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  1. Hmm got mine a couple of days ago but i have never broke a footswitch on any of my previous Line6 pedals all FBV midiboards but that is probably because i use it 99% of the time in the homestudio and almost never live.. I notice that i have to toggle a bit when i assign presets to footswitches Not just "lightly" touch on the switch" as they say in the videos i sincerely hope it is beacuse it is new and not that the switches are bad.
  2. My problem is that i cant upgrade to newer OSX than Lion due to lollipop crappy apple policy i have a Mac Pro 2.1 from 2007 it is less then 10 years old still it wont work now that would NEVER ever happen on a win computer..No way i gonna buy another mac after thsi one thats for sure. When compared its like i could not install any Helix driver or app on a win7 computer..and to be even more precise Lion is from 2011..
  3. The problem with all those cab IR:s and that goes also for all those presets you can dl from custom tone is that there is way too many of them. One thing people tend to forget is that the person that make the preset may not play the same kind of guitar as you if it´s not the gear used to make the preset is stated in custome tone maybe he is using a Strat and you are using a 7 string with humbucker And more importantly most likely will have a different playing style a.k.a he/she may attack the string harder/softer or have a different legato touch even using a different pick will get a different sound. So when you load his/hers preset and start playing it may sound totally different then what it sounded for the maker of the preset, Thats why i always try to build my tones from scratch. But if you are new to tonemaking you of course dl preset and use them as a guide for your own tweakings.
  4. They didnt tell but my guess is the big display & the joystick As many wrote before beware of people that can slop a beer over the unit on a pub gig. A.s.f.a.k it isnt waterproof but they say that the joystick is very stable so we will see if any will report a broken joystick here soon
  5. Total Guitar may issue has a review 5 stars in all except build quality it got 4 stars
  6. Well i did not buy that apple crap adapter that is sooo overprice i find a very cheap adapter online and working perfectly fine so dont buy overpriced apple crap
  7. I read no from The RealZap And there we go again another way for Line6 to force people to buy a NEW midipedal
  8. can i use ANY third party expression pedal? The Mission pedal that is not available in my country!
  9. Happens to me also so i did buy a NEW one and that doesnt even light up aswell!!
  10. Well i bought the Pod HD Desktop new for 228,42$ and to get the model packs i have to pay 123$ thats 50% of the price for the hardware unit.. If i compare that to XT which i bought for 480$ and had to pay only 99$ for the model packs and also 49$ to get Pod Farm both of those without having to pay taxes.. Anyway still dont like that Line 6 doesnt say + taxes for foreign customers in their ads
  11. Yeah i also payed 99 for the models pack for XT and it was ONLY 99 not any taxes so imagine my suprice now especially since it said NOTHING in the ad about taxes.. But hey i am stupid i am suppose to know those things..
  12. Thanks for calling me stupid!! But never the less it said NOTHING about "we will add 24$ in tax to the 99$ price" that when i click on the BUY button So who´s to blame then??
  13. Ok it seemed so nice 99$ thats alot of cash in my home country almost 1/10 of my months salary since the currency against the $ is really bad anyway i wanted it badly so i thought of buying it but when i checkout they added 24$ in taxes No way i gonna pay that.. Good by Line6 thats the last thing i buy from you if you want to be a world wide company atleast make it fair for us who live outside US when we wants to buy a software from you..
  14. I would really like to hear a blind test between Axe Kemper Pod HD well even Boss GT and some other Not a test where they choose a Mesa Vox Orange or Marshall and the "right" matching cab and just play i want the tester to try to MATCH the tones as much as they can.. No effects Then do the same with effects I have seen on Y-tube some shootouts where the tester just choose a different AMP on one unit and then compare the units how smart is that? And also played different? and how likely is it that they will sound different? If it is gonna be a FAIR test DI a track in a Daw well it can be done in Audacity then play it back routing the signal to the units What i heard so far on y-tube i will say that the effects is better on AXE but then again it can be just the video using plugins or studio outboard added after the video was done who knows? You can fool anyone today with the technology available
  15. Thats true but the OP did a mistake he should have let people guess and wait a couple of days before he said the answer.. I have seen similar blind test on gearslutz where the OP uploaded audiofiles for mic pre amps some very cheap some very expensive and many of the s.c audiogeeks guessed that the cheap one was the expensive one.. Later they said oh i am sorry i mean the other way around now that i listen closely i can hear or i used my computer speaker so i could not hear clearly etc etc.. Very funny to read those post. In this test i find the sound very different on every unit so i wonder how the OP has recorded it did he use the same setiings on all amps and the dist pedal.. And as he didn´t play exactly the same phrases it wasnt really a fair test he should have recorded a DI in the DAW first then used the all models on that track with the exact same settings on each model.
