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  1. updated my 2015 MacBook Air 11'' to Monterey today. HX Edit and Helix Native are running perfectly fine, no problems here
  2. I don't know anything, but I'm excited too
  3. I had the same problem. Check the little switches inside the DVP4, one off them is in the wrong position.
  4. Love the new tuner. Thanx for fixing the Delay-Bug, that made me crazy.
  5. I'm using the UE7 for 2 years. love them, they fit and sound perfect for me
  6. I can confirm that there is a problem. I tried all my patches, the tempo of the delays is like I stored them, everything sounds right. the flashing tempo light is wrong, looks like it shows the global tempo
  7. I'm using this DI-Box for pluging my Acoustic Guitar into the Mic Input of the Helix. Sounds amazing http://www.thomann.de/at/radial_engineering_sb_1.htm?ref=search_rslt_radial+sb-1_301885_0
  8. called support, they told me to return it to the store and exchange it there. could keep the defective one till I got the new one 3 weeks later
  9. happend to me. was a hardware issue, got a new helix
  10. I having the same problem with footswitch #9 all the others work with just a soft click, looks like #9 sometimes needs more pressure.
  11. my LEDs also freaked out completely. line6-support told me it was a hardware issue. got a new helix, everything's all right so far ...... fingers crossed
  12. thanx phil_m, I opened the support ticket
  13. my helix has a big problem reloaded every firmware-version a couple of times, also the newest 1.03.0 sound seems ok. TAP Led is not flashing anymore, is ON in the Global Setting, doesn't make a difference if I turn On or OFF Bank Down Led is ON in Patch Mode Pressing a Patch A Switch turns on the Patch C LED Pressing a Patch B Swich turns on the Bank Down Led totally crazy... seams like a hardware problem :-(
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