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  1. Just to weigh in, while I've had a Native preset behave differently than it did in the Stomp sound wise, I don't personally think the products sound different. Just that sometimes if I move a Stomp preset to Native I have to adjust it slightly to get it back to how I want it to sound, or if I move a Native preset to Stomp, same thing sometimes. Both seem capable of sounding identical with tweaking, however.
  2. I'm only quoting part of it but I wanted to say I actually whole heartedly agree with the whole thing. Now, without a doubt I hope they open up the Stomp to use as many blocks as DSP will fit, BUT with the Stomp it's still always going to be about efficiency, and with tricks like the above you can do amazing things. If you have a small and cheap midi controller and a dual footswitch, it can get even crazier. I tend to combine snapshots with additional parameters being controlled by the midi controller. It really takes you far.
  3. Basically though, yes, it's possible.
  4. Maybe ... and maybe they did think that way, but I think the they'd get way more buy in letting it do what it's capable of than artificially cutting it off.
  5. The thing I don't know, since I've never had an HX Effects, is if it would be a one tap process or a two tap. Clearly the HX Effects can send the needed signal to the HX Stomp. Your choices for the Stomp are: CC#69, Value 0 (Snapshot 1) CC#69 Value 1 (Snapshot 2) CC#69 Value 2 (Snapshot 3) CC#69 Value 8 (Next Snapshot) CC#69 Value 9 (Previous Snapshot) Ideally, if you can assign the snapshot #1 button on your HX Effects to ALSO send to the Stomp CC#69, Value 0 then that would be ideal because when you press one button it both tells the HX Effects to go to 1 AND sends the same signal to the Stomp. Unfortunately, if that duality isn't an option (i.e. the button can ONLY do HX Effects snapshots or send midi messages) then you're probably stuck with a two button option. In that case, to save on buttons, the first thing I'd try is to reserve one of the HX Effects buttons to send the Stomp the midi message of CC#69 Value 8 so that by tapping it you can quickly cycle through the Stomp's snapshots. If you have another button to spare, then it'd be a good idea to do the CC#69 Value 9 message so that you can back track if you go too far. There is one other crazy option you could try as a last resort. There are midi Y cables (see the link below) so that with the Y cable, and two additional midi cables, you could essentially try feeding the midi command that the HX Effects sends back on itself. If that method worked, then you'd simply use three buttons on the HX Effects that sends the same signal to both the HX Stomp and the HX Effects, which would be: CC#69, Value 0 (Snapshot 1) CC#69 Value 1 (Snapshot 2) CC#69 Value 2 (Snapshot 3)
  6. The Stomp could already handle considerably more blocks than the six they allow it to. They chose to limit it to six not based on DSP limits. As for is it possible, of course . . . but that drives up the cost of the unit, and if it gets too much pricier you're in LT territory. I don't think it will happen.
  7. I don't think a TRS cable is going to change anything. A number of Stomp users have indicated running into problems with pedals. You might try reversing the polarity trick in the global settings. For some people that fixed issues they were running into with the expression pedal. If that doesn't work, and you have a TRS cable handy, sure, try it. If none of that still works then you're probably hosed until/unless Line 6 is able to roll out some sort of update that increases the number of pedals that work with the Stomp.
  8. I own a 1500. I love it .... BUT ... I bought it before the Powercab came out. If I could do it over, I think I'd go Powercab mainly because (in order of reasons): 1. 1500 is WAY heavier. You really have to add $200 for the case to the price if you want to gig with it. 2. "Amp in the Room" emulation is from the Powercab is pretty cool. 3. For the most part, I never need the Firehawk's modeling abilities (and I'm a Stomp user, I can't imagine if I had a full Helix). The plus for the 1500 is the bluetooth streaming is awesome, and it makes a great stereo. Serious, it's REALLY nice, I just think the Powercab edges past it.
  9. That means you have the expression pedal set to switch between expression 1 and 2. I don't have my Stomp by Mr right now, but it's a global setting. Do you actually have an expression pedal with a footswitch? Because if it's just a regular expression pedal, no toe switch, try a TS cable first.
