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  1. I believe this is just the way it works. Mine does the same. I understood the reason to be because if you are outputting to multi, and listening to multi, then you're hearing over layed audio signals. If you set within your Helix to output only to 1/4 and listen to multi, then the volume is quieter. If you output to multi but listen to only 1/4 it's likewise quieter. It's not a big deal either way. Just something to be aware of. I tend to output multi but set my headphones ot only monitor the 1/4 out.
  2. This has already been answered in other posts. They were able to update the cabs based upon some special ability of the SHARC processors inside. However, a trade off of doing that was the loss of the functionality you describe. This is not an oversight - it's by design. From what I understand, if you hate it you can go back to the legacy cabs and it will still work.
  3. If you follow the Facebook page, Igor (a L6 employee) has stated multiple times including this year that there is plenty of space for more models of all types. While IRs are probably some of the more space intensive things they could put on there, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more. My guess is that when they finally quit updating Helix it will be for reasons not related to space. Still, as @silverhead and @MusicLaw both pointed out, only Line 6 knows for sure. I'm just making my best educated guess.
  4. You're correct about the pod 2.0. There are a lot of great solutions. I don't know your budget, but the absolute best IMO is an HX Effects unit combined with an expression pedal. It's even on sale right now. Check it out below. Older technology, but still usable, and of course, cheaper, and combinable with an expression pedal, is the Line 6 M5 and M9. See below:
  5. No, it does not. Primarily a delay pedal with extensive reverb and loop functions, nevertheless if you want the premo in loopers you should look elsewhere. The looper allows you to have a three or one button looper (which, if using the one button or midi can be used in conjunction with existing delay and reverb), AND if you insert a micro SD card you can have an infinite loop, but you can't have multiple loops or recall them at will.
  6. I do wish they'd do a final update to squelch any persistent bugs, especially the ones using the L6 Link since that's a major selling point. That's really all I need in terms of support and updates.
  7. I've heard people say the Helix one is inferior. I couldn't hear a weakness and as soon as it came out I bailed on the physical pedal. Obviously the one blatant and objective weakness is if you are running out of DSP. As a full floor user who probably could survive on a stomp, for me, that's never an issue. Other people have different experiences. I always encourage people to use what they like, so if it just isn't working for you, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Still, I'd strongly encourage anyone to hang with it because it's probably just a tweak somewhere you're not doing. The below videos matched my own experience. The first one is about bass which relates to your usage.
  8. Interesting paradigm. When you say impossible to "even get close" what do you mean? My first reading is it's impossible to have boosts, cleans, dirt, modulation, and "spatial" at the push of a button but since I've read enough of your stuff to know that you're as aware as I am that that's not true at all with the Helix - Do you mean the global adjustments can't be close? What is it that remains out of reach for you?
  9. You CAN do it, but I'd argue it's far easier and faster on a well designed device like the Helix, and therefore is related.
  10. You keep making the same two fallacies over and over. That is, you keep claiming there is some objectivity to the subjective (i.e. guitar tone - and no - there's not an absolute objectivity to be found here), and you keep making an appeal to authority fallacy. On the subject of guitar tone, regarding what I like - as in ME - and ME alone - the only "PRO" is myself. I'm more of a pro than Steve Vai is and it doesn't matter how many years he's played, how much gear he's bought, how many tickets he's sold - my opinion about what I like is more important than his damn opinion. Period. There is no escaping that and you keep trying to pole vault over it and it's just not possible because it's just not true. Now, does that mean he knows nothing? Of course not. There are a number of objective things he can school me on among them being: 1. How to play - dude kicks my lollipop. 2. He might be an expert on how to make X sound (i.e. I go, "I don't know how to sound like so and so can you help me?" Because of his many years of experience, he might be able to get there whereas I can't or I can't get there as accurately or efficiently. 3. He might know how to create sounds that MORE people are MORE likely to enjoy (i.e. the skill of the song writer, sound designer, who can pull in more than 10 people - some people can literally write songs that make the whole world sing). The above is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it gets the point across. We keep trying to subtly explain the flaws in your thinking and it feels like you don't see the connection. You seem to sit there thinking, "What do pizza flavors have to do with guitar tone?" It has EVERYTHING to do with guitar tone. The shocking thing is you don't seem to see it.
