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  1. IdeaScale is pretty much a feature request site. I am a programmer myself and if I were to tell my clients to go and vote for a bug fix, I'd loose a contract in a day. I raised a ticket, it was accepted, nothing changed. I reopened it, it was accepted again, nothing changed. And it's such a simple thing to fix. Hell, give me the bloody source code and I'll fix it myself. "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"
  2. First of all, this is a bug, not a feature. A bug, that has been in the product since day one. I created a support ticket in 2018; it was even accepted as a bug by Line 6, quoting the representative: I confirmed this to QA/developpement as confirmed bug, should be fixed in one of the next updates, but i have no timeline when It's been 3 years since...
  3. This appears to be a long-standing issue since launch. LFO is not properly reset/synced. This is also an issue in the hardware units - LFO is not reset via MIDI (either tap tempo or clock sync) effectively making it impossible to use LFO-based effects consistently (or worse yet, when double tracking). I have raised this many times and it's been consistently ignored by Line 6. Here's a video to demonstrate it (watch with headphones): Here's a waveform of the rendered clip:
  4. This is a bug, which I have reported 2 years ago and was not addressed since. LFO does not appear to be syncing even on hardware units, neither via MIDI or tap tempo.
  5. All the plugins in the video have the note sync set to follow the host, yet the issues occur (i.e. you can clearly see the delay not aligning with the metronome in the first video until the sync is reset). Most delay plugins remember the sync settings and load correctly when the project is loaded, unlike Helix Native, which despite indicating "in sync", uses the per preset sync value until manually reset.
  6. I have recently updated all my Reaper project to work with Helix Native. First of all, great software, hands down. Makes my life so much easier, being able to tweak the hell out of my mix in a non-destructive way. Made Helix the platform of my choice for live and studio. I found two issues related to clock synchronisation and I am wondering if anyone else experienced them: When opening existing project, the DAW tempo is ignored and instead, the per preset tempo value is used. A workaround is to manually reset the synchronisation, however doing so on 10+ instances every time I open a new project is a somewhat dreadful task. Screencast here. Tremolo is not synchronised across multiple instances. That makes it useless for dubbed tracks. I suspect this is related to the above, i.e. effects do not properly sync up to DAW upon a playback. Screencast here. I have not tried other DAWs, however given that no other plugin I use has synchronisation issues (including the Helix Rack itself I own), I suspect is a Native bug. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. I'm glad that you were able to reproduce it, thanks for the effort! When turning the effects off there's a peak, but only when the trails are on (in the preset they are). When they are off the behaviour is the same as when turning the effects on (a drop-out). That peak on gig volumes is pretty bad.
  8. Hi Phil, The mix on reverb is 30% and the delay 45%. It is the switching itself that causes peaks and valleys as you can hear or see on the waveform of the track I posted. I would expect a consistent volume difference if it was caused by the wet/dry ratio.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is a known issue, but I wasn't able to find it anywhere. Bug Toggling delay and/or reverb, both with trails on, causes a momentary volume drop (when switching on) and a momentary volume raise (when switching off). I recorded a sample to demonstrate this issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3f0KcDnY1EiV2tVaHN2LWVqcHM. It is actually a major show stopper for live gigging. Steps Install firmware 1.10.0 Import this patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3f0KcDnY1EiMWtsTjZIOExSRDg, or create one like so: Add amp+cab block (doesn't matter which). Add stereo ping pong delay after the amb+cab block. Add stereo cave reverb after the delay. Turn the trails on delay and reverb. Strum a string. Hit FS4 (if using the patch from the link) or simply toggle on and off the delay and/or reverb. Expected No volume changes. Actual Volume drop when switching on and volume raise when switching off. Both delay and reverb seem to be affected. System Helix Rack, firmware 1.10.0. Legacy HD500 does not have this issue.
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