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  1. I don't know anything, but I'm excited too
  2. I had the same problem. Check the little switches inside the DVP4, one off them is in the wrong position.
  3. harpel

    2.70 and Mojave

    no problems here
  4. Love the new tuner. Thanx for fixing the Delay-Bug, that made me crazy.
  5. I'm using the UE7 for 2 years. love them, they fit and sound perfect for me
  6. I can confirm that there is a problem. I tried all my patches, the tempo of the delays is like I stored them, everything sounds right. the flashing tempo light is wrong, looks like it shows the global tempo
  7. I'm using this DI-Box for pluging my Acoustic Guitar into the Mic Input of the Helix. Sounds amazing http://www.thomann.de/at/radial_engineering_sb_1.htm?ref=search_rslt_radial+sb-1_301885_0
  8. called support, they told me to return it to the store and exchange it there. could keep the defective one till I got the new one 3 weeks later
  9. happend to me. was a hardware issue, got a new helix
  10. I having the same problem with footswitch #9 all the others work with just a soft click, looks like #9 sometimes needs more pressure.
  11. my LEDs also freaked out completely. line6-support told me it was a hardware issue. got a new helix, everything's all right so far ...... fingers crossed
  12. thanx phil_m, I opened the support ticket
  13. my helix has a big problem reloaded every firmware-version a couple of times, also the newest 1.03.0 sound seems ok. TAP Led is not flashing anymore, is ON in the Global Setting, doesn't make a difference if I turn On or OFF Bank Down Led is ON in Patch Mode Pressing a Patch A Switch turns on the Patch C LED Pressing a Patch B Swich turns on the Bank Down Led totally crazy... seams like a hardware problem :-(
  14. don't know if it's a bug, but this seems weird. turn off the volume with the expression pedal or the volume pot on the variax then switch to another patch volume is full on there's no way to make a 'silent' patch change
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