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  1. Have you tried booting it (powering up) while pressing the left nav button, this is a reset so make sure you backup your bundle of patches. Usually what I do when I have a major problem with the pod itself is refash the firmware, do the reset, and then calibrate the pedal. I don't rely on saving patches although I do, but I have learned how to make patches on the fly and am still learning. I get better and bettter at it every day.
  2. I don't try to figure out these devices completely so what I do is just use my ears and keep trying different things and taking mental notes. Whenever I mess around with these things I allott a small amount of time to configuring and alot more time playing guitar this way I don't become obsessed with details and focus more on playing. I spend alot of time just playing guitar into a small amp with a bit of reverb just to keep my fingers tuned.
  3. Cool sounds good, I know what ya mean about the effects, mostly I use just enough reverb and pretty much never use the other effects on the Spider Jam. I reserve the other effects for the HD500.
  4. Maybe your sample rate and bit depth in the sound settings need to be changed. I recall I had this problem once when I first started playing with recording. Can't remember what I did exactly but I remember removing and reinstalling drivers and playing with sample rate and bit depth settings till it went away, but it was about 5 years ago. I guess try to match them, the pods setting and the computers settings and/or DAWs settings. I just watched this video to help me better understand Sample Rates and Bit Depth:
  5. I'm not sure what to make of that except sounds like a delay feedback or the like.
  6. Im not able to get that to work am I doing something wrong?
  7. I think your going to need to program the pedal while connected to a PC using the FBV Control Application.
  8. I don't know how I missed this thread, hahaah. I've had the DT50 for a few months now and absolultely love it. Along with the HD500 and X3Pro it's alot of fun. I do wish I had 2 of them though. I won't be ever be selling this stuff.
  9. Yep, channel B it is. I hear ya on the fixed DT knob settings but it sounds really good when set up to taste, gotta make sure the reverb is turned all the way down when using the models. I use the simple midi controls, they work good. I have to remember to hook up the FBV express pedal to X3pro and try some wild effects patches. I'm just really starting to complicate my rig with more controls, Hahahaaa.
  10. I know others have metioned the input 2 change to mic helps reduce the clipping in certain situations but it's sometimes difficult to remember these very simple little details, lol. So I keep notes sometimes. The more you do it the better you understand it. Took me a while to figure out how to create patches that sound good on the fly but now I can. When I started I never had previous experience with the old ways (pedal board and such) so it was alot to take in plus I had the task of just trying to learn guitar at the same time, lol. I'm having a great time with it all now.
  11. Been playing alot lately with just effects and leaving the amp sims off and really likeing the sound. If you've found yourself stuck just using amp models try switching up and just use the effects to get your tone. These devices never cease to amaze me. Anyone else? Also, I been running my Ol X3Pro into the mic input on the HD500 and on into the DT50 rig and liking it also. It's like added DSP. Plus more models to play around with. Should mention the HD500 midi can control the X3Pro.
  12. I seem to recall when the battery in my Schecter Devil Custom started going dead there was noise introduced into the signal, after the replacement it was nice and quiet.
  13. I'm not surprised that you had a good experience with it as I've been using the Spider Jam for quite some time now and have been very satisfied with it. As for the Mp3 input it does it's job very good (size of the jack doesn't matter). Also I've gifted a Spider III to my nephew when they came out and it still works and looks great but hasn't been gigged with. Hope you and nephew enjoy it for a long time.
  14. You mean the Line 6 Audio settings. Also switch the PAD on,
  15. You ain't kidding, that's quite an arsenal, lol.
  16. Nice tip!! Thank You. I have the same symptom with my X3Pro but I run it into the HD500 and monitor from the phones jack on that. I was thinking of using a Q-Tip with cleaner and gently going into the X3Pro phones jack to clean it. I'm pretty sure the culprit is the phones jack being tinged a bit 'cause thats all it really takes to mess with the signal.
  17. I have one of those little Amps, use it all the time with rechargeable batteries and my Ibanez semi hollw. Sounds really good for portable and I also run my UX2's phones out into the Aux in to monitor patches, works really good. Don't know about a tool box, lol already have one that weighs 3 tons.
  18. Hey thanks Radatats, I really should have known but I guess I needed to be reminded.
  19. Thanks for sharing your patches but I can't use them with the HD500, but I know what ya mean.
  20. The way I tooked at it was: For me when I have software issues I wish I didn't. Lol. As far as the cheap part goes it's way more inexpensive than owning a boatload of of amps. This is the first real amp (DT50 Head & HD500 + X3Pro) I've ever owned and I absolutely love it. I'm able to experience the sound of all these different amps for relatively low cost and it doesn't take up a lot of space.
  21. Nice post and description of what your rigs ingredients are. The forums are always full of unhappy posts because when people are trying to learn something difficult and have trouble with it they usually squirm a lot. When they finally learn whatever it is they were working on they should come back and put in a positive note, unless of course all they know how to play is Death Metal, lol. I am very impressed with what Line 6 did with these devices and am happy to own quite of bit of their equipment for an amateur that plays at home for family and friends. I'm learning something new everyday playing guitar and recording riffs and mixing them. I love to service, fabricate and tune all my guitars too and so the story really never ends as when you stop learning you start dieing.
  22. Make sure you use the license manager. I just reinstalled gearbox on a computer here tonight and had to use it to get that expansion pack up and running. Triryche is right.
  23. I have the HD500 and sometimes I just have to reinstall the drivers but I never had to reinstall firmware on either of the devices I have>> X3 Pro & HD500. You may a have a hardware and/or a software problem.
  24. Thanks for the input, when I was mixing the sounds together and listening to it I went Hmmmmmm, hahaha. So I posted it and shared with friends and family.
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