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  1. MY blonde moment, if I had any hair ;) used a Toslink.SPDIF adaptor and it still didn't work so i ended up making an aggregate device with the Audient and the Helix, it was reminiscent of the old days of music making on a PC and i'm too old for that silliness
  2. An external Looper controller so you don't have to faff about
  3. Hi there, might be doing something stupid here but I'm trying to connect my Helix Rack to Audient id44 interface via the BNC connector, so far I'm having no luck whatsoever. I've set the digital output in global parameters etc and set it as the terminated unit and accepting external clock bit absolutely no joy whatsoever
  4. Wouldn't you connect the Audient and Helix via the BNC socket ?
  5. Price drop to £1050:, something caught my eye so it has to go
  6. Here we go, after my second foray into the world of Helix, my Rack and Controller is up for sale/ Still got the original packaging and has the upgraded heavy duty Cat5 lead with Belkin plugs It is as new and updated to the latest firmware If you have a Custom Shop Strat we might be able to do a deal, who knows Based in Banbury on the M40 between Birmingham and Oxford
  7. Well, if they sort the Harmoniser out, that would be nice and maybe add a Mimic type pedal or a Freeze .
  8. I'm a fan of both the Helix and the Axe-Fx, in fact lucky or daft enough to own both. Ideally i'd like a blend of both units ! like most of us strange people, I'm are never satisfied ;) Line 6 Rack Pro's 4 Fx Loops User interface, it really is a no-brainer Those lovely capacitive footswitches Cons Not enough Expression Pedal support, I use all 4 on my Axe-Fx and sometimes have them do 2 functions at the same time Actually more of a faff to dial in a tone that sits in the mix, not sure quite why, I shall keep digging, its probably me ;) Axe-Fx Pro's 4 Expression pedals, a must if you are a tinkerer like me and a closet Belew and Torn freak More Amp and Fx tweaks if you go deeper into the editor Easier to dial in a Core Tone that sits in a mix, for me that is Cons That damned Fan, 3 fans later and it still bugs the hell out of me User Interface is arcane at the best of times, especially if you aren't blessed with good eyesight, it needs the Computer hook up tbh When it all comes down to it, its a personal preference, the pricing and availability of the Helix make it a much more attractive proposition and I'll happily defend either unit as they are both amazing bits of kit and worth every penny. We could go on for ages about comparisons etc, its the age old Strat v Les Paul debate, they are just tools, albeit very expensive ones, find what works for you and enjoy it :)
  9. Surely it would be better to control the Axe Fx and Helix from an MFC-101 or am I missing something ?
  10. I have my Helix Rack and Native, using my Presonus Desk/Interface it sounds near as dammit identical.
  11. Thats the point of my post, a lot of customers have no idea s to their Consumer rights but to announce that US Customers are "seen" to get a better deal than the UK ones smacks of bad PR imho.
  12. Well, I read the original post about US owners of a Helix getting an extra year Warranty and tbh, it annoys the hell out of me, ALL Purchasers of a Helix should have a 2 year Warranty imho and indeed whilst we are still in the EU, us Brits are entitled to a 2 yr Guarantee. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1677034/Two-year-warranty-EU-law.html Care to comment Line 6 ? I have bought many of your products going back to the original Kidney Bean Pod and now have the Helix Rack and Native, btw the Rack failed within 9 days, now resolved thanks to PMT. I think there should be an equal playing field here
  13. Odd thing this, Button 5 display flashes when selected and the display eventually corrupts, I've swapped Cat 5 leads etc and still no Joy, It's only a couple of weeks old, if its a flash reset it'll be a lot easier than going back to the shop, if not, off it goes
  14. Compression and a little eq tailored to the frequencies you want the extra sustain on
  15. parker1963


    If it's of any consolation the Fractal Axe-Fx Tuner is shocking too. When I had my Helix the tuner always bugged me as being unnecessarily awkward and inaccurate so I ended up using a TC Polytune
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