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  1. I can see now that it is a language problem here GREAT for me means GOOD American/English is NOT my native language and i´ve learn it from watching many TV-shows Movies & reading the lyrics and thank you notes on old Vinyl LP covers in school i was not so interrested to learn ANYTHING hence my spelling/grammar problems.. Anyway i belive what is GREAT for you probably means SUPERB or BRILLIANT for me.. But your right it is NOT "great" it is GOOD.
  2. How did you do it?? I have tried to do a patch for that song too but i failed.. Anyway are you gonna put the patch up on "custom tone" or maybe write all the settings here? In the song you hear the harmony in the background blended very nicely with the "dry" sound When i tried tweak the patch i could not reproduce that sound the pitched sound was always way to obviouse compare to Vai:s recorded sound
  3. Yeah that is correct it is a reverse engineered poject but that doesnt mean it is NOT GREAT Hey i have used that driver many times and with low latency and atleast it is NOT CRASHING my system like Line 6 drivers and other soundcard driver has.. I know there is better ones out there but they cost money this one is FREE and a very useful option if your soundcards driver i.e Line6 does not work as it suppose to..
  4. Hmm i think it is a win 8 problem have they done something new in the audio section since Win7? I wouldn´t care so much for the date of drivers unless they are not working at all and not functional i have used Vista drivers in Win7 and it have worked fine.. In Win 7 you can have more than one audio driver active at the same time. If you have more than one driver active you might change driver in your spotifyplayer to the built in audiodriver it is usually in the preferences or option menu so you can have the POD drivers only for recording.. And what program are you recording with?? Cubase & Studio One have an option called release audiodriver in background so you can use several auidio applications simultaneouse other DAW may called different but i am pretty sure most DAW have that option nowadays.. Another way is to make the built audio driver inactive everytime you want to use the POD HD driver.. But that require that you need to remember that and go to the controlpanel and change it every time.. But if that is the only oprtion you may have no choice..
  5. I have them and NO to my ears they dont cought up!! I think it is a gimmick of already pre-coded algorithms with a nice "skin" and Slash "agree for a nice check to have his name own it when they sell it" Like Yngwie have done when he have advertising small AMP:s he never have used..Like the Crate combo And that goes for many others artists aswell Amplitube said that some of the tracks on the latest AC/DC record was done with Amplitube and got Malcolm Young money to ("sort of agree") when he was asked in a guitar magazine interviews he said i "cant remeber but i think some tracks made it to the final mix it is a great product though" I think malcolm didn´t even KNOW what Amplitube WAS when he got the question and the answers was edited afterwards in the office before prining was done.. But when you read an interview in SOS with the ENGINEER who actually recorded the bloody album he said that everything was recorded the OLD FASHION way with a 24 track tape recorder (In Bryan Adams studio) with old Marshall heads (on full volume like in the old days)using iso booth. You can read it here But for you who dont want to read it i copy this from the interview. (I love the sound of the Neve desk, and from there everything went straight to the studio's Studer A800 Mk3 24-track. Neve gear going into an analogue tape machine, and then mixing on an SSL) (Guitars & bass: SSL EQ, EMT 140, tape delay "The rhythm guitars are absolutely bone dry. On the intros of some of the songs I added some EMT 140 plate reverb on the guitar if it was Angus by himself. His solo guitar would have had a Studer tape slap delay on it, about 140ms, the same as I used on Brian's vocal. Reverbs are usually too washy for my taste, but sometimes bone dry doesn't give you the emotion you want. In that case a delay can work. There are no effects on the bass guitar.") Not a single word about Amplitube (maybe it was a secret?) And then when everything was recorded on the Studer where transferred to Pro-Tools for Vocal and overdubs & mixing.. Well i certenly believe the engineer more than Malcolm Anyway when it comes to Amplitube and it´s sound i wondered how good it really is So i had to do a little test i recorded some very simple crappy A power chord strums in the first position second fret open A-string directly in to my DAW (Cubase) using my Japanese LP copy (Greco) and my soundcards (EMU 1616m) instrument input. And then i inserted Amplitube 3 and Pod Farm 2 on that track just to hear if Amplitube had cought up in sound as DeanDinosaur points out. And i send that track to an Aux track and inserted Redwire Mix IR plugin and bypassed Amplitubes cab and deleted Pod Farm:s cab (unfortunally you cant delete Amplitubes cab just bypass it) I done that so they uses the same cab sim as that would take away any mic and cab tweakings that is possible in Amplitube but not in Pod Farm i.e they have two mics in Amplitube only one in Pod Farm and you can move the mic sideways in Amplitube only back and forth in Pod Farm.. So for amps i used Pod Farm 2:s Soldano simulation and Amplitube Soldano simulation And then Amplitube Slash AFD simulation now Pod Farm doesn´t have that amp so i tried to dial in a similar sound using Pod Farm:s Marshall JCM 800 simulation. They all here for you to listen to they are converted to FLAC files using Audacity (so it want loose any audio quality they where recorded the usual way 24/bit-41000) so if you cant listen to them you have to dl a program that can read them or convert them to Mp3 or whatever filetype you like.. here