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  1. And make sure you reload your back up file in hx edit bottom left corner in preferences then it should be good to go.
  2. Hi I can tell you that the adam A7X are a fantastic choice I have been using them with my helix floor for quite a few years now and I am extremely happy with them, I use the helix as my interface through the apple imac with logic pro x and as long as you spend some time getting your eq's correct in Helix all is good I will say that when I first got Helix I thought I'd made a bad purchase but after spending some time working through the issues and deciding to give the Adams a go and I haven't looked back, good luck with your decision and remember it's about playing and getting a great sound not endless tweaking keep it simple and the rewards will come.
  3. Hi you are right to be curious because helix is an awesome interface and I can go between both the zen tour and helix its more the fact that I have more mic inputs with the zen with dedicated pre amps so less work for helix and my imac dsp's to deal with so I guess its just a work flow thing .still lovin the helix .
  4. I'm a fan of logic pro for its ease of use and I had been using the helix floor as my interface which works extremely well but I have just recently changed over to antelope Zen Tour which so far [it's only been 4 days] is very nice the sound quality is awesome, I have only recorded a test track with a martin d18 through a rodes nt2 and a strat through helix and I must say it's a beautiful sounding interface I'm looking forward to spending some more time with this new set up and exploring all the possibilities hopefully it gets better and better but I have to say helix is the most amazing bit of kit I've had the pleasure of owning love your work line6
  5. telewest


    Hi all I've been reading this post with great interest and I have come to one conclusion and that is a valve amp, go buy one that you like get some pedals and move on. when I started playing guitar I had a cheap guitar a cheap amp and I was pretty much talentless now 30 years later and after great persistence I'm a better player but through this journey I have improved my equipment and found that the better the amp the better the sound, fast forward to the year that helix was being talked about and I pre ordered one and I became the first one to get a helix in the state that I live in , when I got it home I eagerly switched it on and connected it to my audio interface and read some of the instructions that it came with and played a chord and I remember thinking what have I done? this is terrible! but I persevered and I found a few you tube posts and followed a few of those who had had theirs for a little longer than I but still not great, fast forward a little further down the line and whalla it has turned out to be my go to for all my guitar playing amp sounds and with every upgrade it just keeps getting better and better, BUT, I still love my 64 deluxe and my mesa lonestar the helix Is just a tool as is your guitar as is the amp that you use, all have learning curves all can be frustrating all can sound bad but slagging of about a product that doesn't do it for you only shows that persistence is not one of your strong points so as stated earlier go buy the amp you like get the pedals you like and be sure to let us all know where you are playing your next gig and we might show up to listen to your chosen sound and applaud you for your chose and for moving on! NOW BE GONE
  6. Hey music law I have been to your part of the world and I'm sorry that the bush fires are devastating some of your state we have had our fair share of those fires over here in Australia so I feel your pain and thanks for your tip. I know when these things come upon us there isn't much comfort in words but I have lived through it so I can tell you time will heal and things do get better.
  7. Hi everyone thank you all for your input and what jduhojla has written is probably spot on I will get some of that spray and give it a go I do have a carpet under my chair and I usually do have socks and shoes on when I play so some handy tips to try and you are right it seems that all the guitars with bound necks are as bad as the pick guards on the fenders so thanks again for everyone's help :)
  8. Firstly thanks for asking questions I don’t know if you’ve ever played a strat and rubbed your fingers on the pick guard and you get this static scratchy noise through you’re amp but that’s what is happening but it also comes through when i play my les Paul every time i move up and down the neck also on my prs like i say its just weird I’ve encountered it before through an amp but only with strats and tele’s and that turned out to be earthing issues with the pickups not shielded properly but never with gibson’s Or PRS’s I’m still looking into it i cant say if its amp specific but ill keep checking it out .
  9. telewest

    Static at times

    Hi all Its been a while since I've posted anything but I have a strange occurrence happening when I play through my helix its been there for a while and it is very annoying I'm getting static when I play any of my guitars through helix its like an earth problem but I have had all guitars checked by my tech and all is good but as soon as I play through helix there it is whether I use a cable or the G10 same I have tried an anti static cloth on the guitars still static if any one has experienced this problem can you please let me know how you fixed it . it happens with my fenders, Gibson's and my PRS guitars just cant figure it out .
  10. I like these discussions, always interesting, one little thing that might make a little difference to the set up in the photos is if you place the delay after the irs it might brighten your sound a little and then use your amp eq to taste just a thought
  11. Glad you like you're helix, don't ever be confused about routing or IR's because they are pretty easy to figure out, just think pedal board in's and out's and inserting an IR block for the IRs and whala there you go. For you're IR's have a look at ownhammer they are very good as are sigma but at the end of the day its you're ears that will decide if they sound great. what I will tell you is that you are in for a lot of fun with this devise I have had mine since November last year and still learning and still being amazed.
  12. I am lovin my bb exotic Andy Timmons drive pedal and my okko compressor and my Ernie ball volume pedal It all sounds and integrates beautifully love the Helix
  13. Hi I'm running my whole pedal board which does contain a bb exotic andy Timmons pedal and I run that into the helix out to my focusrite scarlet 18 20 into my Mac I do have monitors but I also use head phone I usually set up a clean amp such as the deluxe or the ac30 and and an ir 4x12 or similar and use the andy Timmons pedal for drive it's very good you can do anything you like with helix it's awesome
  14. Man, I love what you play keep it up and keep fighting for life cause God knows we need people like you to make sense of what guitar playing is all about . Rock on brother
  15. Hi,there is a stand I found here in Adelaide called the stage stand 0SS Mix-400 Mixer stand designed for you guessed it mixing stands but it happens that the helix fits perfectly and can be tilted and raised safely to any angle or height it also has lockable wheels and a pin for added safety here are some pics hope this is helpful
  16. No you are not alone there are 7 billion people surrounding you but I transgress I have a similar problem but I am still using Maverick every thing starts off just dandy and them you play a chord and a little while later you hear the chord. Very annoying so I go into the preferences hit the audio button disable the core audio re enable it and Whala all back to normal oh and that's using logi x but if I use a different program no issue at all
  17. Hi sounds great maybe try rolling off your tone nob on your guitar sometimes the tone your looking for is found just using your guitar volume and tone nobs hope it helps but I like what you have done already check out Joe Bonnamassa on you tube explaining the guitars own effects unit and how that relates to tone control I now tweak my helix end tone with the guitar setting and it makes a huge difference have fun experimenting
  18. Hi if you are only using an amp with no cab I have found that the fizz as you call it is rather severe I call it digital gain and it isn't pleasant I also suggest that you check your out volume at the end of the blocks if that's too high I have also got the fizz but all and all this devise delivers in spades love it
  19. telewest

    Helix and Logic

    Hi all I have had the helix for a few months and I have been recording with it and logic X I also have stayed with Maverick as it is very stable I have had a problem with the usb lagging but I just turn off the helix and restart it and all is good however the tone has been awesome hope this helps
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