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  1. Well the method i explained is what i read on a luthiers website over 15 years ago and i been using it ever since that day He has built guitars since the early 70:s I bet he knows what he is talking about And yes it make the tuning better for me all over the neck It´s not perfect like on a Piano (which b.t.w is not in tune with itself but alot more in tune than a guitar) but it is alot better then the normal way tuning open strings to tuner or tune strings to eachother on the 5 fret and 4th when tuning the B-string
  2. Well since a guitar never will be in tune due to it´s contruction i would always tune my guitars with a tuning method that compansate for what the normal tuning method is missing. This is how i do it first tune your high E-string to a good tuner or a pitchpipe or pitchfork then when the high E-string is in tune hit a harmonics over the 12 fret on the B- string and tune that B-string to the a fretted B-note on the high E-string which is on placed on the 7-fret Then do the same with the G-string but of course you need to tune to the 8-fret on the B-string which is where the G-note is located. Then go on to the D-string for all you who don´t know where to find notes on the fretboard use the 7-fret on the G-string (but you should really take the time to learn where all the notes are as it is only 12 of them) And then it is time for the A-string do exactly the same as you did with the D-string and B-string And finally you guess it?It is time for the low E-string and of course you do the same as on all other string except for the G-string The guitar will now be a little of tune all over the fretboard but atleast you can play chords high up without it sounding way out of tune like it does when tuning the normal way.. Of course this solution doesn´t make it good just a little better than how it is when tuning the "normal" way If you really want a guitar that is in tune all over the fretboard you have to buy a True Tempered fretboard..
  3. My POD HD Desktop tuner working just fine I have a Korg DT 3 and a Planet Waves Strobe Pedal And in my iPhone i have Peterson iStrobosoft or whatever it is called and the new IK Multimedia tuner which b.t.w is very good for it´s price. The Pod tuner is more accurate then the Korg But not as accurate as the Strobe pedal and the iOs Strobe IK Multimedias but i use those for fine tuning when i set the intonation or tune my 12 string Strange that some people have problem with the tuner and some dont must be a software bug
  4. That Glen Delaune stuff sounded crap he cant tweak sounds on a POD And then charge money for it no way i would pay for that..
  5. Well have you notice how many christian people who hang here no wonder they have filtered out any word that not is religious correct
  6. Yes i agree i use the MIX IR vst or any other convulation plugin i came across and use the non cab in the POD i sometimes also only use the pre-amp version. Then it is not so bad i think it is close to AXE and Kemper not really in the same leauge but close if you use other cab:s.
  7. ???????? This is suppose to be an ENGLISH forum. Nobody that dont understand your language. Can help you if you dont write in english. Try to do a google translate next time
  8. Yes me too!! Even if it is most likely a guitar related problem try to do a reboot on the bean. I believe you have to hold down left arrow button when you power up the bean But before you do that make a backup of your presets if you have you want to keep your own presets because i believe it turns the unit in to how it was when it left the factory. But i´m not sure i have done that before and still had the newer firmware installed!!
