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  1. Have just done this and halfway through the firmware update it crashed my pc. Now when i start the Helix LT it says Boot Failure, Entered update mode. In the left hand corner of the display it says -3
  2. I've now just received a Helix LT Which software do I need ? At the moment i have HX Edit version 3.00 and the Helix LT is firmware 2.30.0 I've also noticed in the download section there's firmware and also flash memory what's the difference ? Do i need the drivers for usb etc ?
  3. Thanks guys. It seems because of European plugs being wrongly put in British units they usually check to make sure you've got the correct lead. So, panic over. now for hours of un-bridled fun.
  4. Thanks for the replies, i'm sort of dithering as to whether i should let this go or not. What it could mean is, Line 6 have a got a dodgy dealer who i may add hasn't replied to an e-mail i sent this morning.
  5. I've attached a couple of snaps as i've found it when opening.
  6. titchyblackcat

    B Stock

    I've just got my Line 6 Helix LT in the post and noticed the seal is already broken. Anyone else had this problem ? I'm in the UK.
  7. Ah ! OK Many Thanks for that.
  8. OK Sorry. In Left mono and out Left Mono. Into a Native Instruments KA6 which connects to the computer. In the preset there is a amp/cab Ampeg VST Brt. Before that i'm trying the low / high cut EQ The input channel in Cubase has a GUI of the incoming signal The signal does go down maybe -5dB but it doesn't cut to the floor like i'd expect. It's OK i'll use the Cubase EQ to do it thanks.
  9. It's in to the left mono and out from the right mono. It is changing slightly but i did expect more from the eq's but i'll work with what i've got thanks.
  10. The sound changes a little bit but i expect a cut to be a cut
  11. Hi is there a way of setting up the Helix Stomp EQ for a Preset. I'm trying to set up a preset for a bass but, when i change any eq module in the edit the eq graphics in cubase don't show much change at all. For example if i use high/low cut instead of doing a cut the eq don't appear to be a cut at all.
  12. Great Info' Thanks Guys
  13. titchyblackcat


    I want to set up a limiter in MY HX Stomp to get rid of the peaks becuase of my sometimes clumsy playing. So far the only one i could find is the LA Comp which has a limiter feature. Does anyone have any LA Comp settings to start me off ? Also is there any other limiter in the helix software that i'm missing ?
  14. Is it for recording ? if so don't do it. Record in mono and use the DAW when you mix down. ( I know you've said you don't want to use the DAW) I use Cubase and found if you record in stereo you can get balance problems with some of the plug ins when doing a final mix.
  15. Will there ever be an update 3 ? This thread was started in january. Just saying.
  16. Look:
  17. I've just checked this (I've got a HX Stomp with a power supply) The Helix, Helix Lt, Helix Rack and Helix Control can be PAT tested as they have an internal power supply. (They have a 240v power cable going into them.) Be very careful which test you apply as a PAT Tester can deliver some harmful voltages to electronic equipment.
  18. Thanks datacommando, i'm fretting right now and sorting out presets.
  19. I had the power switch break once on my Pod XT, luckily Line 6 in the UK repaired it.
  20. Hi On a daily basis is it best to use the power switch to turn the unit on and off or. leave it on and switch the power suplly on and off ? I ask this as the power switch does seem a bit tiddly and wonder if it last the test of time.
  21. OK Thanks. I've just bought my unit sp i'm trying to understand everything.
  22. Hi The power supply says 3A which is quite a heavy load. Does the HX Stomp actually draw 3 amps or is the power supply a higher rating than necessary ?
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