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  1. I had a similar experience with my HX-FX. I was using a laptop running Win 7 and the new cable that came with an HX Stomp. It took several tries and ended up finally working with a different USB cable and a different USB port before I got it to go all the way through to completion. Several others report this sort of experience in another recent thread here.
  2. Thanks so much to Kilrahi and the others above for the pointers. Like the others above - multiple attempts and two different cables and two different ports - finally it updated all the way. I am good to go with 2.71 on HX FX.
  3. Hi, I seem to have bricked my HX-FX while updating it to 2.71. The update failed and the device fails to boot up all the way -- it just gives the screen that says it has firmware 2.71 and then stays there. The device is not recognised by 2 Windows (win7 and 8.1) I have connected it to - no response to USB connection by the OS. I gather there is a boot method for machines in this state (holding down the Page > button) on the HX-Stomp - is there a similar boot method for the HX -FX that will allow me to get the update reinstalled?
  4. Latency monitor is a really simple utility. You run the executable and it tells you whether you have acceptable DPC latency or not. It is that quick and simple. Give it a try is my advice. If your DPC latency is acceptable (possible) then that is not the issue. If you DO have a problem with these interruptions to your audio, you will then to experiment with disabling (temporarily) various bits of non-essentail hardware/try different drivers etc to see if some peripheral or driver is messing with your s&*t. You can get help and advice on doing that here or on any tech or audio forum. We've all been there.
  5. Yes - thanks Phil - I was referring to working in the Editor itself and should have clarified that. Since the Editor is a PC/Mac application and therefore has just by virtue of access to Explorer or Mac equivalent all the power to save current state anywhere and name it from the keyboard it seems a tad bizarre that this is not enabled.
  6. I am used to working with VST plugins etc where I can tweak controls from any starting point - eg from an existing preset - and then when I have a setting I want to keep I can save it as a new preset and name it/choose a location for the new preset. There doesn't appear to be an obvious way to do this with the Helix/HX. The system seems to be setup for starting with a blank location and tweaking till you have what you want OR you can copy a preset you want to edit to a blank location and work from there BUT you seem to need to do this in anticipation of the desire to save a new preset. A spontaneous creation seems trickier to handle. I want to option to save the current state to any location I desire - am I missing something here? Is there in fact a way to do this as I would expect?
  7. Just on treble beaming - this really relates to the physics of sound. Bass is omni-directional. Treble in much more directional. If you have a diaphragm moving on an axis (forward and back) that is the direction the higher frequencies will travel. The flare on a horn is an attempt to improve dispersion. Guitar cabs (eg quadboxes) beam 10kHz quite well if you get right in front of them. This same sort of phenomenon also applies to radio waves - long wavelengths (eg AM radio) diffract well around hills and buildings, short wavelengths (eg UHF TV) need line of sight for good reception.
  8. Yeah - I know the Lonestar sound well and this new model is really good. Looking forward to the clean channel from that amp too because that is one of my favorite clean amp sounds - check out some Andy Timmons on youtube for examples.
  9. So is there any way you can authorise an offline computer? Most C/R type software allows some copying of codes between an offline machine in a studio and another computer with an active connection.
  10. That is very quoteable - is that lollipopicism all yours? If so, chapeau.
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