  9. You forgot Samplitude in the poll and Sonar? "well you had the option others" But i think they both should be in the poll with their respective name and Tracktion should be left for others
  10. Well do you have the same attitude when it comes to learning guitar? I would say to him dont give up!!! Take it slow bit by bit read the manual and dont be frustrated.. Download some patches from custom tone of songs or guitarist you like that other people have tried to immitate (most of them are crap anyway) and try to make them better but see what they have done wrong usually they have the wrong Amp to much dsist or to many effects and they sound nothing like the tone they try to sound like. Also try to learn how to build an effect chain what effects should be placed first in the chain? etc etc (there is webpages that will teach you that) read the meambobbos awesome webpage or dl it (he has a dl version) And start from scratch with a clean signal i say use the HD edit software if you can as it is so much better to use and understand then using the units knobs Good luck
  11. Yes i already said that did you understand that or what?? But still they dont use the AMP-SIMS (exept for some metal dudes) that is what MOST PEOPLE THINK in here. That if John Petrucci and Vai etc etc use them they use the AMP-sims. Well they DONT!! And read their remarks how that make me laugh then you read an INTERVIEW on a studio magazine about how MUCH they use the porduct well then it is a completely different answer then on the Fractal website. Hey i remember malcolm youngs answer when they said that Amplitube amp sim software was on the latest studio album.. (I think it was on the album on some track but i cant remeber but it is a good product what was it called?) Then you read an interview in SOS with the engineer how recorded the album he said all guitars where tracked using old marshalls and speaker boxes so they can be on full volume miced and then routed to the mixing desc then to TAPE not a DAW for that 70:s sound. Or that Alex Lifeson only have an AXE roumor that float around before well according to some who has seen them live he still uses the H&K amps You got to learn to NOT believe everything you read. Vai makes no secret he say it is for effects only but still he have tons of toher sstuff aswell all his pedals are there and other effects aswell i think he replaced the old delay TC 2290 and the harmonizer with the AXE II. Here is a good site if you want to see what famouse guiitarist have in their rigs. b.t.w read Guthries rig on page 2 he still is on the fractal website They only use the effects!! Petrucci did however use the amp-sim Fractal made a clone of his Boogie to make demos with. He could have used a Boss dist pedal for that purpose but as he is a guitar heroe he dont need to. BUT he used the REAL AMP instead of the AXE when it comes to tracking later on. So i dont get your point in answering my statement? We all now it´s a good product But for most HOME users it cost to much It´s the same with Amps hell i want a Mesa or a Buddha or a Dumble BUT i have to buy what i can afford.. Instead i have to deal with amps that i can afford like used Marshalls Blackstar Peavey VK etc etc. Do you REALLY think that SRV payed for his Dumble? Or Slahs for his modded Marshalls? And when it comes to AXE i think it is like theis The unit has tons of studio quality effects so why have 10 different units when you can have ONE that do the same as all those 10? Thats why people have them it is NOT beacuse of the AMP-Sims as many might think hell even most of the people who run studios and had AXE before they have swithced for Kemper as it has better AMP-Sims except for some people that dont want to admit it.. But still the AXE have better effects Anyway i can understand your hype and glory nowadays but i assure in maybe two or three years or so something NEW has arrived and then all the BIG GUNS have left AXE and went for that. Thats how it goes in this buissiness thats why i admire people who never change things like Robin Trower and Steve Howe to name only two. You see they still have the same stuff they had in the 70:s they sounded GREAT back then they sound great now.
  12. I never ask for any acoustic sounds or if it was good for variax (i dont own a variax) i simply saw someone saying he have an Atomic he had for the POD XT and use that Atomic with the POD HD bean. So my question was if it make the HD bean sounding any better?? Still havent heard an answer yet. I know what the DT sounds like and it is maybe an option but if Atomic can make my HD bean sounding way better that it sounds without the Atomic i might buy a used Atomic instead as it is much cheaper than a used DT
  13. I dont think you got my point!! I am pretty sure that NOONE that ad that box is paying for it. And of course it is in their racks hell it is a good product with studio quality effects in it. But most people in here still think that they use it for their amp-sims (well some guitarist do that especially metal bands that play down tuned) But the rest of the guitar heroes that uses the AXE FX only use the effects in it and not the amp-sim they have real amps for that. And that is beacuse you get so many good effects in one box instead of having say 7 - 10 different rack units so it is much easyer especially when you concider switchin presets
  14. But the atomic is suppose to not colour the sound of the POD like other tube amps does thats why i asked.. On the other hand a DT25 and a POD HD 500 would be nice but then i have to exchange my bean to a 500 the atomic i have in mind is also much cheaper than the DT
  15. How does the POD HD sound when it is used with the Atomic Reactor amp? Is it worth to get one of those or should i go for a DT 25 amp
  16. Impreesed by the amount of player yeah that box is good no doubt BUT do you really think those players needed to BUY that box?? Nope they get it for free for some advertising.. Those players dont buy their axes or amps or strings well i dont even think they buy their clothes. If they do use them is another question? Like Yngwie and that Crate amp he advertised in the 90:s well i can go on and on and on
  17. I got a nice deal on a used DT25 it even have 6 months guarantee But since reading all the post in here about that transformer issues and Line6 REFUSE to say what serial it is i am unsure if i gonna buy it as i dont want to pay a lot of xtra cash to repair it if it brokes.. That is so lame of Line6 if a CAR has a major problem like the breaks stop working after 4 years or so most car builders are taking them in and repair them for FREE since it is their fault in the first place. So should i buy?
