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  1. Sorry I never thanked ya for that info. they never left the box I'll save them for another application.
  2. Now I that was more informative than the info I had, lol. Thumbs up !!!
  3. I haven't checked the 2 fuses inside the chassis as I didn't know about them, thanks for the important tip. I was ready to get prepared to service the amp (Bias) when new power tubes needed installing. I had hopes of this amp lasting longer than this (new in Nov 2013) since it is in a climate controlled environment and used about 8 times a month for up to 8 hours a session. What I did so far: Checked fuses on the rear of the amp, OK Replaced the 12AX7's with new originals, OK Removed the power tubes, inspected them and tried each one individually in a Jet City Picovalve, OK Tried all the 12AX7's in the Jet City Picovalve, OK Looked for other signs of burning without pulling the chassis, OK I might try calling Line 6 if I find myself at dead end.
  4. I replaced both 12AX7's with New Originals and still nothing/same way. Just 'cause I could, I used all the originals in a Jet City Picovalve Amp to see if they would work and they did work well indeed, but I also understand that this test may not be conclusive.
  5. I'm going to heed your advice. I should've added to my previous post that when I bought these the description specifically said EL34/6CA7 and will fit in amps that use EL34 tubes but I also understand about the "DT's Mystery", lol.
  6. Was wondering if it would be ok to use these tubes in my dt50 head permanently or at least to just test and see if my original power tubes are blown 'cause today the amp went cold. I have a new matched set of Electro Harminix 6CA7 tubes on hand. DT50 Head output just went silent, any ideas why?
  7. A couple of hours ago I powered it up and no sound. Tried turning it off and on, resetting, Hi & Lo modes, channel changes, topo and other options still no sound not even the normal noise that comes with the hi gain stages. I checked to see if the power amp section (fx return) works it doesn't then I looked back there to see if the tubes are glowing and it's cold back there. So I checked the fuses and they're ok. I guess I'm gong to be doing some investigating to see what I can do. A thread about 6CA7/EL34 tubes by Electro Harmonix
  8. I just had a similar thing happen with my DT50, here's the thread. Could be the tubes for sure. You may want to try to turn it off for a bit and retry. Or maybe even try the factory reset by powering up while holding the topo and pent/tri switch. Amps in general can be of the flaky variety, lol.
  9. Have you tried the hum reducer? Also noise could be coming from yout guitar. If it is try setting up the noise gate to try and squelch it. Turn the threshold all the way down and then while holding the guitar by the neck with your hand muting the strings and the guitar volume knob all the way open turn the gate thresh up 'till the noise just starts to disappear. Do that after the Hum Reducer. I posted a pic of gearbox 'cause that's what I use I'm not sure what Amplitube has but it at the very least it has a Noise Gate. Also you may try a different USB Port on your 'Puter.
  10. I was the same way when I got the HD500, I liked it even with the learning curve and now I'm getting to like it more and more. As far as the switch goes I just plug into a power strip and use that as my power switch and I try to only plug and unplug the USB and Power cord from the HD500 when I really need to in order to lessen the wear and tear that those ports are subject to and I do that for all my equipment since they're delicate.
  11. Good question, I haven't looked at the fuses and I don't have any spares either. The reason I haven't is this rig doesn't leave home as of yet so it's not as important 'cause I don't gig with it. I suppose the fuse or a connection within a tube or the circuitry could expand during use and potentially break it's connection and as a mechanic I've seen this happen. This was certainly intermittent I feel it could be the firmware since this amp uses a sort of software for the amp models. It has only happened once in many hours of play and in one session I will have it singing for up to 4 hours at a time and sometimes up to 8 hours before I get tired or bored of playing, lol. I should add I really like this amp even with minor issues like this 'cause problems can happen no matter what kind of equipment I use. That's my life experience talking.
  12. I'm sure we're not the only ones who have experienced this. I kinda think it's a tube thing too since tubes seem to be the culprit most of time. This is the first time I've experienced this and since I haven't had a lick of problem. When this amp is on I'll play for at least 4 hours if not more, some days I'll play pretty much all day, lol. So the hours can add up with me fast.
