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  1. Which Les Paul do you have ? I had a Les Paul Studio which i could never get a decent clean sound from. I sold it and now have a Les Paul Traditional which sounds OK Remember these amp modellers are like amps. If your guitar sounds bad you'll get something that's louder bad.
  2. Is it for live or studio ? The nearest i've got is by using a Strat' (Neck pick up) with something like the jazz amp or no amp at all. As pianoguyy says try some reverb to suit
  3. Thanks, Great info' you've given there. I've ordered a Helix Stomp as it does everything i need. I'll have to look out of the window for 2 days now waiting for the delivery.
  4. Cancel the last post. I'm going to buy the Stomp. The Pod Go can't do 2 paths. Thanks for all the comments.
  5. titchyblackcat

    2 Paths

    Hi, I'm niot sure whether to buy a Pod Go or a Helix Can Pod Go do 2 seperate paths like my Pod HD ? I've looked but can only see videos using 1 path
  6. Thanks for the input guys, i'm deffo going to get something new. I now have new dilemma. I only use Amps, Cabs, EQ, Noise gate and maybe delayn and only ever play into a pc. So. would a Helix stomp have a better tone than a Pod Go ? I've only just heard of the Pod Go
  7. Which Helix is the same as the kidney shaped desktop Pod HD ?
  8. That's sounds like the problem i've always had since the V2. Many thanks for the info' i'll start looking now.
  9. Thanks, My Les Paul is a Traditional but i don't fancy taking it apart. It's the basic amplifier / speaker tones i use most often. I've always fiddled with the Pod HD which is not good. I'm sure my Pod 2 has more pleasing tone than the HD that's why i'm thinking of trying a Helix.
  10. Hi, I'm debating buying a Helix. So, is it that much better than my Pod HD ? If so, in what way ? I'm trying to get a Peter Green tone, if there's anyone that could help it would be appreciated. I have a Stray, Tele, and a les Paul. Regards AD
  11. Thanks daveny5, have you tried one that works OK ? I've seen people struggling midi/usb in Windows10
  12. Hi I need a USB to Midi adaptor/ cable that works with Windows 10 and my Pod 2 Is there anyone can tell me which one to buy as i'm guessing there's loads that will not work.
  13. Hi When i'm playing the HD Bean after a few minutes the volume gets lower and lower. The quickest work round is to press A,B,C, or D to slect another patch and then do the same to get back to the original again. Any ideas to stop the volume fading please.
  14. Thanks BillBee I'll spend some time over the next few days trying out different things.
  15. Guess i'll have to learn how to play. My work round is i've found a good limiter plug in that i've inserted in the input channel of Cubase. Works a treat. I've fiddled with the Comp's but to no avail. Thanks for the input guys.
  16. I did and think they're good for what i want. The thing is what do you want ? I'm using clean patches for recording so, the extra AC30 fawn and Fender champ is great as is Pete Anderson Custom. The answer is do you really need them ?
  17. titchyblackcat


    I'm playing a clean rythm for recording but i notice because i'm heavy handed there are spikes in volume. I'm after suggestions to try and stop the peaks (Like a brickwall Plug in). I've headed over to the compressors but can't find a good setting without boosting the quieter sounds.
  18. Thanks i'm treading carefully at the moment just using the tube comp I'll try the red comp in the future
  19. Thanks i'vejust been using things in random way. I'll bear that in mind about the condensers
  20. Ah ! I've always put the comp before the amp i'll move it to the back end now. Thanks for your help, i'm off to tweak.
  21. Thanks i always seem to use the same 1 or 2 mics so i'll have to spend a bit more time listening for a selection.
  22. This another hit and miss for me. Does anyone have a method of selecting a mic to speed up the work flow ? Also if you select No Cab selected does this disable the mic ?
  23. Can someone help as to how i set a compressor on the HD Bean for keeping a rythm track level volume. I'm doing so at the minute using Tube Comp but i'm just twiddling till it sounds OK but with out knowledge of what i'm doing. Any help with the settings and how to use them would be appreciated. Also are the different compressors radically different in what they're doing. ?
  24. Is it the neck pick up or bridge ? if it's the neck turn the pick up 180 degrees and lower it. I did this this on my Les Paul tradiitional and it got rid of the useless boom tone If it's the bridge try adjusting it. Like hurghnico says if you set up your Epi OK it'll sound good through the Pod.
  25. Sounds too boomy. Some of the guys have posted about tone, read them first, like turn down the bass and the res. On my recording usually the bass and res are zero. Which guitar and pick up are you using ?
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