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  1. Hey, Thank for positive comment. Ya never know when someone might listen to your little riffs and get an idea that can help them with a new sound.
  2. Suppose it's only needed when the singer hits those certain annoying frequencies that occasionally happen. If try to talk through your teeth you will get a whistle like noise thus the SSSS sound. I never used it either, but ya never know when you need it. Just another tool in tool box sitt'in there wait'in.
  3. Sometimes I just turn the decay all the way down in the cab parameters and noise gate and resonance up seems to help me comtrol some of that.
  4. I suppose if you wanted to get them you could load one of the old firmwares.
  5. "Do the Monkey" that's the way to go to update your Pod HD
  6. There's a stamping of a long number under the chassi, I'm sure that can help identify it. If you take the chassi out of the cabinet and turn it over look in there carfully without poking your fingers around, so as not get "electrocuted". you might find a number in there. I found one in my DT50.
  7. Very important info here. Thank you very much for the tip. A tid bit that will save myself and someone else who reads this some time. All hail Radatats. When I come back with my 'puter I'll have to vote this up.
  8. So it's possible to feed the L6 link to the DT 50 and then feed a pa with the xlr's and feed 2 other amps with both 1/4 in outs at the same time. I have to work with later to see what happens.
  9. Nice Radatsts, I still have to check out the PDF. I do remember browsing that article sometime back. Here's "Nudge" for bringing articles like that back.
  10. Good question, basically I set them and forget them. I didn't think to try the L6 link and an 1/4 out at the same time. Now I'm as curious as you, Hahaahaaa. I can't try it 'till I get my DT50 fixed. Also I use studio direct when I did this.
  11. I do that with a DT50 Head/DT25 Cab and a Spider Jam except I didn't use the L6 link, sounds great.
  12. Nice that's all it was. Simple enough to fix, complicated enough for most.
  13. So True. I hear ya on the "hints would've been nice." Now it's time to crank some tones out it and your welcome.
  14. You can do it. I'm not sure I'm gonna be any real help right away except tell you read that manual which I'm reading up on as well, but I'm tired, LOL. I thought there was a program that you can install on your 'puter that you can use to program it though usb, but I'm not sure. If it's like my X3Pro a little you're gonna be finding a screen where you can set Tweak Controls. Press an hold the outputs button and check in there.
  15. No Problem, I'm always correcting my posts, Hahaha. That makes more sense now. Doesn't the MKII have 4 footswitches? You have the shortboard?
  16. You have a Hd500? How are you using the FBV MkII with the HD500? All 8 footswitches on the HD500 can be assigned to effects, be used for the looper, or to switch preset banks.
  17. It's good to read a post where some people are happy with the Amplifi. I haven't had the opportunity to try one of these yet, maybe down the road.
  18. It's always nice to be able to figure it out yourself, makes ya feel good doesn't it? Carry on.....
  19. Brazzy

    Line 6 Link

    I used a 20 foot mic cable no problem. I even had most of it in a coil 10 inches in Diameter. Although, depending on your environement it may become an antenna for surrounding RF. In the home here I had no problem getting a clean signal to the Amp.
  20. I've had the X3Pro since Nov. 2008 and the HD500 since Sept. 2011. I'm glad I didn't sell the X3Pro since it has effects that the HD500 doesn't. I will likely keep them all even if I get newer versions in the future.
  21. Thanks Man, I've been trying SPDIF out the HD500 into the X3Pro and learning a new path with these devices while trying to get into the groove with guitars. I dig this stuff. I listen to your music while I'm not playing, nice music arislaf keep it up.
  22. Cool glad to help and at the same help myself, hahahaaa. I played with that effect a wee bit a long time ago and gave up and moved on to learning how to just play the guitar in general, lol. I took me while to to just fiddle and get that sound so I'm going to keep playing with that tone. Also, I didn't use any pedals with that so there's a whole lot more to be done. Added: Patch Link, keep in mind I didn't use any amp model in it.
  23. I was just toying around with this while slow cooking something on the grill, lol. Here's the sound, the first part is with a ping pong delay and the last part is just the purple X. Clip link I'll try to get you the tone patch after I eat or sooner.
  24. Check out the snippet from the manual. It's supposed to sound broken, lol. I'm gonna fool around with to see what I can do. Click the photo >>>>>
  25. Your Welcome PunkyBoy, I try to help when I can and I hear Ya on the recognition. I started and still have the GX, UX2, X3Pro, Spider Jam and now the HD500 and DT50 Head. I'm having a fun time learning how to use these things.
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