  16. IR Loader where can we store those IR:s? I´m not sure it can be done with the existing Pod:s? Maybe someone can explain how the Pod works. But when you load IR on the computer you have a harddrive space where you store the IR and i dont think that is possible to create a "space" where you can store IR on the Pod:s?
  17. You realize you asking for a new hardware model not an upgrade of the software right? This thread is about new amps for the existing HD models.
  18. Build a patch from scratch instead it is way better than those custom tone you might find as they is NOT very good in most cases they have way to much dist well way to much of everything. You need an Dunlop Cry Baby Wha & Boss Comp & DOD OD & Boss Octave pedal & Vox Vintage Flanger also a Korg Digital Delay as the Pod doesnt have all those units go for a unit that is close i.e the Korg Digital Delay can be any Digital Delay The problem in creating a real Malmsteen patch and have it as a stomp on/off in any amp sim is where to find the Moog Taurus pedal he sometimes uses? I dont know if any amp sim have emulated that unit yet. Then as he uses two 50w plexi Marshall and Pod doesnt have the 50W you have to use the 100w instead use two units instead of one might help? He also uses old cabinets loaded with vintage 30 Celestion (i believe he switch to 75w nowadays or is he just marketing them?) When creating the patch you cannot just copy the Amp and pedal settings you might find on internet and expect it to be spot on in most cases you must tweak it. But generally he have the volume on full on the Amps and set the EQ and Presence somewhere around 12 o Clock and go from there.
  19. And that exactly what happened lets see how long this thread will be?
  20. As long as i have been using multieffects "since the late 80:s" and later multieffects with amp simulation this has been a problem and that goes for everyone i have tried. Even with very expensive ones and very cheap ones And it is even worse when you dl patches/presets from internet
  21. It doesnt matter to the listener anyway they would not notice if you had a Behringer pod clone a Pod or an Axe FX or even if you have a real Amp like a Mesa or a Marshall Engl or even a Bugera Well if thelistener are musician themself they of course notice And when it comes to zillion amps and zillions effects how many do you really use? I use for clean sound a chorus maybe a spring reverb or a delay For dirty sound i use a phaser for that Van Halen sound and maybe some delay for other dirty sound For solos i use delay a Wha and maybe some od or dist/fuzz aswell And when it comes to amps i seem to stuck with a fender clone or a masrhall for clean or Mesa Engl Bogner for dirt but i rather use my REAL amp instaed if i can.. Sure Axe FX is awesome and is better than Pod soundwise especially the FX:s not so much the Amp sims but for that PRICE?? Noway i would buy it Oh b.t.w i notice that some of the ones that got a sponsor deal with Fractal and have marketing it has gone back to using amps the old fashion stomp boxes again.