  10. Only if there isn't an amp/cab block since the HX Effects can't do that stuff.
  11. It kind of depends on how much you want to spend and how many options you really want, but in my opinion one of the best decisions I ever made gear wise AND budget wise was the purchase of the HX Stomp ($520 after coupon) + Helix Native ($100). Seriously loads you up with insane options.
  12. As a fellow hobbyist, aren't we the ones who have the least to risk of all? And as for that "risk," I really don't think it's very much risk. I updated to 2.71, 2.8, and 2.81 day one, without hesitation (well, I had to wait for work to end, sadly). If you live in the US, Line 6's customer service is practically bullet proof at this point. If tomorrow my Stomp becomes sentient and tries to kill me, I really have zero fear that Line 6 will send a swat team over to take it out and then replace it with a new one.
  13. That's one way to do it. Or simply put the Talkbox in the FX loop and turn the FX block on, but then if you use it it will be impacted by reverb. So if you don't want that, then do like your idea above and chain them.
  14. I am not doubting the experience of people like the OP who say that their update process was a hairball. However, I can only speak from the perspective of what I've experienced. The Line 6 products I've owned are two Spider amps, a Pod HD500X, a Firehawk 1500, and a HX Stomp. Every single update has been a painless process. I got KIND of apprehensive when I was doing the 2.8 update for the HX Stomp, even though my thinking was that if I were to run into problems, it would probably be on the devices that were not already on HX Core. However, despite my apprehension, it went off smoothly in a matter of minutes, and I was cranking out that blessed KOT sound in no time. However, I tried to plunge a toilet the other day and that was a very lollipop ordeal, so I don't lead a charmed life if that makes you feel better.
  15. It kind of sounds serious, unfortunately, but if it were me I would try a factory reset. Turn the Stomp off, and then turn it on again, BUT as it boots hold down footswitches 1 and 2 as it boots up. If still no dice, yeah, the support ticket is the next step . . .
  16. Yeah, I finally tried it on a whim the other night. I really had been pretty focused on the King of Tone model, but WOW . . . that thing is awesome. I may end up loving it more than the King of Tone (and I love the KOT).
  17. I haven't had anything like this happen, but I haven't tried to do the exact setup you are trying either. Since you've done a good job of documenting everything, I would open up a Line 6 support ticket and get their take on it.
  18. It depends on what you're asking. Firehawk goes great into a PA, and great with the four cable method into a real amp. If you're wanting to do both it can get harrier, especially if you're wanting to use the Firehawk's modelled amp and cabs for the PA (in which case I think you have to choose one or the other, real or modelled, not both).
  19. Well, that kind of depends on what you want. What if I asked you, "Are all speaker types and brands the same thing?" Right away you'd be thinking, "Uh, not even close . . ." Now, are there tons of great FRFR options out there? Absolutely. Powercab is my favorite, but if people are on a budget I recommend the Headrush 108 for 112. Seriously though, there are a lot of solid FRFR options out there. The advantage to the Powercab is it comes closer to nailing that "amp in a room" sound that a lot of people miss going with modelers.
  20. You can't do that. It's one or the other.
  21. Could you provide a few more details? What other pedals are you hoping to combine with the Stomp? Including those pedals, what is the actual exact signal chain you're wanting? (Example: Boss DS1 >>> HX Stomp >>> Amp >>> Strymon Timeline)
  22. My school focused on problem solving and critical thinking in a way that, in my opinion, is not taught anymore. I usually solve my own problems or find existant material that does and I think some of it came from that. This most recent update was clearly a hairball brought about by L6's discovery of a way to improve their product in a way that they never originally envisioned. I don't know that there was an easier way to bring it about or I'm sure they would have done it. No company WANTS a complicated update.
  23. I wouldn't say it's THAT big (though I understand everyone is different) but it is very close .... very ... close ....
  24. There's an ideascale on this if you want to vote for it.
  25. Yeah, it does go a bit faster, but there is still a bit of a delay.
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