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  1. Good ideas Radatats, I'll try your advice sometime in the future and let ya know my findings. I didn't think of trying the XLR's ground lift, and going out from send. Learn some new paths every time I fool with these things.
  2. I feel Ya, Except I don't gig. I recently created post simular to this. The Thread >>>> I'll be making a trip to the shop very soon. Maybe in your case it's the power cord connection to back of the amp.
  3. I experienced noise when using the fx loop, tried adjusting things down and just couln't shake it out so I don't use it. I tried reading up on it and found we aren't the only ones.
  4. "Suck it up!!! Hahaha" Some oders have the ability to "stick" around for quite a while. I remember my homeroom in high school wreaked of the it in the morning. I saw one of the science teachers smoking it at a side door near the fields in between classes, Hahahahaaa. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had this red eyed teacher's class and he would just make us copy notes off the chalk board which was completely filled with the content of the day. He must have stocks in notebooks or something, if so he made a fortune, lol. All in the name of science right?
  5. Check this archive too: Here's the link
  6. I did a little search and found an archived thread which may help a little. Here's a link The first post below:
  7. I think tone locker was like a cloud for storing tones. I never used it. I don't think it works any more 'cause it's not supported anymore, but I'm not really sure, I know guitar port doesn't work either. Can you use Gearbox now?
  8. Do have an antivirus program installed? The window with the patches in it will always pop up when gear box starts that normal. I use and X3Pro with Gearbox. I never had the antivirus pop up though.
  9. The Dry part is the question. What is it you want to do with the Dry Part. You have an HD500 that can handle the PA Speakers and make them sing Wet or Dry all day panning between them even. I'm not sure, but I don't think the pod can run the PA's with the XLR's out and 5150 with the HD500 simultaneously. Oh wait, you might be able to run the SP/DIF Dry out the HD500 into the PA's depending on what inputs are on the back of them. If that's the case you can run 3 channels. Dang I'm good. Just trying to get the creative juices flow'in. Oh crikey what's that running out my ears!! :)
  10. I agree with cruisinon2, you have begun your journey into the vast expanse of possible sound waves. You'll have fun I'm sure. I started in 2008 and didn't even know the first thing about guitar or the modern computer, lol, only used MS Dos. So in my case I started late but I'm having fun with it and learning something new all the time. Know your computer and read the manuals. I found it easier to read the manuals and testing than asking questions on the forum but I read the forum and get alot of info from the experienced people.
  11. Heeeeeyyyyyy, your not implying I'm poking at that now are Yaaaaaaaaa? Hahahaahaaa In all Sin Cerity that thread sparked my interest in this and even though my fingers may not be up to the task playing this stuff I still like the challenge. Practice makes perfect, so I hear. I'm having fun what can I say.
  12. I'm no expert guitar player or sound guy but I like playing around with this stuff. Was play'in around with SP/DIF and ran the Dry out from an HD500 and into X3Pro's SP/DIF in and toyed around with the X3Pro's J800 and EQ monitoring with "cheapo" headphones from the X3's headphone out. Recorded with Audacity. Using the Bridge PUP on the knockoff Strat that I have I got this tone that kinda sounds like a Slayer Tone. Check it out if ya want >>Slayer Tone sound? Here's the Patch. Don't be shy, tell me if it's close or if I need to harvest the potatoes from my ears, lol. Also, if anyone has any tips about EQing please let me know what I can do to improve. Oh and if ya notice a rythem issue in my playing that's just from the poisons that are still coursing through my body from one of my past jobs, Hahahaaaa.
  13. Looks to me like you have better RAM, CPU, and video card than I did when I started. Your computer may be newer than my Vaio AR630E. The thing is if you have a some programs running in the background that use up CPU resources you could have a problem while using it. Theoretically you want use just enough of the operateing system on your computer to run the Studio UX2. I have the older red faced UX2. It should still work even if you don't optimize the computer as I have gotten away with using mine with browsers open with multiple tabs, and Microsoft Security Essentials running without a hitch and then there's that moment the computer just starts to give up the ghost, lol. I would try to learn how to optimize the computer. In my case I installed a dedicated operating system on my computer, one that is already optimized and it doesn't have any unnessessary programs installed . So when I start the 'puter I first update it if need be then I plug the UX2 in and open Monkey update that if need be and then check for UX2 updates. After that I turn off network adapter so I have no connection to the internet then stop the virus scanner in MSEssentials. So anyway that's what I did, but like I said I don't always use that operating system and it still works reliably most of the time 'cause I like to have access to the internet while playing and/or recording. Keep in mind I still use Gearbox with it and an X3Pro. I should probably get the latest Pod Farm but can't spring for it now. Oh and I remember reading the UX2 Manual alot, Hahahah. Experience is your best teacher. Hope I didn't ramble on, lol.
