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  1. Is he using a Variax guitar? The Helix can control the Variax, and the Variax does excellent drop tunings on the fly, but as for the Helix on its own, what was said earlier is correct. The Helix does not do polyphonic, much as I wish it did.
  2. In this particular case it really doesn't matter so long as the HX Effects is set to match with its inputs in its global settings. A mismatch is where problems occur.
  3. This is one of the reasons I ended up buying Native. I wanted to be able to mess with the full routing powers of a Helix without dropping the cash down for it. It actually works really well, though I rarely use it for that purpose (and instead I use it for the primary purpose - recording my garbage) because, at least for me, 6 blocks is usually plenty (especially since it's easy for me to combine them with other existing pedals or my Firehawk to get even more sounds before I resort to the PC approach). The Stomp is designed to be a very low latency device, but at least initially I ran into more than I wanted. Once I messed with my buffering settings I got it to where it was perfectly balanced (for me) so that there were no audio pops and crackles BUT I wasn't hearing an annoying delay between when I struck the notes and when I finally heard it.
  4. By the way Phil, do you know if the chips have the same GHz power or whatever the SHARCs are based on? I understand they're both SHARCS, but in the world of computer processing that doesn't necessarily mean they're the same SHARC. I have a PC today with an I7 that runs circles around another I got in 2010 with an I7.
  5. It's really not too complex, though I understand that it can seem like it is. The Stomp's default settings will basically do it for you. Create your signal chain with your starting amp block (no cab). Then for your next two blocks input the IRs that you want to use. Now, select the first IR and drop it (if it's using the Stomp itself to edit, then you select the block and chain its path to path B, if you're using the HX Edit software grab the block and pull it down to path B). Once that's complete, make sure the merge block is situated to be a point where the two IRs come together, but before any additional effects that you might want. Walla. You're set.
  6. Yes, you don't want auxiliary. It's max is two. If three switches is what you need, I'd research this one next:
  7. I think it's taking a while because this particular update is a real hairball. Closest analogy might be going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (not THAT involved, but still, they're updating the main operating software for the Helix lines so they're all uniform with each other). Plus, they now have to make sure whatever is tweaked doesn't bork the Helix Floor, LT, Effects, Stomp, and Native. That's a lot of devices that have to make sure keep operating just fine after the update. A lot of people have been theorizing that this new change will allow them to update faster in the future, and maybe it will, but I have to say I've always been skeptical simply because they've expanded their product line quite a bit. Anytime you do that you face significant slowdown because what works for one device can easily throw another into a tail spin.
  8. So you want to KEEP using the brick but have a 90 degree coupler on the end. Well that request might suck a bit. My understanding is the plug used is a 5.5 x 2.5mm plug. The vast majority of couplers I found online were designed to adapt to a 2.1 (the standard size for pedals) to a 2.5 mm (the L6 size) plug. You would want a 2.5 mm to 2.5 mm plug and usually I can find any plug in existence but I wasn't able to find anything I felt confidant about. I did run into some stuff that looked like do it yourself options so that might be something you could look into. Honestly, there's probably something out there somewhere, I just couldn't find it, but that's what you'd be looking for.
  9. I do know that the Truetone L6 adaptor worked great for me, but I had to also use their reverse polarity adaptor too to get it back to center negative.
  10. How many inputs does the FRFR cab have? Are you primarily using the Atomic for amp modeling?
  11. Just to add further - I get that this might be some lifelong friend who saved you from drowning or something, so maybe this just isn't an option, but I still think this experience relates. I once was looking into a band that seemed like a pretty good fit for me. Musical styles, taste, everything - it seemed perfect. They had one caveat though. I had an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro. Loved the thing. It was my baby. Every place I played, she came with me. However, if I were to be a part of the band, I found out the undeviating rule was that I would have to buy a Gibson Les Paul or a true American made Fender Strat. No other brands were allowed, and none of the smaller subsidiary guitars. My reliable trusty Epiphone girl would have to be left behind - or sold to help pay for a TRUE Gibson. It took me all of ten seconds to tell those guys to go *?!@#! themselves.
  12. I really shouldn't be surprised anymore by how dumb human beings can be, and yet I still sometimes choke on my chocolate milk.
  13. The HX Effects has various blocks. These blocks represent sound effects like distortion, phasers, reverb, etc. OR another type of block is an FX block. The use of this block allows you to insert third party effects pedals wherever you want in your signal chain (by plugging into the FX send and returns), and it allows you to turn off and on or effect various mix ratios of that block.
  14. Honestly, if we can just figure out how to have this brawl go for a few more weeks I think we'll all be entertained and suddenly look up to see that 2.8 is already here. Quick, somebody call someone a poo poo head.