  18. Doesnt the desktop and 500 model use the same chip? As they have exactly the same amp models and effects?
  19. Why dont you just user the bank up and down switch? You have exactly the same patches on both banks and use different effects assigne to the switches it can be done on your computer with the edit software. But to me it sounds like you only believe that you can have 4 patches? You have atleast 128 own patches and the 512 stock ones but i believe you can overwrite the stock ones so you have the same patch on all 4 patches in the same bank.. Anyway i will say read the manual you will learn alot from that and there is alot of "tweak secrets & solutions" here in the forum
  20. How can a band be outdated?? Thats the most stupid comment i ever read is Beatles or Elvis outdated? They have written songs that will stay in peoples mind forever unlike many band that is popular today. And b.t.w they where doing records when the recording method was the good old fashion way. A.k.a record guitar with a real amp miced up and then recorded to a reel to reel recorder. And the album was released on vinyl and casettetape. Unlike today where you can have unlimited tracks and it is recorded digital on a computer. And then you can modify every single thing you record to beyond recognition. Hell you dont even have to sing in tune anymore or being able to play well on your instrument. That was needed back then if you could not play or sing no way you could do a record. Unless you had very good friends and was very rich. Today you only need the looks no talent required. I take that bands that use Line 6 do it beacuse they like the sounds of the unit. When we talk about AXE FX II and users that are stars. Vai and Petrucci only use the effects on the AXE not the amp-modeling they use real amps instead. I dont know about other famouse uses that use AXE FX but i guess most have real amps and use it for effects only. Petrucci did record the demo songs at home using a "cloned" a.k.a (tonematching) model of his Mesa MK V on the AXE FX. But when it came to actually do the record he used the REAL Mesa MK V amp not the AXE if AXE was so good why use a real amp in the studio?.
  21. Never heard one myself but from what i get from watching countless youtubes videos i think AXE FX II:s effects are better than POD HD:s they sound like real studio effects and they should as you pay so much for it.. When it gets to AMP modeling i dont know as most units today is very close when it comes to heavy distortion but when it comes subtle distortion the ones that breaks up so nicely on a REAL tube amp i havent heard a digital modeling unit even come close to that sound.. They have come a long way though but it is something in those tube amps sounds that digital modeling units havent been able to mimic..
  22. Well to change presets you must do the Midi configuration yourself if you want to use the POD HD 500 as a Midipedalboard. Or any other product aswell unless you want to buy a gadget called Stealth Pedal from IK Multimedia but you still need an optional switching pedal in order to switch presets I tried to configure my Behringer Midipedalboard FCB 1010 to work with Amplitube (and Guitar RIG) but i did not have the patience to do it so i quit as it is a timeconsuming job and very very boring.. If you buy the IK Multimedia pedal and the swithing pedal they will "shake hands" immediately but with another midiboard you have to assigne every "midichannel" on the midipedalboard to the corresponding channel in Amplitube or any other software.. It is far more easy to use the corresponding products as they are ready make.. I remember first time i tried a rackunit called ART SGX 2000 and had a midipedal from Roland it did not work(out of the box) So i bought the ART version that was made for SGX unit and hooked it up with 2 midicables and everything just worked.
  23. I cant read your attached "text" file which font do you use?
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