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  1. the mac will recreate them everytime, so i'm not sure that's going to save you much grief. the only way to avoid it on a mac is to format HFS+, which would solve the problem from mac to mac... but unfortunately then the mixer wouldn't be able to use the card, since it requires fat32. you can of course plug the card into a windows machine and delete the files... (the mac would rebuild them next time you use it on the mac) the better suggestion would be to modify the m20d firmware (or at least the media player part) to ignore files that start with ._ but clearly that's out of our hands :)
  2. if your computer is mac... mac creates these files and hides them on the mac... don't think you can avoid them, they are extended attributes to the file.
  3. probably not easily noticeable... but the 59 has the same headstock as the 500/700 stock neck anyway. which is mountains better than james tylers design he uses on his own instruments.
  4. Over time i got a certain comfort with the original (600) and it just feels like home.... love the technology in the JTV, and the build and design is of higher quality.... but i might prefer the feel of the 600 with original neck over the 59 myself... I'm going to try and pick up a 69 since it's a bit closer to the 600.
  5. I have the mobius as well... man that rotary effect is incredible... blows my socks off every time.
  6. Not my most recent guitar... but just wanted to get a fun thread started on the new forum.
  7. anyone else notice the spam already!!!! WTF
  8. This space is dedicated to Nick Mattocks.

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