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    Anyone selling their license?

    Looking to buy a second hand/used license of Helix Native.
  2. eriksan007

    Crackling static noise

    If you have a laptop, it could be due to faulty battery.
  3. eriksan007

    Helix Native freezes Cubase 9.5

    I'm still experiencing this issue on 20190929.
  4. eriksan007

    Tracking with Helix Native 1.5

    I've run into a similar issue in my thread.
  5. eriksan007

    Crackling static noise

    I've run into this issue as well in Cubase and Reaper, see my thread for the problem description, but no solution yet.
  6. Update I resolved the issue, which was due to a faulty battery on the Macbook Pro which didn’t hold any charge, once replaced, Helix Native runs smoothly. -------------------- Cubase At 1024 sample buffer size and one instance of the plugin, the CPU usage is at about 80% and audio drops out slightly. Two instances, or other plugins, lead to serious dropouts. Reaper At 1024 buffer size and one instance of the plugin, the CPU at about 30 % load and it works unless I do something CPU intensive. Two instances makes use of 60% and the audio only plays well for a few seconds before starting to drop out. Versions Helix Native 1.81 demo, Cubase Pro 10.0.40, Reaper 5.983/64, Mac OS 10.14.6 (8GB RAM), RME Fireface 400 via thunderbolt adapter with firmware version 3.36 and Totalmix 1.60. My computer. Do I have anything unusual taking up CPU?
  7. eriksan007

    Sound completely cutting out (Mac OS)

    I'm having a similar issue in Cubase Pro 10.0.40, Mac OS 10.14.6. See my thread.