  14. As they used to say in the job shop (machinist industry) "Machinist's make mistakes and the Engineer's make revvisions" nice Eh? lol The right hand don't know what the left hand is doing. That seems like an oxymoron in the Music industry doesn't it? Hahaha
  15. This is a cool thread, I love it when someone disects new stuff and tells what they find and think about it. Good job the OP and thank you.
  16. I love a sense of humor. hahahahaaaa. Or is it a joke. lol. What do you all that own the Total Stagesource/Stagescape PA (L2's, L3's, L3S's, M20D) setup? I have the DT50/HD500 and love it all even the X3Pro, I'm not a professional musician but I like these devices. Although, my DT50 is down and needs to go to the doctors I still like the combo. Oh and thanks to all you that have posted useful info to help understand this stuff better. On second thought I should look around for threads you all may have already made to answer my question, time to get look'in.
  17. I can relate. I remember having trouble learning how to use the UX2 took me long time. many times I've had to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for it and then you have to make sure it registered and sign into the license manager to reactivate the the model packs. I still have it and use it from time to time with no problems now. Best thing I can say is your going to have to spend time with it to understand it thoroughly so you can then enjoy it. You may need to optimize your computer (look it up in the manual) 'cause the UX2 uses considerable CPU resources which can lock your 'puter up. Be patient and don't give up. If you start to find your giving it up send it back or sell it and move on if it hinders your musical advances.
  18. Hope it works out for ya teremy. Maybe you can keep us posted, thanks.
  19. Good advice. When I started with the HD500 and learning how to play guitar at the same time it was alot to chew on, especially after years of unmusical things I worked on and around as a machinist/mechanic. Took me along time reading the forum, manuals online, and trial and error. Being so new to guitar many times I didn't know if it was me and my authritis, inability to any music at all, lol, the guitars, or the device itself. I never thought the device was at fault as much as the others and I never exchanged it, instead I figured it out by contantly making new patches. I used cutomtone a bit with my X3Pro and found out they are only good for getting an idea of how a patch might be put together. Play around with the different amps first to see all the different sounds you can get just from them alone, many times i just use the amp alone and am learning new ways to play guitar. When you start to use the effects and run stereo patches it can be fun and challenging at the same time. For me a lifetime of fun. Enjoy. Feel free to check the few tones I've uploaded into cutometone, they may not all sound good for you, but you might get some ideas. Just remember when opening patches keep your master down until you get the hang of it.
  20. I can't really think what next to tell you. I have several guitars an Ibanez with humbuckers. Schecter Devil with EMG's active, Schecter Elite 5, GFS Tele Kit that I modified a little, Strat Knockoff which I fixed, Schecter Omen 8, and a Epiphone Special II. They all play good into the HD and and X3Pro. There are guitars out there with hotter pickups than the ones I have but I don't have experience with them. Can you take it back to the store you bought it from and get help? I think that's what I would do after all this. Or just exchange it or return it.
  21. If you turn the knob up it simulates the mic being moved farther away from the cab, turn all the way down moves the mic closer to the cab. The first should sound farther away or roomier the later should sound closer or louder.
  22. The PAD lowers the volume going into the pod (guitar in). Was the Pods output mode set to Studio Direct? Here's the link to the manual page concerning output modes. You really should read this and understand all the functions of the HD500 so you don't get lost when your making changes.
  23. I listened to your tone and hear what your talking about. I was using a Strat Knockoff that I had to fix, installed a new neck, repositioned the bridge since it was too far forward so it would tune correctly. Was using the bridge coil (which isn't the hottest) and everything was turned up on the guitar (volume and tone knobs). The PAD was on, the switch next to the pedal. The Pods output was Studio Direct. I monitored with headphones and used audacity to record. Maybe your pickups are hotter than mine. You can try backing off the drive or bass or both. Also try cutting back the cabs low cut to find out what out that sounds like. I noticed that when I back off the drive and even the tone stack I need to raise the volume, this seems normal to me. Keep in mind I'm not an expert and it took me quite a while to get some useable tones with my guitars. I'm getting better at tweaking every time I use this device Also I made it a habit to not just open a patch I saved but to build new patches from scratch every time I fire it up. I have to admit I refer to the manual quite a bit even though I come here every day to read threads about this stuff. Keep tweaking paying, tweaking playing till you understand what happens when you change something. I'll check back later.
  24. Open a support ticket on the subject and/or post it on Idea Scale.
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