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  1. I love my PC212+. I don't really think of it in terms of recording though - when I want to do that it's Helix into PC. I love my Powercab for jamming out with friends or performing in both acoustic, electric, and vocal setups, or for practicing and just immersing myself in sonic coolness at home. It's a ludicrously versatile rig in my opinion. Worth you investing though? You're already halfway there IN A SENSE. If I was you I would probably buy another 112+ if I REALLY wanted stereo rather than the 212 because at the end of the day two 112's are more useful for stereo than one 212, especially once you've already got a 112.
  2. Datacommando's link is a good one, but either way it's not too hard to do. My reccomendation would be to put your Boss RC 30 in the Stomp's effects loop. The advantage of this is you can then use the Stomp FX's block to place the looper anywhere in your signal chain depending on how you want it to be impacted by your other effects. When you want it to be heard, make sure the FX block in the Stomp is active. When you want the Boss unit to shutup, you can either use the controls on the Boss RC 30 itself or simply deactivate (bypass) the Stomp's FX block.
  3. Good advice. My PC is reasonably powerful. However, I noticed that with the Helix if I lowered below 64 it started spazzing out. Unfortuantely, at 64 even though the latency was SLIGHT - it was still there and it drove me batty. It feels like a slight bump in speed would be all I need to make it work.
  4. Well, I have never isolated the file so I personally can't vouch for that file. I think few on here would be able to as the HX Edit seems to always work, and if it doesn't then you use Line 6 Updater. I'm not sure why you'd choose a manual update in this case. If you have a second PC option, why not just install HX Edit updated to 3.5 and do the natural update process?
  5. Random aside - do you have any reccomendations on an audio interface with really low round trip latency that isn't a budget killer? I've been interested in using Native and my PC without having to pack the biger Helix around, but I've always been torn about what a good choice would be for that purpose. Drop too much of a fortune and I might as well by a Stomp instead. Drop too little money and it could be no difference in latency at all.
  6. I don't doubt you'll see improvements there in the "next gen" version of Line 6 modeler. At the time that L6 unveiled the Helix it was pretty impressive to have it be one of the included items. it still is great IMO even though practically every modeler does it now. Still, yeah, technology continues to steadily improve.
  7. I would strongly reccomend following this thread of a user who gave the same complaint you have. Follow it very carefully:
  8. Wait . . . So you switch PCs and still have a problem?
  9. This is the answer that Phil gave below. I believe this relates to what you're experiencing, and it's what I was referencing to above:
  10. Wait . . . so despite all of the talk about having more DSP available - you haven't been able to see any of it play out in reality? That's disconcerting. @phil_m - you're practically Line 6 - do you have any thoughts on this? Am I reading Pier's comment totally wrong? I'm confused as hell now.
  11. I believe it was @phil_m who explained in another post that the way they achieved the improvements has something to do with leveraging the Sharc processor, and this new limit is part of that trade off.
  12. Do you mean be able to hear the notes as you tune? If so, yeah. While in tuner mode set the output to "Main L/R."
  13. Well, IMO your answer is given in the Craig's quote just a few posts above yours: "you'll need it to download the free updates . . ." If you're really interested in developments I'd check out the forum at that Craig mentions below. That way you can push hard for a specific 3.5 update if you worry it won't be included in future updates (unlikely though when you think about it considering how thorough the book is):
  14. I guess despite my claim in the last post, I'm OCD and have a hard time "letting go." I found the old forum post which had a lot of detailed discussion on this, quotes, etc. So if you want to deep dive: Also, I can't be sure if this is just repeated in the above thread, but these are more pertinent posts: The observations of thsi final one are interesting, BUT I quote it primarily because it references an early Helix Blog post that talked about stock cabs being made from IRs, but the blog post as it was no longer exists. So requotes of this early marketing material seem to be all that we have left: There you have it. Data. Interpret it as you will I guess, but only my interpretation is the enlightened one because I'm special.
  15. We've proved this MANY times. Old cabs were just IRs with funky sauce on top. Eric said it. Igor said it. Early advertising said it. I've got old posts on here linking it. I'm not feeling the drive to prove it again.
  16. Ppfffttt .... no need to be pissy @themetallikid ... just my opinion... @theelements in my opinion they sound exactly as they did before. Not that that's a bad thing. They sounded good before.
  17. I think no ... not really. The new cabs are nice though. In my opinion people thinking a core sound design was improved are actually hearing their own excitement. I could be wrong though. I got no special in.
  18. At this point the Helix can do any guitar sound you want. It's only weakness is synth sounds which for most us is a shrug weakness. It may not get there your preferred way - but it'll get there, whatever the sound is. It's still fun to get new amps and effects, and I totally hope the original poster gets their wish, but the Helix doesn't NEED any more updates. It's all gravy now.
  19. Oddly enough, I've been craving some farty just on the edge of blow up guitar tones lately to match my current mood after a nasty bout of food poisoning, and this new model sounds like just the ticket. Thanks guys.
  20. If you've used stock cabs you've used IRs. Nothing to see here.
  21. Many of our people care WAY too damn much about authenticity. The primary concern in most cases should be it sounds good.
  22. Probably just heard it enough that he finally decided it was a good idea. Persuasion can work. It just often takes a while.
  23. Yes, because everyone knows Satriani always used IRs and not stock cabs to create his tones.
  24. That's kind of a big ask. There are lots of videos on youtube by people who create this stuff that demonstrate how the impedance setting can impact sound. I'd reccomend you watch some of those to give you a general idea. It may not be EXACTLY what you are asking for, but it still shows the principal. I have a smattering of videos below illustrating it.
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