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  1. Oh really? This lollipop remembers the pterodactyls. I had all on XT and try to forget.
  2. Metal Pack ($49)—Peavey 5150 (block logo), Bogner Shiva, Remastered JCM800 (model 2204), plus favorite POD Farm models Insane, Big Bottom, Varaic'ed Plexi, Purge, Aggro, Smash, and Octone Vintage Pack ($49)—Orange OR-80, Roland JC-120, Fender Champ (Tweed), VOX AC30 Fawn Normal, VOX AC30 Fawn Bright, JC-120 cab, Fender Champ cab, plus POD Farm Acoustic Bass Pack ($29)—Ampeg SVT Normal, Ampeg SVT Bright, Gallien-Kruger 800RB, SVT 8x10 cab, SVT 410 HLF cab Fully Loaded ($99)—All three packs 1. Line 6 guys! You just f*#$%^& kidding? Right? 2. Big Bottom, Varaic'ed Plexi, Purge, Aggro, Smash, and Octone? Who plays on that? 3. Please! Come to your senses.
  3. Boss HM-2 Boss HM-2 Boss HM-2!!!
  4. Is the POD HD 500 is somewhere equalizer like he was in POD XT?
  5. Mysteries solved! The cause was "no cab" option. Without cabsim (output mode amp front, pwr stack/combo) sound is lifeless. :( This is global EQ. ;)
  6. I had it the same problem on HD300. Switch is broken. It is necessary to repair in authorized service.
  7. After my tests i noticed. Studio direct in output settings POD HD is the best sounding mode. The rest is weak! Even for the live settings (no cab option). Line 6 better give us global equalizer in output mode, like a eq in POD XT (this little 4 band bastard make every wonders and brings POD to live). Heavy sims mesa, bogner, engl they don't have a balls. Stock eq's in preamp is muddy and harsh, not bassy and shiny! L6 please change it! By the way. On headphones i got superior tone in 5 sec. I apologise for my weak English :)
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