird things in this day. This probably doesn't even rank on the top ten, but it's still amusing. Great guitar player though.
  24. Kilrahi


    How did you usually hear your real amps? Line 6 modeling defaults usually mimic an amp with all the dials cranked, but chances are your actual volume on your output device isn't cranked. This means you're having a purely digital experience impossible in the real world. I think it's gorgeous, but it can be very disconcerting at first. Quickest way to find out if that's bothering you is to crank your output device to real amp levels. What are you using to hear it anyway?
  25. Uhhh . . . the only way is to sell the old Spider IV, and buy a Spider V with the money.
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