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  1. Havent have an av installed for some 7-8 years on my two win machines both running win 7 never had any viruses Go figure Skip your mac propaganda bs plz B.t.w i have a mac pro also a lollipop overpriced overrated piece of crap worst buy ever.
  2. Are you using IR and many effects it will take alot of DSP. Also read the manual is a good thing Page 19 Amp+Cab, Amp, or Preamp blocks Any combination, up to four (two per path) Cab blocks (includes Amp+Cab blocks) Up to four (two per path; Cab > Dual blocks are considered two) Impulse Response blocks Up to four 1024-point IRs (two per path) or two 2048-point IRs (one per path) Looper block One
  3. Yeah i also hated pitchpipe still have one :) i used the pitchfork instead i always used to have a little one in the pocket that i used to hit on my knee put it on my temple and sing along to that A note
  4. No its not practical for live of course.. This was just to show how we did it back then where we where not spoonfed with technical gizmos.. I have watched tons of old Youtube videos where they tune up and then start to rock the audience was ok with that back then.. Roadie? Wow are you pro?
  5. I find it odd that people must have a "tuner" as NO gtr will ever be in tune unless you have a TT neck gtr which b.t.w is not in tune..hell not even a Piano is in tune The TT neck is just better than a reguler gtr with strait frets.. When i grow up a tuner was very rare we have tuning fork or pitchpipes but most of the time we just tune to some instrument in the band most often the bass as that didnt go out of tune as easely as a gtr If you tune a gtr to a tuner it will NOT i repeat NOT be in tune.. Tune the high E-string to E using an accurate tuner i recommend a strobe tuner like Peterson or Sonic Research Turbo tuner (Do not use Helix for what i read in this post) Or a tunig fork or a pitch pipe but then you ears will be the judge so its maybe not what most people should use.. Then use the 5th fret on the B string and tune the B string to the open high E-string Then use the 9th fret on the G-string and tune that to the open high E-string Then use the 14th fret of the D-string and tune that to the open high E-string Then use the 7th fret on the A string and tune that to the open high E-string And finally use the open low E-string and tune that to the open high E-string.. Much better result to my ears than i ever had with a strobe tuner..
  6. You got a point but i have requested a voting for porting the Editor and Driver for older version of Mac OS like Lion or even Snow Leopard.. Not many use older those OS these days that means noone voted for it. But heres the thing I cant afford a newer mac (And i cant install newer OS than 1.7.5 on my Mac Pro) hell i just bought a Heiix it willk take many years before i can buy a new Mac Pro.. So i NEED help with many votes so L6 is rewriting the Editor so it accept older version then OSX 10.8 i would say 10.6 as the oldest many studios still run on 10.6 But they can of course have several computers so no need to use the dedicated studio computer to hook up the Helix on.. So i still think we can HELP eacother on important issues even if we dont need that option..
  7. From the manual Helix can load and store up to 128 IRs at a time. 48kHz, mono, .WAV type IRs are supported. Nothing about 16 or 24 bitrate
  8. Yeah it works i have tried it many times but it sounded somehow dark and muddy BUT drag one down to path B and the sound opens up and is to my ears way better so i never do that again..
  9. For me only a few more amps is needed like Mesa MK2C also some rewriting in code for the ones that is already there (make the digital high fizz dissapear) i would like to see more and better effects especially timebased effects
  10. Agrre we most likely will se a Helix II or whatever they will call it within 2 to 3 years
  11. AX8 is NOT cheaper atleast not in Sweden ( i bet its not cheaper anywhere outside USA) in fact its way more expensive And another fact is you canmt even buy it in Sweden and in many other European countrys so who needs to step up?? As its only available on ONE store in EU "G66 eu" wich is very strange?? Again who needs to step up? You also have to pay for shipping from another country i payed nothing for the shipping of the Helix i also bought Helix on how do you say??Installment that is NOT possible with the Fractal units. Helix is over 100$ cheaper than the AX8 in fact i just looked for the price at "G66eu" the Axe is c:a 120$ more expensive than Helix at todays dollar currency and add shipping to that and it ends on 135$.. And to compare the units even furter you also have to buy atleast two expression pedals so it make it even more expensive lets say 100$ moore if you only buy budget pedals now you do the math is it really cheaper?? Also i read on many places that most of the amps sounds the same so what the point of having 180+ amps that sound almost the same they only have different names? But the effects is better for sure on the Fractal but as the AX8 dont have the same cpu power as AXE FX II rack or the helix unit i bet you run out of dsp pretty soon way sooner than you would on Helix if the effects had the same quality... And all you really need to make Helix on par effectwise is to buy a used Eventide H9 and if i do that in Sweden i would have payed just a little bit moore then i would have payed for a new AX8 two expression pedals and the shipping to Sweden.. Also i could choose to buy a new Eventide H9 max ("installmnent" of course) and have all new algorithm for free the Axe will NEVER have any more effects thats for sure just look at the firmware update history they almost never add effects only amps alot of amps that is said to sound the same.. I choosed between Helix and a Kemper but the kemper is equally in price as the Axe and add two expression pedals and a midipedalboard and not to mention 100,s of dollars to buy profiles so the choice for me was pretty easy.. Today the price in Europe is 1699 euro for the AX8 (no shipping no pedals) not available for testing in ANY music store in Sweden i bet not in the rest of Europe aswell.. And the Helix is 1498 euro free shipping in Sweden available in almost any local music store for testing.. I saw that Fractal have lower the price in US from 1999$ to 1399$ (100$ cheaper than Helix) why dont they do it in Europe and rest of the world aswell?
