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  1. DanishMic

    Well poop :(

    I got it. Crome did the trick :) :)
  2. DanishMic

    Well poop :(

    pifrombrc - please let me know how it works for you. I got the Helix Edit 2.51 downloaded and installed - but cannot get the Helix 2.50 update to download. i get something that looks like a lot of letters on a webpage.....
  3. DanishMic

    Well poop :(

    Yes just tried as well - site down..... Hope your wrists are better soon.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. That makes a lot of sense. I can feel a project coming up :)
  5. I do not own a Variax yet - thinking of getting one. Upgrading with a Warmouth neck seems to be one way of going. So i have a few questions: Does a standard Strat spec. neck fit a Variax guitar? Is there a lot of setting up to do? After doing yours would you recommend a Proff. to do the job or is it easy enough to do? (I understand you should know the basic stuff and have just a bit of ability to work with your hands and tools. :) )
  6. Could not agree more. I converted from AX8 to Helix and I still have my AX8 - want to keep it as spare. but I will sell it to get another Helix. I do not use the High gain amps - more clean and overdriven tones. I am very happy. Helix Editing is light years ahead of Fractal. I enjoy creating presets and the ease of getting them sounding good and to my "tone in my head". With the fractal I used only the computer interface to create resets - with the Helix I mostly create presets on the Helix. Very easy and straight forward. I love the scribble strips and the big screen.
  7. VERY nice. Hope it sounds and feels as good as it looks :)
  8. Welcome - you are in for a treat. Had mine for 2 month and love it.
  9. Hi - I purchased the Mission as well... I plan to use the Mission for Everything else than Vol pedal (I use the Onboard EXP for Vol) So Wah, Delay, Gain, you name it.
  10. Agree with pbatts, the JDX are used between Amp and Cab to capture the full rig signal and send to FOH. If you want to scale down (and I understand taking amp and cab out of the Rig) - then use direct out from Helix to Mixer. And add Amp and Cab in your presets in the Helix. Try it - it works very well.
  11. It is a fair question. I ran into the same issue when i started with my Helix. I could not believe it - not enough power for 2 amps! Until I read about the 2 path DSP design. After that I have never been in trouble. So I was right I should not believe it. I am an AX8 user s well and I often got into processing power issues. I added a H9 for reverb and Pitch - saved me here. Keep rocking and creating great noise with your Helix.
  12. Sweet. Super cool playing and sound. Love it. Great with references to the IR's
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