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  1. Yeah it's possible. I don't think it's the best option though. I think it's better to do a combination of a path A and Path B.
  2. That's a tough question to answer. I'm a big FRFR believer. Big time. Some people though need that old limited range amp. Assuming you can be like that, my biggest rec for the Firehawk is a power cab. Then if you ever decide to get a Helix you're future proofed. Powercab lets you use IRs or its own high quality cab sounds, which just amplifies your Firehawk's tone even more, or you can just set it to flat mode and use the Firehawk exclusively. Win though in my book.
  3. Then I definitely think looking at the type of FX block put in the chain would be a good first step. I've made the mistake before of using a left only or right only send/return block when I need a stereo one, etc.
  4. But if you put it in the left output does the amplifier play as you would expect it to?
  5. I . . . what?! I have the Firehawk, but it doesn't sound better. It's simpler, and it sounds good, no doubt about that, but . . . And what is there to hate about free stuff in 2.8?!
  6. This one is small and dinky which I really like. Because of it's small size, it really only works well if you are attaching it to a board (or you're going to have it tip over on its own. If you need it to be on its own I'd try something bigger (see the second link for an option there). A lot of users complained that the FS4 and FS5 were reversed which they didn't like, but if you go into the Stomp's global settings and invert the polarity it will fix that. https://www.amazon.com/Footswitch-Pedal-Switch-SWITCH-MOSKY/dp/B07GV72FF8/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 https://www.amazon.com/ammoon-BeatLoop-Footswitch-Switch-Recording/dp/B072WQQLJX/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=dual+guitar+footswitch+trs&qid=1564765704&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  7. When I updated to 2.8 it my Stomp's global settings for the FX send/returns were changed (or I was a moron and forgot I changed it) from "return" to "auxiliary." The result was a crackling sound, or no sound at all. Can you verify that it's set for "return?" Then you might want to verify if it's set to the appropriate setting from there (line vs. instrument).
  8. Are you able to share the preset? Looking at the cable routing above, you seem to be doing it correct, so my next thought would be to look at the internal signal chain. Are you suing a stereo FX send/return block for FX Loop 1? Mistakes I've sometimes made there are a send or a return block when I need a send/return block, and sometimes I've used a mono block when I need a stereo. There's other possibilities too, but seeing your signal chain might be the next best step.
  9. You don't need to use the Mission Engineering one. In fact, that would not be my first choice as it's rather pricey. A standard dual TRS footswitch works fine.
  10. I have to say, personally I was VERY impressed with the HX Stomp factory acoustic presets. I didn't ever use them EXACTLY as they came, but with some tweaking I really liked them. Below are some other experts besides Jason (who is also great) that you might want to check out. The first one was for making a Line 6 Variax sound better, but I thought the tips worked great for pretty much any plugged in acoustic. The other one is Peter Hamm, and I actually bought some of his presets and was very glad I did. They became the building blocks for more things in the future and now I feel confidant doing it on my own.
  11. The whole point of a good acoustic guitar amp is to amplify the acoustic guitar as realistically and cleanly true to form as possible, and allow you to EQ as needed. The Stomp already does every single one of those things.
  12. It sounds like the amp isn't reading that the speaker plug has been pulled out. If you can't immediately see a problem by gently plugging and then unplugging your headphone jack (and trying to clean the contacts isn't helping either) then I'd open a support ticket.
  13. Okay, cool. I've played as an armchair quarterback too. It's a wonderful thing to do because it makes you feel really proud of yourself and smart, but there's no system of accountability if you're completely full of lollipop so it's a relative safe zone. I did that with my wife's casserole dish the other day. I just forgot not to do it when she's there. I'm hoping the front door is finally unlocked tonight.
  14. It's honestly hard to diagnose that stuff from far away. Do you have all of your line out vs. instrument out set correctly? Did you change anything BEFORE the sound started. Was it really just after the update? Because if global settings reset after 2.8 that might have changed what you originally set it to.
  15. I was going to reply and say that this is a very stupid unimportant thing to be worried about. Instead I just voted it up on ideascale. I figured, what the hell. There's not enough continuity on this planet.
  16. Some of this was written as if the smaller 20 watt versions would be able to update too, but it looks like in actuality it's just their larger brothers. Do you guys think eventually they'll roll out this update to the smaller Spiders?
  17. I'd be very curious to know how people confirmed it's the same chip. It does seem like it's confirmed the Stomp uses the same chip as the Helix. Since I can't see the guts of it all, it's hard to know how much this makes sense. Currently in the computing world at large, processors keep getting cheaper and more powerful and so generally you are always improving SOMETHING even with related products (so, for example, Sony's PS4 uses the same chips in terms of processing might that they used in 2013, BUT it uses more efficient smaller versions with each new iteration). I've been told that DSP chips are a bit of a different beast, but when I looked at the company that produces them they are also clearly upgrading them on a regular basis similar to your standard CPUs. Regardless of all of this though, the Stomp could clearly handle more than six blocks if they would allow it. Personally, I hope they eventually do.
  18. Voted. I don't think yours is the first ideascale to suggest this, so you might want to hunt for similar ideas and vote for those. At the same time though, while I haven't taken a scientific poll, this seems to clearly be the most requested feature for the Stomp, so I am confident that Line 6 is at least considering it. Whether or not our collective desires will override their reasons they didn't originally go down that route, it's hard to say.
  19. So you run other external pedals through the effects loop in the top two scenarios?
  20. It's clearly a balance. I don't feel bad telling Line 6 I'd love a polyphonic drop pedal, for example, but I am not at all feeling short changed.
  21. Kilrahi

    Grammatico Brt

    If you like the sound of it DO IT, whether it makes sense or not.
  22. It's pretty dang fast, that's all I know.
  23. I had been craving a KoT for a LONG time ... but that price, and that wait ... Gave up on getting it .... AND I'm so glad I did. The model version sounds amazing. Desire satiated. When I get a new pedal I mess with it a long time, so I haven't even dug into the other new stuff yet, but I'm excited to! Gonna be a great few months ...
  24. I love the idea of new amp options, and I love the update. No disappointments at all. I have a hard time though conceiving of a tonal sound that can't already be done. I'd be very curious what that would be.
  25. That's really not an option. The Firehawk doesn't have midi control, and they're not designed to interface.
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