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  1. Search ideascale first and then vote up the one who has most votes unless you need some specific that is not in that idea. Here is what you found if you search for metronome on ideascale Here is the most upvoted. Unfortanetly people DONT search before they want something in Helix so there is tons of double posts especially for amps and effects instead of voting up existing ones.
  2. Can you look at this when you got some time off? I might have found a bug.
  3. Find a couple of more "name bugs" in the Fremen 2.50 update presets they always appear on the dist block and always on FS 9 for some reason a Minetaur was a Top Secret OD or a Hedgehog D9
  4. This might be a "wrong name" bug On the Fremen preset Cartographer 1 i might found a bug So unless Fremen himself renamed the FS 9 ? (which was assigned to Thriefter Fuzz but showed Teemah under the block) Or later swapped the effect after he saved the Preset i dont know maybe Fremen can confirm if it is so or not?
  5. Well what do you know it ISN'T a bug it's actually an OPTION. If you VERY QUICKLY touch two FS in Snapshot mode you will be asked if you want to copy one snapshot to the other FS you touched.. If you hold your fingers a little bit longer on the FS.s you will be asked if you want to SWAP Snapshot. So it was user error not a bug
  6. He means edit color rings in snapshot mode on the editor (you have to rightclick to access those) that is new for this version it could only be done on the hardware before Also new ( i think?) is that they show you the shortcuts to every snapshot when you change snapshots in the editor after Snapshot 1 you see ctrl +1
  7. Yeah that would be cool can you make one when you got some time over i know of a print company that i can ask if they will print it?
  8. Wow thank you very much any change you can make an A3 version aswell? As that would literarly cover all the backpanel.
  9. Hmm hard i guess Axe - Kemper - Real amp as it sounded soo different much brighter - Amplifier I am probably totally wrong..
  10. Still working on changing order and color those snapshots in that preset package It has happend again 2-3 times that the snapshot have copy itself instead of swapping order so i can now confirm its a bug The annoying thing is i really dont know when its gonna appear. Workaround solution for the last block turn off when either swap (Oh another bug perhaps?) or change snapshot by hitting the FS (I dont want to use the editor other than to rename some of the snapshots for this task as i have to use the unit to colour the rings anyway) is to copy over the same preset again from Fremens bundle and swap the snaps around then color the FS rings then hit save.
  11. Possible bug in FW 2.5.4? Dont know if this have been reported before? I bought Fremens 2.30-2.50 update presets And since i in some cases will use another order of the snapshots then what he had in his presets I wanted to swap those snapshots using the touchfunction on Helix floor footswitches. I also wanted to colour them to my liking. So if he have some snapshots named Crunch,Big Chrunch,Clean.Rythm,Lead1,Lead2 i want to have them in this order Clean,Rythm,Crunch,Big Crunch,Lead1,Lead2. So when i held my fingers on say Big Crunch and Crunch snapshot and the "Swap Snapshot" window appeared on the big screen and i pressed the OK button and look down and see TWO snapshot next to eachoter named Crunch so instead of swapping snapshot it seems to have copy one snapshot. Now that didnt happen always only a few times maybe 3 or 4 and since we had that old bug where the last block in the chain turnes off when you change snapshot which i of course forgot so i had to load in a few presets again and start all over with my "swapping" of snapshots i started to make sure i hit saved twice after i colour and swaped them. Dont know if this is a bug but it sure look like that as i dont know if there is a copy function when you touch two snapshots footswitches at the same time. If it happens again i gonna take a photo of before and after as i never know when it appear. "Edit that last block turn off is a real annoying issue anything you do to alter a preset like volym adjustment (Fremen has been lazy on this topic lately the first one i bought from him i only had to adjust volym on a few presets now many have different volym) seems to activate that bug." But it is just a matter of reloading the preset and make the adjustment colour the rings and save every snapshot again.
  12. Not really funny but i did buy a preset some time ago it had an IR named something like Marshall bla bla after i loaded it in Helix it said something totally different Helix like TDR bla bla (It did belong to Fremen) so yeah basically "some" people steal IR from others rename them and then sell it. So yeah dont trust anyone I am done here hope you all wake up some day but i guess not.
  13. Just that i am old enough and have gained lots of experience over the years (i am almost 60 years old) to NOT TRUST anyone who wants to make money DUH!! Especially with things that is hard to prove And i dont really say Fremen is magnificent did i? No i didn't I just mention the way he capture IR's I should have used "Clark Kent" from ML Soundlab instead as thats what most people got this info from in the first place.
