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  1. So far just going from the stomp into the powercab with an instrument cable. I have the cab set to flat (FRFR), because I didn't have time to change my presets on the stomp from amp/cab to amp. Next step is to make duplicates of all my presest without cabs and try out the cabs and some IR's in the powercab.
  2. Used a stomp/powercab plus rig all last week at a nightly gig. It sounded great, and paired well with our other guitarists tube amps easily. What would you like to know?
  3. That 2.1-2.5 adapter won't work because it reverses the center pin to positive. Get this instead:
  4. Did you download the LIne 6 updater? Could be outdated firmware for the version of HX Edit you have installed. Haven't had any issues with macbook pro and using a USB hub here.
  5. When I'm using my Helix on the road, all my patches have a Kinky Boost, always on, at the end of the chain, just like the EP booster on my regular pedalboard since 2010. I just put together an HX Stomp fly rig, and I put an EP booster after it to free up blocks. I haven't had any downtime to test them side by side, but the EP Booster is an important pedal for me, and I'm very happy with the kinky boost on the Helix.
  6. Good catch on the typo. Fixed it. Don't want anyone smoking their pedals.
  7. Here's what I'm using with my HX and a Zuma, works great- current doubler- plug converter for 2.1-2.5 barrel- using the strymon current doubler for the HX stomp on my fly rig, should work for either, but the strymon barrel converters swap the center pin polarity, so you'll want the converter I linked from amazon
  8. as others have said, Auto Volume Echo is in the legacy folder. However, I maintain that the algorithm isn't the same as the older models. Hopefully with some tweaking you can dial in something that works for you.
  9. Backline on tour this summer was almost always a Fender twin reverb, and the helix played very well with them. Not what I play through at home, but I was very happy with the two together. A couple nights I had a Marshall JCM900, and the twin won by a longshot.
  10. Ernie ball VP Jr 25k. Hauled it to gigs for years, and it's never failed. Love the long draw on it for whammy and volume swells. Not ideal for wah, but I hardly ever use that.
  11. The way I have my HX Effects integrated into my pedalboard using the loops/midi, would make my presets pretty useless for anyone else.
  12. I have one of these and I haven't tried it with my Helix, but with the HX effects, the only cable that has worked for me was a TRS splitter, and connecting the sleeve split to the pedal. Not sure if it's a physical problem with the pedal, but the HX hits 100% with about 15% before I get to toe down.
  13. I just leave mine on a skateboard and ride it around the stage. My back is happy!
  14. Thanks for the reply, Phil! That's good to know. In both of those clips the mix was set to 53%. Here's a clip with the Helix set to 100%, but it still doesn't get there. To my ears, it sounds like the modulation/depth on the echos isn't as extreme, and there's less swell time available on the "dry" signal. for reference, here's the same clip through an M-series pedal at 50% mix and the same clip going through a DL4 at 50% mix. Output seems to be a bit hotter than the others, but aside from likely differences in a/d converters, this sounds more similar to the Echo Pro- For what it's worth, I've spent some time in the studio with 2.50, trying to dial in the same sound without looking where my hands were on the knobs, but I just can't recreate it.
  15. No doubt, the Echo Pro is 17 years old, and the tech has gotten much better. I'm saying that the algorithm itself is different. same dry guitar track re-amped through Helix with only Auto-volume in path vs Echo Pro, identical settings-
  16. To each his own. I ran it side by side with an Echo Pro and a DL4 in the send/returns, and the one in the helix is objectively different in play response and sound. The auto-volume echo on the E Pro was a heavily used effect in my rig since it was released in 2001, the DL4 was great when I got out of rack rigs in 2010, but the one in the Helix just isn't it.
  17. The auto-volume echo isn't as usable/pad-like as it was on the Echo Pro, or the DL4. I never could recreate the same sound on an M-series pedal with identical settings, or even with generous tweaking. My conclusion was that they must've changed the algorithm, and the 2.50 legacy version appears to be the M-series version...
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