is a list of software that can read FLAC files on Win-Mac-Linux B.t.w Audacity is really great for recording quick song/lick/riff ideas. I use it all the time for that purpose Now guess which ones is Pod Farm and which is Amplitube?.. I should mention that i had to tweak them to sound similar (i have done a test with most of my Amp sims once and i set all knobs on 12 o clock now that wasnt fair as they sounded very different but if i tweaked them they could sound more similar) At first i did the 12 o clock test but they all had WAY to much gain for my cop of tea and that would not be really fair in a test.. I should point out that i think Amplitube sounded a little better with the deafult settings Pod Farm was way "darker" in sound now that can easely be done if you code in a exciter in the master output.. Many VST/AU/RTAS plugin developer does that.. Like hardware multieffects units like Boss/Line 6/ etc etc always have tones of ready made presets to sort of impress you but you NEVER can use in a song..
  6. No i practice on my guitar when other went to school :)
  7. Dont mention dorian mode he dont know what that is..
  8. Says the man who can write post about that eleven gadget so long that absolutely nobody ever bother to finish reading them and also hang here 24/7 so he can spread his wisdow over that gadget all over this place.. Wonder when he got time to play on that eleven thing??
  9. and tv also apply compression especially when there is commersials
  10. Yes i also read that in some interview in a guitar mag
  11. It was a sunn PA 100W head he used!!! They had one in their rehears room and Leslie simply didnt have any amp (or his amp was broke i dont remember long time since i read that interview) So Leslie simply plug the guitar in to the Sunn PA the rest is history..
  12. RTFM = read the f**ing manual
  13. Amps Mesa MK II JC 120 Any old Orange amp 5150/6505/6505+ I would also like to see a Dumble or other rare boutique Amps.. Effects For FX A true harmonizer like the eventide A treble booster ala rangemaster Auto swell I agree with EnzoHeavenly Looper outside an FX block (i don't even need it, so I could use that DSP for something else) And i fix so i can use my FBV shortboard effortless insted of tweaking it so every f**cking patch has the right switch for the right effect..As it is right now if i choose a delay the POD puts it to switch 6 on my shortboard (i dont have a 6 switch i only have 4)instead of swith 3 the same goes for dist it want it to switch 6 If it one thing i really hate when it comes to Line6.. It is that if you dont buy a floormodel like 500 and goes for desktop or Pro model they try to force you to buy a new MIDI PEDAL for very product the release.. A F**cking MIDI pedal how many do we need?
  14. So the hype "double processing power" was just a hype? This is more like upgrading memory sticks on a pc from something like 4 gb to say 6 gb..
  15. I dont have a problem to dial in good sounds quickly on my HD (desktop version) But i use it only for recording and use the edit software i have never ever tried to dial in a sound using the units knobs.. So i guess you mean dial in sounds using the units knobs and button? When it comes to good sound it also depends on what type of music you are playing i play everything from Jazz (not much but i play it sometimes) to Dire Straits clean to some bluesrock ala SRV to AC/DC hard rock to Iron Maiden metal to Dream Theater prog rock and i use many different guitars also... I have read that many young metal players are not happy with the HD modeling Well i am not playing that downtuned music so i dont know.. For me all highgain ampmodels has more gain than i ever gonna need. Well there is another problem many people facing when dial in sounds they use way to much gain and whay to many effects and they dont seems to know how to blend the pure guitar sound with the effects Hey they probably also cant play the guitar if it has a lower gain setting and no effects as it will not cover every mistake they make when they play as the high gain settings do.. I am not saying i am totally pleased with EVERY sound i dial in on the HD but on the other hand i dont spend so much time trying to finetune it.. To my ears where all modeling seems to fail is with that "broken up" sound that you get from a real tube amp.. Amplitube? Well to my ears amplitube is not as good sounding as the HD that goes for many other computer software aswell ( i have tried almost every one some of them only in demo mode like Eleven so i dont know how it sounds in full version but if i where to release something in demo mode i would have "unlocked" the best one and said you can have more instead of unlock a bad one and said hey it is better versions if you purchase the full version.. Reavlver? yeah the Peavey amps they are very good but defenitly not the Marshall and Vox ones but then there is NO peavey model in the HD version.. But i like the fact that you can construct your own litlle tube amp in Revalver and it is gonna be interresting to hear the new version but as i dont know anyone who is beta testing it i would NOT go for the hype.. I am to old for that.. As for Eleven it dont sound as good as you say on thoose promo vids i have heard and where i live there is no music store that is selling them.. Some people i know was using them in the past most of them switch to real amps soon after well that goes for any Lin6 product aswell.. As for KPA and AXE FX II it starts to pop up used ones now so i guess people is not happy with them either.. But i would not pay so much for a modeling unit no way i rether buy a real 4 channel amp and an effect unit as it will cover all my basic tones anyway.. But then i still have to carry that heavy and BIG thing around when playing live.. It would be nice to have a small unit i have seen pictures of heavy metal bands that have a 1 watt blackstar amp in a box and miced them out when they play live so why not?
