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  1. Same thing happened to me, twice (red -28 in the upper left while booting). I noticed it happens only if the USB cable is plugged in my Helix. So maybe it's not related but since I boot my Helix without the USB cable, it never happened again.
  2. Don't set your output block to MULTI when using USB.
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    You can't anymore, since FW 2.54 :(
  5. From Germany to France, 3 working days. Scrolldown and check: https://www.thomann.de/gb/helpdesk_shipping.html
  6. Pretty much the same yes, The Swanflight has a space on the right side for the power cable. Anyway, all Helix cases I've seen so far are pretty much identical, I picked the THON cause I wanted the gap on the front but I have a Swanflight (100cm x 40cm, custom order) and it's very well made.
  7. nop, https://www.swanflight.com/guitarist-flightcases/pedal-board-flightcases/line-6/line-6-helix-guitar-pedal-flightcase.html
  8. I received mine last week, it's very well made overall, it fits perfectly and the foam keep the Helix in place. I was hesitating with the line 6 backpack, because Helix + case= 13kg but I picked the case and have no regret. I was planning to have everything I need (cables, tools...) in the bag but total weight would've been too much. There's a 9 cm gap on the front so I can add a couple of pedals if I need (MXR size, a Boss could fit with flat plug cables I guess).
  9. Yep, I tried to clone my polytune with the offsets but I couldn't get close enough to consider getting rid of the TC. I use a volume pedal block on every preset, so I could add an "always on" send block for the Polytune but most of them are allready full.
  10. I opened a ticket yesterday for this. Line 6 answered very quickly, they will check.
  11. Yep, must be related to: Bug Fixes - Pop noise can occur when exiting Tuner in four cable method setup with FX loop block engaged and audio playing upon entering and exiting Tuner -FIXED
  12. I just upgraded my Helix from 2.53 to 2.54 I have a tuner plugged in send 3 and set the Helix to send the guitar signal to send 3/4 in Tuner Mode (default is MUTE). It works with the 2.53 firmware but doesn't work anymore with 2.54. So i went back to 2.53 and it's ok again, in tuner mode, same settings, my polytune receives the guitar signal from send 3.
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    best I.R'S

    @Lelik Your IR is awesome with my setup. I just spent 2 hours at high volume, tweaking my main rig with your IR, you rox, thank you for sharing.
  14. I use a FV-500H with a standard TRS cable from EXP out to EXT2 on the Helix. The trick is to set the side pot "minimum volume" to MAX on the pedal and reverse the Controller Assign parameters, set Max Value for the minimum et Min Value for the maximum.
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