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  1. You might want to try using the line 6 uninstaller tool to remove the UX2 drivers and then try reinstalling them. First make sure Monkey is updateing itself. Found this thread: Link to it >>
  2. I've used them for direct recording/monitoring using a stereo RCA to 1/8" male to my laptop and it worked ok. You can use the preamp and effects only with the SJ's Master at 0.
  3. I use it like the squelch on a CB Radio (remember those?) turn it down to let everything pass and then cut until it's acceptable.
  4. If a conductive surface oxidizes in any way it's conductive properties is reduced. Exaggerated example: If your car or truck battery terminals become corroded from acid or salty air it's ability to feed the appropriate current to ther starter motor is reduced, if you clean the terminals outer surfaces and all areas of conduit it will be improved considerably. When this sort of thing happens to a device that uses low voltage/current it's easier for corrosion or oxidation to stop it from passing it's electrical flow.
  5. You need to own the license. I do believe your friends license can be tranferred to you though. Check this out
  6. I was reading the old forum when it was new and a conversation came up about this with Nick Mattocks so even before I bought a DT I knew about the preamp tubes. This must be one of those areas where Line 6 played with the guts to make the DT beast what it is. I like it though. P.S.: I had some tube noise yesterday, after warming up the DT50 clicked the Standby to start playing and got some fizzly, crackly sound momentarily so I clicked the standby on for a few seconds and then clicked it back off and all was fine, played for 1.5 hrs. with good tone in Top II, Pent 50w mode. I suppose that took some life from the tubes (originals since Nov 2013).
  7. Yeah maybe it would have been better to label them send and returns since it's a different connector and you can't accidentally plug a midi into an effects loop, lol.
  8. I agree with you. I had the same moment, lol. So here's how it goes the signal flows out one connector and "in"to the other.
  9. What goes out goes in. You connected them correctly. I guess they could've labeled them A and B.
  10. It's a delicate connection in those areas, any oxidation and snap crackle pop, lol. Thanks for the rundown. Remember electricity flows along the outside of a surface not thru the inside of it.
  11. Good to know, Thanks. There's nothing like experience. I understand tubes can be hit or miss though.
  12. Even with problems like audacity locking up and having to restart my computer I managed to produce this. I didn't know what to call it so I just used the Amp Model to name it, lol. Will sound better with a good stereo or headphone.
  13. I think this is what happened to me when I did the update. I don't remember having a big problem though and for a non-pro like myself. When I have issues like this I step back and play the guitar while thinking about which different route I need to take to get the result I want.
  14. Like your DT25 my DT50 has no hum at all. Some low level noise is evident as you go into the higher gain channels which IMO is normal. Im still on the original tubes so I don't know what I'm going to hear until I change them out and rebias.
  15. Cool little idea but a bit pricey for me. I'd rather buy a tube I think. I might try them in my Jet City Picovalve one day.
  16. Thanks for the tip. I'm guessing the 3.0 PCI you installed updated it's own drivers successfully first.
  17. I see a lot of people say the stock tubes are noisy. I have the DT50 Head and it has a bit of noise on those channels also. I would say it's normal. When I play that idle noise simply gets drowned out. It doesn't bother me so I'm going to use these tubes for a long time or till they crap out, lol.
  18. The only thing I've noticed lately when using the X3Pro with a Vaio VGN AR630E is that I sometimes have to restart the computer if it doesn't connect when I plug in the USB. So basically when that happens I unplug the USB, restart the computer and if it stalls during shutdown do a hard shutdown and then use the "Start Normally" option, wait for the computer to levelout from the start and then plug in and it connects reliably. Not sure why this is exactly but I use the same port for the HD500 and other devices also. So what I have done was intalled another copy of Win 7 and dedicated that to Line 6 DAW stuff and have optimized it.
  19. Can happen to anyone. Sometimes I have to read things many times and I still might miss something, lol. Hopefully the OP does that video he spoke of to aid in getting good help.
  20. There's a noise gate in the settings as well as a boost. It's at the top of the list.
  21. Cool, now can fool around the new options.
  22. I agree, I'm one of those people that never had the money to buy any gear so therefore I never learned early in life. Now I'm taking the time to learn and with this gear I'm very happy to learn with. I'm progressing slowly and having fun doing it.
  23. Install the midi device driver update first. sounds like everything is a correctomundo. You ought to do what I usually do: Just jump into the updates, break said software into teeny weanie micro peices, and theeeeeeeen learn what I did wrong and fix it, lol.
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