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  1. Had the same problem with my HX Stomp. Actually, I use MIDI to control my Stomp and when sending MIDI CC messages to turn blocks on or off, it didn't show up on screen. It did activate the blocks in the background as the sound changed, but not the bypass state indication. When hitting VIEW to go from "Play View" to "Edit View" (or vice-versa) it did update the screen. Same with changing snapshots as you described. Asked the Line6 guys and they advised me to do a factory reset. Backup first! Then press FS2 and FS 3 while starting the Stomp. Problem solved! Restored from my backup and I'm good to go
  2. According to page 49 in the Stomp's manual "Synchrozining Tempo via MIDI", I should be able to synchronize the "beginning" of my modulation effects by tapping the tap tempo button once (e.g. the tremolo wave starts loudest on 1 of the song and not between beats). This works great when not using an external MIDI clock. But somehow the TAP once is ignored when using a MIDI clock and the modulation does not reset / is likely off because I cannot sync the MIDI clock of my controller with the band's click. Am I missing anything or is this currently not working with a MIDI clock? It is specifically mentioned in the MIDI section though
  3. Will do. So far it's been random. I'll also recheck all my MIDI cabling, maybe it's just a loose connection after the Stomp? But like I said, it doesn't happen often (which makes trouble shooting harder...)
  4. @CraigGT Just found your answer in another forum (about the MIDI merge box) Still would love that the Stomp forwards all MIDI messages correctly... Doesn't seem like an impossible task after all. I guess I'd need a box with 1 MIDI in and 2 MIDI outs for my daisychain
  5. I ran into the same problem with my HX Stomp. I daisy-chain all my MIDI pedals and the Stomp apparently doesn't forward the sysex correctly, so Nixie doesn't work. Did you find a solution?
  6. Thanks guys! Yes, that makes sense with Sysex, haven't though about that. Would there be any reason why a full message forwarding cannot be implemented? I'm not familiar with the machine level communication on MIDI messages. In general, I experience from time to time that normal CC MIDI messages are not forwarded (the Stomp is currently before my Strymon units). Haven't had that problem with the Mobius instead of the Stomp. It's rarely, but it happpens. Maybe the whole forwarding could be improved
  7. The Stomp is part of my pedalboard and I use Nixie to update all my Strymon units (Big Sky and TimeLine). All are MIDI daisy- chained, controlled from my RJM Mastermind. Before getting the Stomp, I had a Mobius and I was able to update all 3 devices, accessing from the Mastermind's USB (The Strymon units need to be set to MIDI merge). Since I swapped the Mobius with the HX Stomp, I cannot access the Strymon units anymore. If I take the Stomp out of the loop it works. Has anyone a suggestion what I could try? Seems like not all MIDI commands are forwarded from the Stomp. All "normal" MIDI commands work
  8. Someone on the RJM forum suggested quickly switching the Stomp to true bypass, when a new preset is loading. I think this would be a cool and simple solution to reduce the pain of the current 200-300ms complete blackout. Especially, if not using amp sims and only effects. This would make preset transitions much less audible for sure!
  9. Ah, now I get why you were asking :-) Of course the Stomp is mega versatile compared to other pedals. No question about that! Just as a side note though: a great fuzz face is probably the most versatile analog pedal possible: likely every gain stage you'll ever need just controlled by your guitar's volume ;-) Ok, so let me rephrase: Without being able to fully use presets while you're playing, the Stomp is very limiting to ITSELF. Think of the thread "Are 6 blocks enough?". I think they can be enough for one specific sound. But for a full song, 6 blocks are not a lot to work with. Sure you can work around that with using snapshots, using amp gain instead of overdrives etc., but compared to having and being able to access 126 completely unique presets, this seems really limiting. You could do: ambient swell for intro, crunch for rhythm parts, blistering solo with a Wah part in the middle and then a clean outro with a slight chorus. This would be really hard to do with one preset, but very easy with 4 different presets. Even without any other pedals! So I stand by my word, so much unused potential without good transition between presets. Always a matter of perspective, I guess ;-)
  10. I mainly use the Stomp as a dual amp setup with 2 amp models and separate IRs. That's 4 out of 6 blocks always on (or turned off when using real amps). The 2 remaining blocks would actually be sufficient if I could swap presets during a song. Another interesting usage would be two or three different amp models for your clean, rhythm and lead sound (think of Eric Johnson). Currently you cannot use that potential (unless you have multiple units). It's less about what the Stomp / Helix cannot do, it's more about sounds and pedals I love and I'm not interested in replacing (e.g. the POG has really good tracking with chords, fuzz pedals are always a bit different and if you like one just keep it, a real photocell vibe is hard to copy, Chase Bliss builds crazy analog stuff, Strymon has exceptional delay and reverb units, etc.). I think there are many guitarists out there, who feel the same way and are not willing to "give up" their favorite pedals for a big floor unit. The Stomp offers a great entry point into the digital simulation world. I grew tired of carrying around heavy amps and the Stomp offers a great solution for that, but it could do so much more. I wouldn't mind spending more $ on a double DSP unit with perfect spill-over!
  11. I think the number of blocks and snapshots work well for the bigger units. Couple of friends have the floor and I use Native for recording. The Stomp has a unique role, because the bigger units are not really feasible for a normal sized pedalboard. There is simply no way I could upgrade as there is no room for a bigger unit on my board and I'm not interested in replacing my pedalboard completely. Plus I don't need more sounds simultaneously, I just need to be able to make use of the preset functionality. The Stomp could become a no-brainer-pedal for most bigger pedalboards and really threaten all the H9 and Strymon pedals. It just lacks some "pedalboard friendliness" compared to them (e.g. power connector)
  12. Had a corruped preset on my HX Stomp. Caused it to freeze when receiving a MIDI clock signal. The problematic preset wasn't even selected once, and it still froze. Only realized it when I couldn't do a full backup. Somehow found out that one preset was bad, replaced it and the Stomp has worked perfectly ever since... On software V2.81
  13. Does anyone know if they are working on this and if it's even possible to have a spill-over? Having to work with 6 blocks and 3 snapshots per preset is extremely limiting, while a smooth preset change would offer near endless possibilities (escpecially with a MIDI controller). Without this, I feel like the Stomp will never live up to its large potential...
  14. Found a solution with the RJM Mastermind: Configured a button to send CC messages to change snapshots on the Stomp whenever I change a preset on the Mastermind. The button itself is not stored, so it always sends the current state (e.g. always Snapshot 1 together with all other MIDI messages, which puts me to snapshot 1 on the new preset, even if that preset was stored on snapshot 2). Fantastic! Once starting to use the Stomp like this, I found out that there is a significant audio delay when changing presets. This is a real bummer and ultimately a show stopper for me (the cut out is clearly audible even in a band setting). Seems like I will have to keep using the Stomp as "just amp sim" after all... Really hope the Line6 guys will find a solution for a spill-over between presets! Without this, the stomp will never use it's full potential
  15. @JeffMN Might have actually found the problem. Had a customtone preset called "Lonely Heart" on my Stomp, which could not be exported when I wanted to do a backup. Removed all customtone presets and only kept my own. The MIDI clock now works and TAP/Tuner turns from red pulsing to blue pulsing (before it froze at constant blue). Have you tried isolating the units to see if the problem still exists (only Boss MS-3 to Stomp, no other MIDI pedals)?
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