  16. Ok i havent heard one in real life but for what i have heard thrue studio speakers with a studio soundcard on a lollipop promotion youtube film from some music stores aka anderton,swetwater etc etc it DONT sound 10x better hell i am not sure it is 2 times better.. Better perhaps (most likely) but 10x? nope i dont belive that...
  17. Guitarmaniac64


    Well i dont know if i need this update it is very rare that i have got the "your out of DSP power" message it happend sometime after i bought it (got the desktop version) and wanted to try everything (mostly when i had pitch harmony which b.t.w sucks and Line6 attemt to mimic the talk box) After that i learned that if you want those effects you had to cut down on dist,comp,mod etc etc otherwise the unit cant handle the data it requires
  18. Not to mention done many Eleven videos aswell
  19. @ DeanDinosaur Eleven rack is better that AXE FX?? Is it better than KPA? If this is TRUE how come so many Pro guitarist nowadays uses AXE FX like Steve Vai, Petrucci and not use Eleven? And many studios have bought Kemper where there is no mention at all about Eleven.. Even when most studios use Pro-Tools so Eleven would be fully integrated (hey Pro-Tools even have premade templates for Eleven) they still choose KPA or AXE FX over Eleven.. If Eleven is SO GOOD as you said top guitarist like Vai = who also used to market Pro-Tools & Petrucci,Satriani,Lynch and many more pro:s would have used it years ago as it has been around for a long time.. But still they dont use Eleven and i believe manu of those mention NEVER have used Eleven.. Now that is very strange indeed if Eleven is soo good. I also have read on many many threads exactly the opposite that even POD HD is better and more realistic than Eleven. Well In the ends it is all up to how your own ears hear it..
  20. I believe there is NO chorus effect on sultan of swing just a strat a fender vibrolux and effects are compressor (dont know if it is a pedal or a studio outboard) and a mxr delay pedal.. Chorus is only used in 1 or 2 songs on the first album but NOT on sultan of swing. But maybe brother Knopfler has a chorus on his rythm tracks.
  21. I never had any trouble with the line6 tuners not on my XT,HD or not even on the Pod farm plugin. I have a strobe tuner for intonation so i usually use to check every tuner against that one since it is more precise than other tuners. But the L6 tuners is good atleast the ones i own.
  22. I dont agree i once saw Mattias IA Eklundh in a video from a french mall where he played thrue a simple russian dist pedal and a gorilla solid state combo and he sounded good and it was recorded thrue a videocam mic.. have a look for yourself And there are hundreds of stories about several famous guitarist that have played with lollipop guitar trhue a lollipop amp and sounded just like they ALWAYS have.. The same goes the other way around i have read that many people tried Jimi Hendrix rig and guitar when he was in England. And they didn´t sound anything like Jimi. I also read about people who have tried Van Halens guitar and amps when they where supporting them and they didn´t sound like Eddie. so yes it is mostly in the FINGERS but if you then have great gear you will sound even better..
  23. W.T.F i gave reputation to you?I was trying to click QUOTE and i hit the rep button.. I have absolutely no intention to do that especially NOT a negative one any way sorry for that gonna try to fix it if it is possible.. I totally agree that it is strange that they haven´t released a plugin since the POD HD products atleast my desktop version (andi have read that all 3-500 version aswell) dont have enough DSP power..
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