  14. Hmm yeah a checksum dont long either these days but how many would do that? Especially after this messeage? I say NOBODY so they ride pretty safe Anyway you can take any IR you like even freewares as there are some really good ones out there and further tweak it with EQ Comp even the Multicomp to get you where you want sonically
  15. If you make a backup with HX edit after you have imoprted all IR's it will save the IR's aswell so when you load that backup it will put the right IR in the right slot. Cant really comment on DT 770 i use AKG 271 myself when i record and his presets sounds good on those. I also have very old AKG K 340 cans i use for mixing and those also sounds good on my Helix
  16. "The IRs were custom made for the Helix amps used, and I could tell they were well designed." Are you shure did you compare them with any of their regular IR's its as simple as rename an IR and that would fool people a regular MD5 file cheksum would tell if they use their existing IR's. I find it very doubtful that they re captured or redid some of their existing IR's with EQ,Comp,Saturation etc using Daw plugins (Like Fremen does) to make a special sounding IR just for a preset pack.
  17. Not really compare Helix Native to most of the competitors that include many pedals and amps.. Amplitube i think cost 399$ for the full bundle i had a hard time find the full bundle on their website but i found the basic version for 199$ Add to that their custom shop that continue to add new stuff all the time and EVERYTHING is gonna cost money the Mesa bundle ALONE cost 187$ well it says 149$ on their website but its on sale the original price is 187$ So what if you want the Orange amps aswell?Thats another 99$ i found that price on another website as IK was updating as i wrote this And add to that every new version of Amplitube is gonna cost you money so you pretty soon and up to 400$ just with adding a few bundles of amps. Revalver is cheaper but not much if you buy everything that is included in the add on shop. There is some plugins that cost around 100 but they dont have so much amps and effects and stuff like Helix and Amplitube and Revalver has.. Helix Native continue to grow all the time so if you buy a couple of different plugins from say Plugin Alliance or Softube or Mercuriall just to get the amps you want for say 99$-149$ = The usual price for a plugin alliance plugin when it is is not on sale as they almost never have guitar ampmodels when they have discount it is mostle Daw effects but those you can get really cheap when on sale you soon find out 400$ isnt so much for what you get for the price as ALL updates new amps effects and stuff like routings you get for free..
  18. Not true as soon as this came out Line6 guys said it is gonna work on top of the hardware discount
  19. How do you use snapshot in a plugin? Do you use a midipedal board that is hooked up to the computer? Or the helix floor unit?
  20. Petrucci doesnt use active pickups high output yes but not active And the tone he reffered to in that video was from images and words back then JP used exactly the same pickups as Jon had in the video Dimarzio Tone Zone And Air Norton but some say he used a Steve Special in bridge postion on images and words.
  21. If you buy Amplitude, Bias FX or Revalver and i think some other software aswell hmm yeah i forgot the ever so overpriced UAD (That is the software i meant not the hardware) They choose those methods which i simply hate as they are soooo overpriced especially UAD 299$ for an Amp or a plugin which does NOT sound so much better than the 7$ one you buy to the Revalver software or even the free audio plugins one you can download on some free audio plugin site. If you compare to a plugin like Helix Native which many thought was very expensive as they never concider the free upgrades in that price. It doesnt really take too long before you reach the same price as you buy new amps and effects etc and eventually it will even cost more than what Helix Native cost. Amplitube with fully loaded all the models is equally priced i think and every new model that comes out is gonna cost money thats for sure and even new updates is gonna cost money. Same with Revalver and Bias add all extra stuff and you'll soon pay way more then Helix Native Well Revalver is gonna cost less as for today but then again you still have to pay for every extra stuff that comes out so soon or later you will end up to the same price of Heliix Native and eventually it will cost more. And its the same with Eventide if buy a H9 Max you get everything for free even stuff that is not released yet. Buy a H9 Core or H9 Harmonizer and pay for all extra stuff they release and pretty soon you have payed MORE than the price of the Max. I am not sure here correct me if i am wrong but it would be very dumb if you end up paying the same price if you buy a Core or a Harmonizer and then buy all extra algorithm as it would not sell that many H9 Max units. So eventually they may release so much more new algorithm and even if you buy what YOU think you need you might end up to have payed alot more than the price of what a Max cost So in Helix case we can call Helix for Helix Max :) . As for the hardware its not just the firmware a case and some swithces (wich b.t.w must cost alot more than regular non touch sensitive switches) you pay for in Helix in case you was wondering why it was so expensive? Helix floor has two expensive processor chips in it thats why we can have lots more effects and stuff in our signal chain than we could onb the HD series. Why do you think AXE FX II did cost so much?Way more powerful chips than Helix is one thing. Price must have droped alot on those chips as now you can buy AXE FX III for almost the same price as AXE FX II was when it was released. As for Helix we did pay for the scribble strips and all ins/outs and a very high quality audiointerface so that is also in the 1500 price tag There is always the LT version that cost less money almost as low as you wanted it would cost. If they had choosen your paying method which they already did use with the Pod series i would never bought Helix but thats just me other people that have more money and maybe dont even care if they have to pay alot more to their Helix But i think (No i am pretty sure as not everyone is rich) they would have sold much less Helix units than they have today if they had gone that route. As soon as they start to charge for updates i sell my Helix a.s.a.p. as exactly as you said We already have paid the price for the upgrade and the same goes for Fractal and Kemper owners We can buy some presets and IR,s but so can Kemper (well profiles not presets) and Fractal users aswell but thats not really Line6/Fractal/Kemper who sell those the other offer free updates so shall Line6 do with Helix aswell if they wanna compete with those.
  22. Yes thats one of the best pedal tuner along with Peterson Strobostomp (some say its even better than Strobostomp) but you want do a quick tuning when playing live with it so you will be standing there for a while until you are in tune just like you would with the Helix tuner when my upper row stops at the green on my Helix i am in tune However it is so sensitive so as soon as the string starts to die out a very short while after it stopped on green for a very short while the upper row blocks starts to jump left/right. So for me i always know i am in tune when the upper row is on green for a short while then i tune the next string
  23. Yet thats exactly what people here do when people say Helix sounds bad or digital or whatever do this and do that have you tried this and that bla bla People ssems to accept that but the tuner no way?? Not even when it didnt have the upper row. I say LEARN how the tuner works and youll be fine its exactly like learning how to dial in the tones you want It want just happen if you dont do something yourself aswell.
  24. The debate was does the tuner work or not work? No it isnt a strobe tuner we ALL get that why do you think it would be like a professional strobe tuner? But it isnt so OFF against a Peterson or an ST from Sonic Research like many "pedal tuner" is. Or the old tuners with the needle we used in the 80,s Yet people say it is accurate and it isnt working fine LOL.. Its not as good as a strobe as it will not stop "spinning" or shall i say "jump" when you are perfectly in tune. But hey just move the guitar neck a little bit after you tune to a strobe and it will be off on a strobe aaswell. Therefore i wouldnt intonate on Helix tuner i could intonate on it but it would take alot longer my Helix jumps only one block on the upper row i have seen other where it jumps like crazy i think they might move the tuning pegs to much you just need to turn it veeeery slooowly. People here and on other forums is comparing it to NON strobe tuners? And say it will not work in a live situation? Yeah right they all use strobe for quick tuning live LOL I say stop complaining and use your regular tuner they worj´king on a fix and even if they code a strobe algorithm that is equally good as Peterson and ST people will STILL complain do you wanna bet against that???
  25. "> I suspect that this tuner debate would have never existed had l6 never put the upper (higher resolution) meter in there" It wasnt there at first and guess what? Lots of tuning thread "it wasnt accurate enuogh" "fix the tuner a.s.a.p" "whats wrong with the tuner" etc etc Yet still people posted videos of the tuner showing how accurate it was against STROBE tuners and even used sine waves to show to the people it stayed on the green and never moved. Do a search here and you will see So Line 6 decided to upgrade the tuner i think it was at firmware 1.9 or so? with the upper row And yet the tuner was not good enough for them now it was to jumpy so everyone said use the lower raw like you did before I dont know but i suspect some people have NO EAR at all They will not know if the guitar is out of tune they must check it against a tuner Everytime i tune my guitar with Helix tuner it is in tune just fine i would not intonate my guitars on it as the upper row is a bit jumpy compare to a strobe but i COULD intonate them if wanted to do that.. It seems that some users rely on machines only and if the tuner would broke they couldnt tune the guitars by ear.
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