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  1. I tried the way you requested. I have no boost on and it sounds good to me on my end, maybe you do have a problem. Have you tried it with a different comouter? I used audacity and did not normalize. just hit record and played and saved. This used the J45 Brt Amp. with Mixer settings pan centered.
  2. I understand you and my previous post was incomplete, lol. Try showing us every setting possible in the set-up you have so we know where you stand. Have you tried this?
  3. I don't think it's broken. I've taken recordings that could barely be heared with audacity then applied the effect "normalize" to it and wala you get a good level of sound. I got to go for a bit but will be back to to try and help. Try turning up the thump (max) and resolution in the cab parameters. I usually have the Master on the HD500 maxed but you don't have too.
  4. The nut slot for that string may not be just right causing the string to move too much in there. You said the string pops out of the nut. I have a tele that the 1st string popped out on and same kind of weirdness so I redid the slots (after reading up on the subject) and all was good, never popped out again and sounds great.
  5. Brazzy

    Wha Stuff

    Try it agian except this time push the toe of the pedal good hard push with your foot to turn it off. I think when you assign the wah to a position it automatically turns it on until you turn it off. If the toes switch is too hard assign the wah to a footswitch instead. It's traditional to use the pedals toe switch.
  6. So true, Positioning & Environment is evereything when it comes to how efficient soud waves travel. Radio waves from a Half Wave radio (using 22 watt output) could travel around the world if the weather conditions provided the right environment. One could communicate with someone across the seas for quite some time before the signal connection was lost, thats long enough to exchange address's in order to send each othe their QSL Cards.
  7. I'm pretty sure you can do that. I ran the XLR out from my DT50 Head into a PA once but I had it in Standby and didn't try monitoring with the Speaker. I would try it for ya but my AMP is down at the moment.
  8. I tried the Mic input on my HD500 by pipeing the DT50 XLR out into it. Sounded pretty darn good to me.
  9. You can do that. Change the output to Combo Front ot Studio Direct, try both. You need to change the physical (AMP/LINE) switch too, it's next to the outputs. Use AMP mode. Use Studio Direct into the 1/8 AUX input and try using the POD's headphone out into it. I do this with my Spider Jam sometimes and it sounds good. Also used the "Mobile In" into the SJ and a Bose sound sytem with good results.
  10. You shouldn't need a converter. I'm pretty sure you can save your recording as a WAV file while the card is in the Spider Jam then you can import it into your DAW. After you record something or load a recording currently on the SD Card press the save button and then scroll down to look at your options, you should see something that says "Save recording as a wav file".
  11. I'm starting to beleive the underlined to be gospel in the tube amp world. Amen to that Brother!!!
  12. Sounds like the tube leaked. I think you get that color you describe when the tube loses it's seal. I've had the snap, cracle, pops, and fizz's in my DT50 a few months ago and now it needs service after 5 months of home use. My tubes don't have any signs of problem in fact it will come on and work a little while before going cold again, my problem seems intermittent.
  13. After looking into that Headphone/Mic Combo Jack you have there you will probably want this adapter cable or something like it. Adaptor Cable Link
  14. I guess your still trying to fix it? Have you tried to do the factory reset while powering up on HD500? After a reflash I think it's mandatory that you do this and recalibrate the pedal too. Save you patches before doing this though.
  15. If I understand you correctly you have a combined Mic/Headphone Jack? My computer uses seperate jacks so I don't have that experience yet, but I may still be able to help you, gonna have to research it. For now you can read how I do it below. I'm using a Vaio Laptop (6 years old) with Windows 7. I've just got done hooking it up again and it still works fine. Here's what I did. First get amp the setting "Output Routing" to "Normal", there's two choices Normal or Performance. This setting is the 8th one down in the settings section. Then I keep the Master on the SJ at 0. I use just the preamp section (such as the Drive, Volume, Tone Stack, Effects and Reverb) to get my levels the way I want them. Plug the Stereo RCA into the back of the SJ and the 1/8th jack into the Mic input on your computer. Then open up the "Recording Devices" settings and set the levels accordingly, I didn't need to use the boost, and my mic level ended up around +18db for the test clip I made. Then I set the "Listen" tab in the mic settings so that I monitor my sound through my laptop speakers. Then tweak my preamp section to suit. I record with "Windows Sound Recorder" program or "Audacity". Test Sound Clip Link>>>
  16. Glad Ya read it, Thanks for your input. I see you have the DT50 Head also. I think this amp sounds really great and I love it's abilities with the HD500 and X3Pro. I understand about the possibilities of delays as I have experience in the service industry, but it's always a dissappointment, lol. Thankfully, I'm not gigging with this amp. It will be missed whenever it's not ready to play. I actually had some trouble trying to find a tech close in this area, the first place on Line 6's service center page recommended a place that seemingly went out of business so I kept going down the list getting farther away until I found someone who answered the phone. I should be able to take in very soon.
  17. I have to take my DT50 in after 5 months of fun and hope I don't have this problem.
  18. Check out the following link, It will take you to the user manual page explaining what options you have. Read page 18 and 19 also.
  19. After letting it cool again. I went back at it with the 16 ohm cab and it worked great. I tried all the functions on the front the amp with no problems for about 30 minutes and powered down. Then I went right to the 8 ohm cab and did the same thing for about 30 minutes, having fun playing, changing channels and volumes, etc. Taking a break I powered down for about an hour and when I came back it wouldn't heat up again. Blasted, an intermittent problem. I tried the speaker cab change but no success.
  20. Brazzy

    Setting Dt 25

    Nice info. Just want to give you a heads up. You should update your Pod HD500 with the new firmware that was just released. Thread Link
  21. Finding it hard to believe that I plugged my speaker into the wrong port 'cause I'm always so careful with this equipment. I remember playing the amp for a couple of hours the night before and the day after the tubes never heated up when turned on so I let the amp sit for a day and then plugged it in with a 16 ohm cabinet into the 16 ohm output and low and behold it worked fine for about 15 minutes on "topo I" and when I switched to "topo IV" it worked for about another 5 minutes and the tubes went cold. I let the amp sit for quite a while to allow it to completely cool and it didn't heat up when powered back on. Then I switched back to the 8 ohm cabinet and all was fine for about 15 minutes approx. when it went cold again. Seems that switching the cabinet impedance gets it to work. Anyone have any input as to why?
  22. After stepping back and thinking about this, letting things sink in, lol. Tracing my steps back, this problem didn't occur until after I moved the speaker and head. So I may have plugged into the wrong output port (by accident) in the 8 ohm section. I was looking at the back of the amp upside down as I was bent over when I did it. In the future I'm going to mark the correct port with tape so I have no problem when I'm in a bad position. I have a support ticket in progress. I won't mark it solved until I know for certain what the deal is. The amp has been a very good experience for me thus far, I really do like the adaptibility of this amp and am going to keep it. Added: So I found this. The back of the DT50 combo. It's speaker is plugged into the other 8 ohm port. Just wondering what to make of it. Asked, someone at Line 6 and he said either 8 ohm jack is ok to plug into when using one 8 ohm cab.
  23. I was reading this post and it sounds similar to my problem.
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