  12. "this allows you to mix Irs together to get the result you want, then it can export the mixed IR file for importing into the Helix" Wow thanks never thought of that it´s even better than the usual IR files that came with Big Box that i use now..
  13. "those tones are pretty thought to beat, and I haven't got there with my Helix yet" Are you reffering to the built in profiles or third party profiles?
  14. They say in the pdf that come with the purchase that the Helix cab:s is the same as their 200 ms cabs
  15. Add Kitty Hawk preamps and poweramps to that list aswell
  16. This videos show the Line6 sprinting those km i wrote about earlyer..
  17. "reality is Fractal didn't have much competition back then when you had to work harder to get good tones out of it" So you had to work hard to get a good tone out of the Axe unit back then? I dont know i have never owned one. But i think of it like this Think of it as if Line 6 Kemper and Fractal would run say New York Marathon Then think of it as Fractal have now runned half the way as they started at the very front of the crowd with the elite runners Where as Line 6 had to start with all the "common exercise" people (dont know the word for it in english) far behind the elite runners way back in the crowd of people. Even if Line6 have been running for a long time he/she is not really trained as an athlete = Pod And Kemper start somewhere in the second field of the crowd but he has trained really well for years for this marathon. Line6 HX modelling technique has been around for 4-5 years (according to Line6 the HX modelling is completely new compare to the previous coding Line6 used on the Pod:s) where as Fractal coding "dont know the name of it" has been around for over 10 years.. So Fractal will always have that little advantage over the comepetitors even if now Line6 and Kemper have sprinted a few km and have closed the gap they still see the back of the Fractal runner.. i am also pretty sure the Axe FX unit didnt just happened over a night in 2006 My guess is that Fractal worked a very long time (say like Line6 did with Helix 6 years?) with the planning and coding before he decided to release the first Axe unit. "would not in my opinion be ok for another product now in a similar price point, may be unfair but that's the reality of a market where there is competition" There is no real competitors except Kemper and and now Helix. Also it´s not really in the same price point atleast not in Sweden i got my Helix for 1725 $ (according to todays dollar currency) the shipping was free The axe cost 1939$ and you have to pay another 11$ for shipping also you need an expression pedal say 70$ If i would choose a Kemper 1848 $ i also had to buy a midipedalboard with expression pedals that cost around 185$ and thats the the cheapest one a Behringer FCB1010. And that is why i choosed the Helix it is way cheaper than the other two
  18. Yeah mine too much lower than the 1/4" But i cant use my 1/4" as it creates a ground loop that is so annoying.. Thinking of getting a balanced cable or the Art cleanbox to get rid of the hum and crackle that comes out when i hook the Helix up using the 1/4"
  19. So basically you dial IN sound on Kemper & Axe and real Amps and you dial OUT on Helix But still you have to dial on every unit?. I find that it is very easy to find the tone i want I know i have to do some HP/LP tweaking on the cabs also have no presence on many amps. Also some Eq:ing maybe load third party IR No big deal.. Another thing to concider when you compare Axe to Helix Axe have been around much longer then Helix Axe FX Standard since 2006 Ultra since 2008 and Axe FX II since 2011 they have done almost 100 updates of their firmware so they have solved out many problems with their amps over the years.. Here is a list of the firmware history for Axe Now compare that with Helix which have done only 9 firmware updates so far.. I dont know how much every update on the Axe improve the tone But i have a feeling Helix can only be so much better with every update as they learn to write the code better for everry update.
  20. Come on guys help me out with this one
  21. I have rebuild nr 280-303 everytime not a problem for me
  22. Oh they do just look at those videos especially Mattias IA Eklunds And its nothing new as Anders started to made those frets in early 1990,s however they where quite different then His first one i belive have 24 strait frets up to the normal 12 frets a.k.a he simply just put a fret between the regular frets i know that Vai tried a similar one in the late 80,s There are some guitar companys that have TT frets But hey are bloody hard to find the only one i can dig out is. VGS Anders also have made several necks with different temperents like meantone And people still experimenting Guitar making comapnys can of course contact TT but my guess is they sort of loose their identity but i think the biggest issue is that tyhey have to PAY TT-Frets for every guitar they sell..
  23. Well Vai use them in the studio nowadays even live i have seen him use them The fact that they dont make them in factory (i think they are only two or three people who make the necks) is maybe why so many dont use them.. people still dont believe it is working just because of the look of the frets people also believe that they cant bend with those frets
  24. Or if you wanna go all the way order a TT neck from my old friend Anders he makes them with locking nuts if you ask for it
  25. Use only 16 bit, 48 kHz IRs for Helix (don't depend on Helix to convert them) If thats true why does every third party IR developer i know of use 24bit or even 32bit? It is very hard to find a 16 bit IR
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