  22. Did Anders said that or some in the comment field? This is just an idea anders had i guess it is perfect in tone with itself and it was a prototype that is NOT what the fretboard look right now Anders have made 4 of different fretboard earlyer for different kind of playing (called formula 1 2 etc) now it seems they opt for only one model .. I uploaded this video with that very strange frets for people to understand that if the frets are straight like a railways it makes the string longer /shorter when you push down the strings on the fretboard. Anyway maybe is Steve Vai can explained it better One comment i saw on this topic in a guitar magazines article where they had put up a video where Ola Englund was playing a TT guitar was "Steve Vai is gonna put it on every guitar? whatever happend to that?" Yes he said that in this video Well i guess that Steve has got one for every guitar model he ownes like the FLO and the 7 string some acoustics etc etc right now It is NOT on every guitar he owns (have you seen his collection? it is probably 400 or more guitars and i guess many of them is worth alot you dont want to change anything on those guitars of course) To do that would also take a great deal of time. And Steve is not the only one wanting TT frets If you order a TT it is gonna take some time because it is luthier work to do not something you do on a CRC machine and spit out a ready neck ever 10 second Anders company is small maybe 10 people and i dont know how many that actually work on the guitars but i know that Anders do it himself i know this as i am a friend since way back from the early 80:s But i moved to another place in Sweden in the early 90:s so i haven´t seen him since then In the mid 1990:s Anders was using a prototype in his band ( i have seen pictures of it) it looks almost like the one in the Video with the very strange frets The the bass player in the band (A trio) also got one.. One friend of mine phoned me and said that he saw Anders with a guitar that had frets that looked like Z i said come on you cant play on frets like that the guitar cant be in tune.I know better nowadays The first "rebuilt guitar" i saw Anders played and in fact the only one i tested myself (this was in the late 80:s) had 24 straight frets he had placed a fret between the original 12 fret i guess that is where he came up with the idea that he must bend the frets.. I know Steve Vai had a similar guitar ( 24 frets where the first 12 frets is) at the same time And i guess Anders do not have some kind of american dream "oh i gonna make millions" it was not because of that Anders start his business He was upset with the fact that a guitar is not in tune and did something about it and if he could help others out there who feel the same why not of course he must live and it is not a hobby anymore (i guess the luthier Paul Guy have helped him alot). Anyway i just saw through the comments on the Youtube page and nothing from Anders there saying it cant be used i a band situation (As i remember Anders he was a very quit guy didn´t speak much but a very good guitar player with awesome ears he could pick up what you played in a minuet even if he didn´t see it) Now where was that comment? If you clicked on the TT link you should have seen that the frets don´t look so extreme nowadays as the the one in the video Some comments in the Youtube page was also so wrong like the one saying his LP if intonated and tuned with a strobetuner would sound equally in tune with Anders TT guitar now that is LOL Here is the finished product played by Steve Vai with a band and i know many guitarist who use it in bands But there is a problem though what if the neck brokes? Unless you are a Jazz dude you gonna run around and make many moves on stage not stand there like a statue And of course there is fretworks that cant be done the normal way when frets wear down (if they do that on TT:s?) And the frets can of course come loose from the fretboard.. So i guess those guitars is more suited for studios or very relaxed playing if you don´t own many of those of course but then you got to be rich so it is not for everyone.. I think it is a great innovation not for the ones with no "musical ears" of course Or the ones with "i must look cool and this frets looks strange hmm maybe gay?" problems They can use the normal guitars and they don´t hear the difference anyway Anyway we can of course talk intonation and tunings forever Bach wrote a piece called well tempered clavier just because he was upset that the clavier wasn´t in tune with itself and the it was some sort of guide to people that you can play "sort of" in tune on this instrument I think only instruments like a flute wich is tune to chords and barely has no overtones can be in tune with itself I really need to work on my English ( it was good when i talked alot but nowadays i only read and type English) I can read English very well but when i type i tend to think Swedish and then try to translate it to English when i later read it i see that the grammar is so wrong
  23. Yes but your right but what makes me convinced in this topic is that that luthier is now building true tempered necks so i don´t think he is so wrong when it comes to tuning.. The Luthiers name is Paul Guy he is located in Stockholm Sweden this is what i read on his website many years ago in Swedish of course but here it is in English He then in the 90:s met a young guitarist named Anders Thidell who was freaking out because he couldn´t get his guitar in tune so Anders started to mess with the frets on some of his guitars This is what he came up with And here you can see Anders playing on a TT neck that is even more odd And here is some of the tunings method Paul Guy used over the years I have forgot about the first method as i am so used to method two but now that i remember first method is even better Try it if you dont like it go back to what you use http://www.truetempe...hods-evaluated/
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