  11. Hmmm. Let's parse this. "I don't care" = I don't form my opinion about pineapple being on pizza based on their opinion. The obvious analogy is that the same holds true for which modeler is better. It's not a position that the topic isn't interesting to me. it IS interesting. Human perceptions of reality are actually very intriguing to me. There's a very good chance you'll see me comment some more, and I am carefully reading what everyone says. Capiche?
  12. No, you can't use the Firehawk 1500 to activate workbench. Workbench is a computer program allowing you to tweak the default settings or "guts" of the Variax. It doesn't mean it's useless without it. In fact, you may find you rarely care. I don't tweak my core Variax settings very often. However, the VDI cable is another story. Without it, your Variax must run on battery. One of the coolest aspects of the Firehawk is it can control a Variax (so, for example, you can quickly choose funky unique tunings of the Variax on the fly). Without it, you have to use whatever the controls are on your Varaix. I also worry you're mixing up devices a bit - the VDI cable isn't exactly what allows you to connect to your PC. There's a dongle that the VDI cable plugs into with a USB cord at the end - it's that combined with the VDI cable that lets you plug into your PC. At least, that's what the case was with the JT-59s and later models which is what I have. One final tidbit - I have no idea the campatibiilty of the old 300 Variaxes with the Firehawk. For all I know, it's not good at all. Somebody else would have to speak to that. Still, if they are compatible, I highly reccomend the VDI cable.
  13. Lately the tide of public opinion seems to be that pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. I don't care. I ate one with them tonight. Loved it.
  14. I mean . . . there's NOT much midi implementation going on. How much do you want for this device? All there is is what's found below. You're not meant to create patches through midi or switch out effects. The function given to it is looper control and the ability to activate and deactivate effects in the patches that you've created, similar to what the floor board accessory would let you do. 1500 Pilots Guide - English ( Rev A ).pdf
  15. It works amazing well for acoustic patches, but it has far more to do with what your Helix/Stomp is packing than what the Powercab has. It just amplifies it all nice and pretty. For me, it's always a pretty simple chain. I generally follow the @PeterHamm school of thought and if you need ideas he has some great youtube videos and some patches you can buy. The core of what I do is typically a mic pre-amp, some sprinklings of EQ, wet effects (whatever is desired) ending on reverb and finally an LA2A at the end of the chain. Often if I can find a good IR of an acoustic model I slap it in the chain. Again, I got some a long time ago from one of Peter's presets and I've never needed much after that. Here's a video from his channel if you want to dig in deeper. He knows how to make an acoustic patch sing.
  16. I called it a load of crap. You called it the "opinion." In our modern era, those are pretty much synonyms. You enjoy your gear. I ain't stopping you. I just don't agree with you at all.
  17. I think they're pretty on par with a Whammy DT. Not that either are THAT good.
  18. Are you using HX Edit? That's how you're supposed to run the update.
  19. It's pretty clear what I was talking about. I was calling those people victims of snake oil - idiots or fools. Take your pick. To be more specific, I have no problem with anyone who tries all the devices and says, "I prefer THIS one." Whatever that may be. Fractal, Helix, Quad Core, Kemper, Headrush . . . Boss . . . However, to claim some sort of superior sonic superiority? It's a load of crap.
  20. Tons do. If you'll embrace snapshots and the Helix design there is next to nothing you can't do. If you're rigid and inflexible to your own ideas about how it should be, then you'll be disappointed.
  21. Yeah ... and then in a blind test those cork sniffing fools fail every time. They can keep their Fractals. Their loss.
  22. We all hate the Helix here. I'd ask the Fractal forum.
  23. That is . . . ummm . . . hard to imagine since it seems like if it was busted hardware you wouldn't have effects working. As for software, hard to imagine a specific subset category just failing. Does anything work if you do separate amp and cab blocks and no other effects? Is it still just a clean sound?
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