  13. I don't have a DT25 but I do have a DT50 and when I use it on 25w mode it can be really loud. I also have a Jet City Picovalve 2/5 watter with the JCA12S+ and it's really loud also, although it's no where near as good as the DT25 it has it's place. I use with a clean setting with my X3 Pro or HD 500.
  14. Ya'll helped me understand alot more about the history of this amp, which I would never had known given my lack of experience with amps in general, Thanks. Also I know what you mean with a boost when turning the drive down. I noticed this but didn't think much of it 'till now, lol.
  15. Like Martin said you can use the mic simulated xlr out into a mixer. I've used it to go into a dynamic mic input and that works good. This way I can play silently with the stdby on, but you still need to have a speaker connected as far as I know. If you have another DT25 you can connect them with the L6 Link and control them with a HD Pod. For Example: I took the XLR simulated mic out from my DT50 and ran it into my HD500 mic input and made a recording using the DT50 as my source.
  16. Sounds like you need the real amp, etc.. I don't think your digging on anyones posts. The forum is full of opinions we should come here knowing that. If you want the exact tone someone else uses for their music you may find yourself spending alot of time and money and hauling heavy gear or at the very least alot of time. I do hope you all that are loking for that particular tone find it though.
  17. Double click on the home button and then slide the app up to exit any app.
  18. As davidb7170 said, it's always good to point out that the uploaded custom tone patches should only be used for getting ideas. I too use it for that but ultimately adjust to what I feel like at the time I'm playing. My goal has been to just be able to pick up a guitar and play it the way I feel like playing it so I can have fun and others around me can get a kick out of it too. This sort of thing doesn't lock me in to any one form of music or particular amp models. I like this way of doing it because It keeps me in learning mode which fosters new ways of playing. Many times I'll just pick up a guitar and choose an amp and just see where it takes my playing, basically I adjust to the tone then play for a while to warm up and start tweaking from there depending on how I feel. Sometimes I'll play something really good and then wished I recorded it, lol. That only makes me think harder about how I played what I just learned. Keep the learning process engaged somehow 'cause if it stops it's sometimes hard to get back, hahaaa. Now I usually always create new tones so that I understand how to create them and can do it on a moments notice. I worked with alot of different kind of machinery and each machine was always different so I had to always adjust to them at different times that's the sort of thing that makes you good 'cause what happens is you are always in flux so at a moments notice you can change to make things happen in good ways quickly.
  19. Sounds good to me too, thanks. I'm guessing that it was the full amp model? I have to say I'm not a good one for identifying a paticular amps sounds so I can't comment on if it actually sounds like the amp in question, but again that sound clip sounds good to me. Furthermore, I can make all the amp models sound good enough to play. Speaking for myself that is, lol. Also I'm not one for trying to emulate someone else's tones.
  20. I will gladly tweak a modeler to get what I want rather than haul around a beast of an amp, lol. With that I appreciate the abilities of these modeling devices. Are they with out problems? No, but I'll happily deal with it. If you find yourself frusterated don't fall into the abiss, but rather write a song about it.
  21. Don't forget you can move the mixer to the end of the chain. Right on and to the point. Thumbs Up.
  22. I have to agree here although sometimes I will go above 50%, just 'cause I can. Lol
  23. It's a very stiff switch so you may have to stomp on it and yes it's under the toes. Also you can assign the toe switch for a specific task.
  24. Download DT Edit software for your 'puter and use that in conjunction with the midi interface you used to do the update. If you have a newer iPhone or newer iPad you can use that but you will need a midi cable specifically for it. Also the DT Customizer app will need to be purchased.
  25. Was playing for about a half hour in 50 watt mode, Master @ 50% when the output just faded out. No other noise associated with the dropout, just went silent. Switched the standby on to off to see if that would fix it. No go. Next with standby off I turned master volume down then switched from 50 watt mode to 25 watt mode and turned the volume up to 50% and output was back to normal. So I switched back to 50 watt mode and all was ok. My rig was set up just taking the guitar and going into the front high input with a DT25 Cab. Anyone else have this behavior? Added: This is a sort of journal about my experience with the DT50HD/DT25 Ext. Cab. & HD500.
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