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  1. I've had the same thing happen twice in 6 months.
  2. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Supposedly it gets better with 2.8 update, but yeah, 6 blocks is a big problem. Helix presets don't specify how many blocks are used, so what would the Stomp do if it tries to download one with more? There's no way that can work.
  3. The Katana is not a flat response speaker system. Your best bet is to go clean if you want to use amp settings on the Stomp, but your best bet with the Katana is just effects, particularly effects that aren't time based. You will not get them to sound like the videos of those using the Stomp with a flat response system.
  4. Kilrahi


    It IS in the manual. I don't have either the Stomp or the manual handy right now, but it's in global settings I think under footswitches. You can set it to touch, press, or both. You want press.
  5. Also, just to be clear as mud, if it's the actual King of Tone pedal model you want that still isn't quite available yet. It's set to be brought with update 2.8 which is expected some time in the next few weeks.
  6. I've controlled it with an S7. Do you have the cord connected right? Plug the adapter into the S7, and then the USB cord into the adapter, and the cord into the amp.
  7. As long as you don't need the ports of the full unit, yes, yes it is.
  8. If you are planning on going to the FOH, and if your existing amp on stage doesn't have an adequate front of house send, then in my opinion you should choose the Stomp over the Effects because it has the amp models in it along with the IRs.
  9. What do you mean by "delete everything?" If you are referring to the loop, the Stomp can only store one loop. Rather than choose "delete everything," if you want to record a new loop just push the record button. It deletes the old loop and records a new one.
  10. No coloring at all would be to go before the Stomp, but that might sound too thin. Use it in an FX block in the Stomp to place it between Stomp effects of choice, and then after the Stomp to have it colored by everything in the Stomp.
  11. It just depends on what part part of the chain you want to be looped, AND if you want stereo. If you want stereo, looper needs stereo or don't use it last in the chain. With that said, whenever possible I try to put pedals before or after Stomp to save blocks.
  12. I filled it out too. My pie in the sky dream feature of choice was a way to connect the guitar by blue tooth to an app (or even a PC) to change the tunings, guitars, pickups, etc. on the fly instead of the more cumbersome approach of connecting to a PC by ethernet cable. Granted for Helix users this is a lot less relevant feature, but not all of us have gone that route. Then, of course, I said no models would be great. A nylon string guitar was what I mentioned specifically, but my main point was there's no reason a future Variax shouldn't be able to keep what we got, but ADD more.
  13. Yes, that's all possible . . . within the 6 block limitation of the Stomp.
  14. Kilrahi


    I love Reaper. Affordable, and powerful.
  15. I think you might be able to do it if you think in reverse. Have a path B, with a FX return that you plug your guitar in to, isolate path B from path A, and have the USB effects feed into path A with the path B effects feeding into your PC. It's getting kind of complex at that point though, and you might be reaching the limitations of the Stomp. Personally, if you're going to start bringing in PC effects resulting in needing a PC I think you're better off dropping $100 for Helix Native, which gives you full Helix block power, and then controlling it with Midi.
  16. I love the powercab series. Excellent for both.
  17. I'm pretty sure if you just use a regular fx send return it'll work. Mono send - stereo return but one block. Just use all mono blocks prior to the FX block.
  18. Morningstar is the best. I bought the midi commander too because it saves money, but the preset thing is odd I agree. Another great choice is the DMC Micro, but it only has two buttons so there are other limitations.
  19. If you read through this threads earlier comments, you'll find your answer.
  20. Well, just to be clear, I ask more because I'm almost certain they DO model the same EQ as the original. Which means if they do, I and many others are misunderstanding how they work, and if we're misunderstanding than, at least in my case, I'm not using the tool as well as I could. I do agree though that sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Well, to be clear, I DO find them remarkably accurate. That's part of my problem. Yeah, sometimes I'd use an EQ on a traditional amp, but often I was happy with it just the way it was. When I would use the HX, I often had that exact same feeling. Sounded great to me - without an EQ! However, I'd see so many people, some of them the very highest regarded in the Helix community (and rightly so) saying that for a modeler - specifically a modeler - you must ALWAYS do some EQ work to get in the realm of good sound, unlike a traditional guitar amp, or it will sound like trash. Because of that strong emphasis on EQ, the only natural conclusion I could draw was that the model, for some reason, models all sorts of things about the cab EXCEPT the natural EQ of the cab - but then it's not really modelling it accurately! Nevertheless, even though I'm often happy without an EQ, I STILL throw one on out of sheer paranoia that I must be wrong because conventional wisdom says to always use it. Knowing that it does in fact model the range of the cab makes it easier to trust my own ears really so thanks tremendously for your feedback.
  21. Agreed . . . but WHY don't the modeled versions cut those out automatically? I mean, shouldn't they? It's not like it's impossible. We're cutting them manually, after all . . .
  22. Oh, here's a thread I found on that very subject if you want to dig in more from people who've done it: https://www.bosepro.community/g/portable/topic/l1-compact-with-electric-guitar
  23. Will first, I don't own one. I only know what I see from the specs, and when I've heard one. I would at least try it first. The L1 was clearly designed first and foremost as an acoustic guitar and vocal combo option and that is the way it is advertised. It clearly has the frequency range you need. I've also seen electric guitar players happily use it because they first go through a modeler like the Helix that EQs it to where they like it. There are other considerations though. I don't know what size groups you play, or if you play with other people, and what they got. From what I know, stick yourself by another electric guitar player with a traditional amp and they'll probably bury you. That's why you can test it out. If it doesn't work then move on to buying something else.
  24. Exactly, it's a weird programming choice that never really bubbled up because most Helix users are drowning in blocks. For Stomp users though, you smack right up against it a lot and you quickly realize there's no reason (I mean, it seems like no reason) it has to be that way. #FirstWorldProblems
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