  15. I disagree that's "the whole point." I'll put the snapshots of Helix up against any rig anywhere anytime, and the Firehawk FX remains exactly what it claims a simple, but powerful, multi effects unit. Still, that's the great the about a huge market of choice. If you have to have one way of doing things, well, someone out there probably does it.
  16. Yes. Yes. Zoom would be placed after the HX. I'd also recommend 4 cable method. Huge. It's like the difference between DVD and BluRay.
  17. My understanding is you can just go straight to the latest one.
  18. I do envy the Arizona lawn, especially as I look out on this lovely Saturday with a strong desire to mess with my tones, but a nagging cricket in my mind pointing out how bad the front lawn looks. Also, just a word of warning to people. As soon as 2.8 drops I'm starting a 2.9 thread each week in the hopes that I can be the next "update thread" with 4 million replies. It is quite an honor when you think about it.
  19. I think the Firehawk is practical for what you want, but I don't think it's designed for what you want. There is a delay between presets. It wasn't designed to switch presets in seconds to go between a lead or rhythm, or high gain and low gain - it was designed to mimic a simple pedal board where you might engage an overdrive pedal to go from clean to distortion, or turn on a compressor to get your lead tone to cut through the mix. It has a little more flexibility than a simple pedal board because you can tie effects settings to the expression pedal - or attach another expression peal so that two different areas can be tweaked at once (for example, you can tie one expression pedal to the gain on a compressor, and another expression pedal to the amount of delay in the mix) - but whatever you do is done on a single chain. If you switch presets, it's in between songs, not mid song. While I personally think the HD500x is a more powerful device and can come closer to what you want, to be clear, in my opinion none of Line6's devices are designed to have preset switching be the way to go. Not even the mighty Helix. Preset switching is done in between songs when the small but still noticeable delay exists. Then within the song you have a single chain that you modify as you go, with the most versatile being the Helix and it's huge chain possibilities, especially when you take into account the power of snapshots.
  20. Have you tried reversing the polarity on the Stomp for the expression pedal? I know that's fixed a few people's problems with this issue.
  21. I keep checking this forum and TGP daily. Part of me is embarrassed but I don't care. I don't get Christmas like hype experiences very often at my age. This is fun.
  22. For the last several years there's been a heavy focus on "HD" sound. How close the model can get to the real thing has been the general thinking. I suspect we'll continue to see a push towards that for the next few years, but very quickly it's going to become snake oil (if it's not there already). Snake oil works for a while, but eventually people start to realize that there is not much of a benefit gained or differentiation between all of the devices (in today's world, one HD TV looks very much like another HD TV). There are limitations to what the human ear can actually perceive, and what we are technologically capable of shot past that long ago. Because of this I have wondered if upgrading hardware over time, that keeps relatively the same software, is where the real winner will show up. For now, I think Line 6 clearly kills the competition here with its UI and extensive routing options. However, will it maintain this lead? You look at groups like Playstation and Xbox who have started releasing hardware updates for essentially the same device and seen great success. Could that be replicated with Helix? To be clear, there are FAR more purchasers of game systems than modeling devices, and so that fundamental difference needs to be admitted. It takes R&D costs and manufacturing changes that would have to be recouped, and to recoup them you need to sell quite a bit. Sell a few million Playstation 4 slims and you have already done it, but Helix isn't going to sell like that. It should also be noted that in some ways this is exactly the approach Line 6 seems to be taking with the HX Effects and HX Stomp which essentially run on the exact same software, but are targeted towards an entirely different audience than those who would purchase an LT or Helix floor. Still, in three years would it make sense to release a "NEW" Helix upgrade? This device would essentially run on "souped" up models (whatever that means at this point - but what I'm really saying is that they use the same modeling algorithms as before but expanded for the new hardware) but could incorporate other clear hardware benefits (blue tooth connection, mobile app, wi-fi to download firmware without a PC, touchscreen, amped up processor, wireless guitar connector, etc.). Obviously I'm guessing at what a desirably upgrade might include, and I'm sure I'm picking some things that aren't that useful and forgetting others that are. The point is, I DO think that type of next generation would be the more economical and even customer oriented choice than once again re-imagining the whole modeling process where I think you'll start to see diminishing returns.
  23. The above is my take too. If you're happy with your real amp, then in my opinion you should use your real amp fully. This means running the modeler in 4 cable method and using only effects. There are some things you can do to open up more of your modeler's amp abilities (such as plugging into the FX return and using only pre amps), AND some amps work better for this than others . . . In the end though nothing touches a solid FRFR speaker and your modeler. That's listening nirvana in my opinion (I even prefer it to the much raved about tube amp experience - obviously not all agree).
  24. I think the Stomp is a great choice. With that said, I also loved the HD500x. Solid machine.
  25. The only thing I know for certain is that it won't include a tuner in the editor.
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