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  1. Hi Digi, I was wondering if you have heard many reports of the factory presets using expression pedals being assigned to the wrong controllers? (Exp Toe Bypassing will swap the block but the control is for the block you just bypassed)
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one with half of factory 2's presets missing. Was there so few previously?
  3. My pleasure bro! Now go slay some tunes on your Helix!
  4. You need to right click the Helix device in your windows screenshot and right click the icon and select 'Set device as default' or do it manually via the MP3 software you are using on your PC. Route the output to the Helix soundcard
  5. Will do mate! I have about 30 odd presets so far. All very amateur though :P
  6. I guess if Line 6 did something that looked original it would suit nicely. Beggar's cant be choosers though, I guess :P I'd be keen to see your results! :) 'Brother P-Touch' sounds like a great preset name :lol:
  7. This is amazing dude! Thank you so much!
  8. I'd be so keen to see that! You can also donate any 'not quite right' versions ;) What are you going to do for your board, dude?
  9. You're welcome Trend. The angled lip on the top is perfect for it and the design options are left to you imagination. An example: When i go on tour I work out my I/O routing before I leave and then Ill swap the green tabs for fluro pink (like the power). That way there is less confusion :)
  10. I like that heaps Miles! I wanted to do the same but I couldnt find any clear cartridges for my laber maker :( Id love it if Line 6 maybe released something that looked in line with the boards asthetics. Would be cool if they also made the lines/font glow in the dark but im just clutching straws here now hahahah! Thanks for the pic bro <3
  11. Thanks my man! It's the first effects unit I've ever owned. Prior to this I was using an MXR M80 for about 3 years. It was good in a way; made me learn and utilize the basses natural tone for some weird stuff. B) Me and my guitarist were so keen to record something the other day and it turned out great. I also purchased a SVT Impulse Response pack. It was well worth the $10 AUD. Its a very versatile unit :) The smile got even bigger yesterday when I finally installed 2.50 :D I'm digging it heaps man. It's a damn super computer! :wub: Hey bro! Thank you! I might have 2... ;)
  12. No worries at all Dennis! I also have Luminlay's in the bass; so the little UV torch works great on the markings :)
  13. Everyone likes the end result first, so here is a pic or the board standing up. (Sorry about my lollipop photography skills) So I've been looking at the Helix a bit over the last couple of days and one thing that stuck out to me was a lack of guides for the I/O when standing up looking at the pedal. In a dark setting and at a show most of the time I'm leaning over my board to look at connections upside down and then having to combat faint text to work out where I'm at. I noticed that the design of the Helix has an angled section near the top. I thought it was a bit odd that this wasn't potentially used for ease of use with respect to the back panel. So I got to thinking. I used a label maker I had lying around at home and purchased some neon green fluorescent cartridges for it. Then, I printed a few copies of each section (adjusting the spacing if need). The method behind this was to be able to separate each section so that the 'boarder line' were in line with where the input/outputs would roughly be. Once all of them were done it as just a matter of sticking them in the order I preferred and now its much easier to deal with plugging everything I need in. Here are some photos in a dark and light setting. I hope it helps or inspires someone. - Zahn
  14. Hey dude, it sounds like your Scarlet Interface is pumping out a stereo signal from the XLR input. Have you tried to route in the KRK monitors straight to the interface as opposed to chaining thru the sub? If so do you get the same results?
  15. Haha! Thank you dude. I would be honored if Line 6 ever wanted to do anything with me! I can't speak enough positives about the Helix and my old G30 Wireless :)
  16. Hi guys! I recently purchased a Line 6 Helix! After months of reading information online and also getting an amazing hands-on demo with a Line 6 representative in a music store close to home here in Melbourne, Australia! This unit cannot be praised enough in my opinion. I love how much color and variety its given my tone on the Dingwall and Its really refreshing seeing all of these regular firmware updates. Look forward to talking to you all over time. Best regards
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